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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing Arzoo. Arzoo signs towards paper. Nurse sees this and tells Sandhya that Arzoo is signing towards paper, maybe she wants to write and tell you something. Another nurse worries. Sandhya gives paper and pen to Arzoo. Arzoo writes something. Sandhya reads it and looks at Arzoo. The other nurse worries. Doctor says let Arzoo rest now, I will give her injection, she will sleep till tomorrow peacefully. Sandhya says fine, I will leave Arzoo. Doctor asks nurse to prepare injection.

Sandhya goes out and says Sooraj ji, Arzoo was very annoyed with me, she was not looking at me, I have done such thing, but she wanted to tell something imp. He asks what. She says maybe about why she ran away from jail, she is weak and could not say, she trusted me despite being

annoyed, see she has given her innocence proof on this paper. He checks that paper and says its in urdu. She says yes, we will show it to Resham, maybe she can explain. He says no, Resham and Bhabho went to pray for Arzoo to temple, you can show someone else. She says no, this is imp document, its Arzoo’s first statement, we can’t show it to anyone, I think I should give this to commissioner, I m not on this case, but its my responsibility. The other nurse asks Sooraj to get medicines. Sandhya says fine, I will leave alone now. Puru’s helper nurse says you come to do formalities, and takes Sandhya.

Pari asks Emily why is Om uncle angry always. She does aid to Emily’s hand. Emily says Om loved his wife, I m also responsible for Purvi’s death, his hatred is right. Pari says this is not right. Om comes and stops Emily. He gets the first aid box and asks her to sit. She says its fine and sits. He does the aid. She says I m sorry, I held that frame by mistake, I will get it repaired. He says leave it, it won’t be joined.

Sandhya meets commissioner and says I met Arzoo, she wanted to say why did she run away from police station, she could not say anything being weak, she wrote it in paper, I think it will be clear that she is innocent, she wrote this infront of hospital staff, you can ask them. He says we don’t know whats written in this paper, so I called urdu translator, he will come. She thanks him for showing trust on her. Urdu translator Sahil comes and greets. Commissioner asks Sahil to read this urdu statement and tell them. Sahil reads that. Sandhya asks what happened, whats written, why are you not saying. Sahil says Arzoo wrote that she is a terrorist….

Commissioner asks what…. Sahil reads…. I m sorry for what I did…. Commissioner asks whats this. Sandhya says no, Arzoo did not mean to say this, there is something wrong. Commissioner asks her to be away from this case. Sandhya says yes, I met her as her sister in law, not police officer, there is misunderstanding. He says you met Arzoo, she said she is terrorist, enough, come to senses, because of your careless attitude, magistrate wants you to be away from this case, they will decide to punish you, Pushkar people don’t trust people, please be out of it, don’t do anything to defame police more, this is last warning to you……

She sees note and says Arzoo wanted to tell me about jail, why did she write lie on this, maybe this paper is not the one on which Arzoo has written, how did the paper get swapped….. She recalls. FB shows Sandhya signing to get reports. The note falls and nurse helps her. FB ends. Sandhya says this note changed, it means someone in hospital changed this, Arzoo’s statement is risky for someone, that person got this note changed.

Nurse informs Puru that she changed the note, its good else everyone would know he was part of that crime. Puru asks her to kill Arzoo. She says its not easy. He says I m sending my man in doctor’s disguise, you make him reach Arzoo, he will manage. She says fine, I will arrange doctor’s id and dress, send someone right, if we get caught, there is no way to get saved.

A man comes in doctor’s disguise and says I have to take patient for lab tests. He shows id and goes inside the ward. Sandhya says it means someone does not want Arzoo to tell me something, her life is in danger.

Doctor goes to Arzoo and lifts her. He takes her out. Sandhya asks constable where is Arzoo. Puru’s man makes the nurse faint. Constable says sorry, I got orders that you are not this case’s incharge, so you won’t be given any info about Arzoo.

Puru’s man tries to kill Arzoo by injection something in her glucose. Sandhya looks for Arzoo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s a pandemonium of events that we couldn’t understand anything. And there is a suspense.

  2. Too much dragging

  3. blo*dy f**king stupid senseless bullshit tracks.
    End this blo*dy hell.
    Fed up by this stupidity.
    Brainless bastards writers and director.

  4. When will ved and vanish meet?

  5. I agree with u Kinnera.waiting for vedh and vansh to know their relationship

  6. Boring! Dragging like the hostage drama ! How long this Arzoo rubbish will drag on? Please move on to something new and better.

  7. I think she lost her menory n cant remember wat she was

  8. I read a news in fb that makers are thinkibg to end this show soon bcoz of poor trp. Is tha true??
    eventhough they want to end the show it should not end without vansh and ved, chavi issue.. Then it will be meaningless serial telecasted these many years..

  9. Can some one tell me how Emily killed Purvi because the driver was driving the taxi

  10. I have same question Like Akshay plz someone explain how emily killed Purvi?
    Dabh Fan this a gud news that show will be end

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