Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho saying Lalima and Lokesh got annoyed. She worries that they can refuse for marriage, but if Lalima does not marry Sooraj, he will not get fine. Mohit asks her not to worry, maybe they are busy in work, he will call them later. Bhabho says maybe you are right and prays to Lord for Sooraj’s safety. The truck stops at the Dhaba. Chandu asks everyone to get down the truck and have tea. Sandhya sees Vedansh tea stall and thinks Vedansh would have started by now, Ved might be proud of his Papa, who turned his innocent lie into truth.

Chandu takes an old lady’s blessings and asks how is she. She says I m fine, but I did not identity you. He says I have grown up, but I remember having food by you. She identifies him as Vimal’s friend. He says he took 5000rs

from Vimal, he did not ask me, and gives her money. She blesses him,. He says he will eat food made by her next time. She asks him to come soon. Sandhya looks on and thinks Shekhar is such a good man, who understands people’s pain.

Meenakshi and Vikram go to take pension cheque. They see cheque of 5 lakhs and smile. The man is about to hand over the cheque to them and stops. He says there is some formality. She says she got sweets for him. The man says you are mistaken, you have to make an affidavit, in which its written that when Sooraj decides to marry, they will inform them, and his pension will stop. They get shocked. Meenakshi says why will he remarry, I will get affidavit made. They leave. She says cheque was coming in our hands, if the man knows Sooraj is remarrying, he will not give us cheque.
Vikram says Bhabho wants Sooraj to get married, I m not strong enough to tell Bhabho that I won’t let this marriage happen.

Its night, Meenakshi is upset by losing the pension. Bhabho asks Mohit did Lalima and Lokesh call. He says no, don’t worry, you take shagun and go to their home, talk to them face to face. Bhabho says right, I will go tomorrow and solve the matter, its 2 days left for marriage and prays to Lord. She says she will convince Lalima doing anything. Meenakshi hears them and says Lalima has confusion in her heart for Sooraj, I should make it big that Bhabho can’t clear it. She says its matter of 5 lakhs, she has to think some idea.

She acts to cry and goes to Emily. She says we are not doing right with Lalima, marriage can’t stand on lies. She says Lalima is orphan, I m feeling bad. Emily says yes, I wish we could do something. Meenakshi says what if Bhabho’s lies turns true, she came to know that Sooraj can get cured, they should write a letter to them about Sooraj’s illness, maybe they can find some cure. Emily says we all want Sooraj to get fine, Bhabho will be glad if he gets fine, we will tell her. Meenakshi says we can’t tell him, she won’t like it if anyone knows it.

She asks her to write the letter, and says I m sure Vaid will cure him. She dictates that Sooraj is getting attacks of madness after his wife’s Sandhya’s death, he loves her a lot, he talks to her in his imagination, he gets mad seeing the fire, it looks he will come out of his wife’s memories. She says don’t write anyone’s name, thanks, don’t tell this to Bhabho. Emily says I won’t tell anyone, Sooraj should get fine. Meenakshi smiles and comes out. She says she will send this letter to Lalima, Bhabho’s plan will fail, if Lalima shows this letter to Bhabho, Emily will be caught.

Meenakshi hides the letter in the shagun, while Bhabho is praying. Meenakshi acts sweet and is eager to get the money. Chandu talks to the men and says we have to reach on time to do the play. Zakir’s car breaks down. Zakir asks for lift. The truck stops on the way. Chandu asks what happened. The driver says its some police officer asking for lift. Chandu says police officer? Zakir sits in the truck in the front side. Sandhya gets shocked seeing Zakir.

Bhabho goes to meet Lalima and says she got haldi for her, she is just their mum, she will do this rasam. Lalima stops her. Bhabho asks what happened, if there is anything in your heart, you can tell me. Lalima says I have to tell something, I feel Sooraj is not ready for this proposal, he is not happy. Bhabho says give him some time, then see, I promise. Lalima takes her hand back and stuns Bhabho.

Sandhya hides her face and a boy tells her few lines, and shows Sooraj….

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. NS4

    Finally meena came to know….. money will not come if sooraj marriage done……so she started her cunning nature…

  2. Jeyam

    Noe it’s sure that Sooraj’s marriage could not occur by the grace but greedy Meenakshi. The story has been intertwined with multifarious and contradictory incidents that was a fresh dramatic technique.

  3. Romi

    Good episode !! Thanks amena for the updates
    Good job lalima ?? don’t agree for this marriage and please don’t come in between suraj and sandya ?

  4. Romi

    Meenakshi is a real gold digger ? she can do anything for the money!! Now that innocent girl Emily will be caught!! I hope that letter doesn’t come to bhabo’s hands

  5. AD

    Very Few Sandhya scenes.
    No Sooraj scenes.
    Meenakshi All the Best for your Mission to stop Sooraj’s remarriage.But your intension is bad.
    Nowadays,except Sooraj,Babasa,Emily & Rathi Children,all are doing bad things.
    Meenakshi,you will pay for your betrayal.
    Vikram,Meenakshi,Mohit,Bhabho—All these people are selfish and blo*dy f**king bastards.
    Eagerly Waiting for tommorrow’s 1hr MAHA EPISODE

  6. Romi

    What will happen if zakir sees sandya! Will he inform Bharat sir or rathi family first? I pray that the mission is secured and he acts sensibly? Chandu is shocked by police lift! I hope that he does a mistake and sandya know about their plan so zakir will help her unintentionally ?

    • AD

      Zakir is a brilliant police officer.He will definitely do even a single act sensibly and after thinking well

      • Zakir also know that this is secret mission. If he tell anything to anybody then its more dangerous to sandhya he never say anything.??

  7. anu

    Good and excellent episode!!!! thanks amena for the updation…

    lalima dont convince ……u r doubt is correct sooraj loves sandy …… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • This was awesome scene when she save chotu. My fav scene. Then when she know that bomb is nt deactivate then she run with that bomb and she through that bomb. Mind blowing scene.?????

  8. ns4

    Hai Varsha…What happened?… now a days No comments from you …in the morning hours

    R U busy in studies?? any xams? or any other reason’s??
    i was missing your comments

    • No busy in going hospital for my dressing in morning. That’s why I didn’t cmt in morning.BT now on the every morning I cmt. Nice to see Zakir back.?????

      • anu

        OOOOOOOOO sorry varsha i mistaken you yesterday i see ur comment abt marriage i thought that u r upset on that discussion…. i am really sorry..

    • anu

      ya Ns4 i am also observing daily…..actually varsha is angry on us i think so….

      she upset on sooraj second marriage discussion …..

      • Ya. I m little bit upset with ur cmts on suraj second marriage. Bt now it’s k.
        Bt now I daily in morning I cmt. After coming on hospital. Bt now u see my more cmts.?? Wating to see zakir new work.what kind of his work he doing in her holidays. May be this was suspense.??

      • Actually I have done my beast operation. In my beast they have some pul. So its necessary to do small operation. Bt now I m k. Bt little bit pain. Hope zakir help sandhya unnecessary. Today they show drama act by sandhya.??

  9. LuvDABH

    Don’t believe spoilers, they are confusing audience.
    Poor Emily…
    Chandu is very smart than sandhya…
    Marriage will be spoiled with chandu attack…
    Sandhya will be restless…
    Spoilers trying to make audience restless..?

    • anu

      Marriage will stop both sides i think sooo…

      i mean ….to say reason will be chandu attack and the other side lalimaa know the truth abt sooraj..

      this is my opinion

      • Marriage stop bcoz of lalima get know that suraj love Sandhya. And that chandu don’t attack. Bcoz now only he was going to meet now attack track is getting more episode.??

  10. Bichari sandhya she thought that now vedansh hotel was completed.BT when sandhya now that bhaboo broke suraj dream then sandhya how react on this part. ????

  11. Again sandhya thought that shekhar is nt chandu. I just wating to see when sandhya known that shekhar is chandu then that time sandhya’ s expression.??

  12. DABH FAN

    Bhabo acts like a soft spoken women to convince lalima. Poor lalima doesn’t know bhabo true colour.

  13. Swarna

    I believe it is wrong for Bhabo to lie foe her own advantage – its wrong to write such scripts for a God fearing character – selfish ? ruining someone’s life? no please give a break!!
    Sandhya loved the family so much also loved her country the same way- also it is wrong to show next generation that the adults lies for their own benefit –
    Rathi family’s children are witnessing a big lie by their grand mother which is wrong – the scripts should be rewritten?

  14. anu

    But i am upset tomm maha episode is there but i got some personal work on that time we are going out….

    really i feel bad ….guys…..

  15. anu

    SBS Segment (13th August 2015):
    Sooraj and Lalima’s marriage will not happen….. smile emoticon
    Sooraj is sitting in the mandap to marry Sandhya but there is Lalima standing with him.. She has covered her face with chuneri (dupatta)..
    VO – sooraj’s 2nd marriage is happening.. today sandhya’s sooraj is going to be someone else’s husband.. Sooraj has sat on mandap being handsomely dressed as a groom..but his bride is not sandhya,but somebody else.. Sooraj is thinking this only that the bride under the dupatta is sandhya but sooraj, u’r mistaken, bcz u’r marriage is happening with Lalima & not Sandhya.. But don’t worry,this marriage cannot happen bcoz lalima will elope from the mandap.. bcz she’ll come to knw that u (sooraj) only love sandhya.. & lalima won’t marry such a guy who loves someone else..

  16. Aamani

    Eagerly waiting to watch when will chandu’s truth will come out..
    Happy Independence day to all DABH fans

  17. anonymous

    nice episode …………….aggred with u all guys………..waiting for chandu’s truth to be out ……..sandhya’s mission to be completed ….seeing her returning home ……. soraaj and lalima marriage to be stopped…….sandhya uniting with her all family members,ved ,soraaj,bhabho and all………………

  18. anonymous

    and eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode maha episode oh dont know bcoz of this will i be able to get sleep 🙁 😀


  20. anu

    Nice pics ns4 all of u guys good morning have a nice day….

    All of u happy independence day…. ☺☺☺

  21. LuvDABH

    Next week Emily will be thrown out of the house. Sooraj get disappointed with Baboo lie. May be he will be hospitalized with coma. Mohit and meenakshi try to use this opportunity for their benefit.

    • May be zakir get daut on that sandhya is alive. Bt he dnt this to any body.bcoz this is the secret mission. If its revel that sandhya is alive then its so dangerous for sandhya may be zakir dnt tell this to any body.??

  22. Minakshi part was awesome. May be Bharat sir say this to that officers to cancel the marriage. Bcoz they also know that for money Minakshi can do anything.???

  23. That was nice scene when Minakshi say that in morning how’s face she see.and that time vikarm say u see first ur face in morning. Lol. ????

  24. anu

    Ya @varsha its true i will watch it on hotstar…but i will read written episode and ur comments….

    keep commenting abt maha episode for my sake………

    really i miss today….me mann tho maha episode khe pas hi rahega……….

    • NS4

      Don’t worry we have written updates naaa…. actually I too unable to watch daily episodes..on TV(my father watchs news at 9pm)
      So….1st i read written update and then after I watch epi at 10 pm in internet…?? ??

  25. NS4

    So…..sad Sandhya.. She is thinking hotel vedansh work in progress.. If Sandhya knows actually truth of sooraj and ved condition.. Wat will happen ? ? ? ???

  26. chandu is soo clever nd sandy is feeling pity over him sad 🙁 ………..hope this mission finish soon and all ppl transform to good and no revenge from any leftover garjana soldiers………….and sandy to make an dhmakrdaar entry in rathi house..

    • NS4

      Actually its a big question abt garjana people… that y dey hate police and govt.. If its abt one person… We can expect something wrong done by govt to him……but here all people hates police and supports garjana?????

      Don’t know how director going to justify this confession

  27. anu

    Sandhya (Dipika Singh) is very close to her mission and so she is all set to go back to Pushkar. Before that she will be seen performing with her nautanki ki toli at a function on the occasion of Independence Day. Through a dance performance, she emphasize the importance of our country and how important it is to save our mother land from all the evils. But it will be followed by drama as the terrorist will come in action and will set the auditorium on fire. On the other hand, on the same day Sooraj (Anas Rashid) will tie knot with Lalima (Shefali Sharma).

  28. NS4

    I feel today they show…Sandhya escaping drama from zakir.. Other side lalima’s brain will be washed by Bhabu…..after that lalima “may see or may not see that letter”
    Finally at the end of the episode they show the “precap”
    A boy say something to Sandhya and show’s sooraj…

    No meeting krish.. no August plan… No marriage… Scenes

    • NS4

      Yeah I remember you…
      If my guess correct… U r from pak I think soo…..may be I’m right or wrong abt country…. But I remember this user name

  29. noo anu i didnt change my name to c richa actually while typing a cmmnt i bymistake typed in name box and forgot to remove it………….and plss send fb req to ruchi dilta ok lol 😉 dabh roks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  30. @jeyam. Actually by mistake I wrote that . br*ast operation. br*ast means a person’s( girls chest we called br*ast) chest. May be for crackers lalima get know that suraj condition.?

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