Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj looking for Ved. Sandhya says this surprise for me. He says no, its for Ved and hides the jalebis. He says he made me feel proud today, I m very happy, he is so small and talks like big people. She says she knows what Ved wants. His teacher asked him to come in school to talk about entrepreneurship, so that he can inspire kids. He says he is ordinary halwai, he can’t talk infront of everyone in school. She says you have to talk about your work. He says its big thing and reminds what happened at Ved’s admission time, its good she came and made admission possible.

He asks him will he not do this for Ved, they called him for lecture, will he not give chance to Ved to feel proud. He says I can do anything for him, but I m scared that he can be ashamed of

me. She asks him to change for good and feel strong. Sooraj asks how will I do this. She says I m with you, I will help you, you have to surprise Ved and make him feel proud. He says fine. She smiles.

Ved asks Misri how will he manage at school. She asks him to lie. He asks how, fine I will lie that my dad went out. Its morning, Misri comes in the playground and smiles seeing Aryan. She says he is in demand, I should have asked for necklace. Aryan plays kabbadi. Aryan wins the game. Misri says my Aryan bhaiya won. Aryan is shown.

She gives the letter to him. He says I told you not to bring letters. Misri says girls don’t leave me, and is after him. She asks him to meet her maths teacher’s daughter, else she will fail. He says he will meet her and scold her. They come home. Bhabho shows what girls gave for him, and shows chocs, perfumes. He asks him to explain them and calls him Chotu. He says I m Aryan Sharma. She says you will always be Chotu for me. He smiles.

Bhabho pacifies Mohit and asks him to think from heart and win Pari’s heart. Emily talks to Pari. Pari asks her to keep hall ticket carefully. Emily says fine, focus on exams. Mohit looks on. Pari studies. Emily asks her to have milk. Pari shares the glass with her and they laugh. Mohit thinks he will see till when will she be happy, and takes Pari’s hall ticket, to make Pari scold Emily.

Aryan comes to meet the girl. The girl says she loves him, she worked hard, no one can refuse her. She turns and smiles. He smiles seeing her. He calls her a shameless girl, how can she say this about any stranger, and how can she send a small kid. He shows the letter and she says she does not know any Aryan Sharma. She gets the puppy and says she was waiting for it. She asks him to think anything new to talk to girls. Her card falls. He reads it Bulbul Kothari and he stops her. She asks how does he know her name.

Ved thinks to make excuses and comes to teacher. The teacher says Ved’s dad is coming for a lecture, giving time from his busy schedule. Ved asks is my dad coming. She says your mum called me and confirmed. Ved thinks his lie is caught. Aryan talks to Bulbul, and says he knows her, she is Ankur and Ankita’s daughter Bulbul, she can get anything she wants, being stubborn, be it any toy or her Bua’s child. She looks at him.

He says he has other name, Chotu. He says Sandhya and Sooraj lost their child because of her, and scolds her. She says yes, they gave me Vansh, but did not keep any parents relation, why did Bua save Ved, will any mother differentiate between children, as they forgot him after giving to us. He says Sandhya did not differentiate, she did not know after whom is she running to save. She asks why did they not meet Vansh, she has sent so many letters, why is she annoyed with Vansh. He says her dad broke all ties, Sandhya and Sooraj always cried to meet Vansh, Bhabho does puja for Vansh, he is still a part of Rathi family. She says but my dad said Bua ji does not wish to keep relations. He says your dad lied to you.

Ved gets tensed and thinks he can’t be saved today. Sandhya and Sooraj come to his school. The teacher brings them to the class. Sandhya smiles seeing Ved.

Sooraj brings some sweets. The kids ask Ved why did his dad come in ordinary clothes, if he is hotel owner.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its becoming boring now n some1 plz kill mohit some people never changes mohit is 1 of them bhabo should not support mohit

    1. Bhaboo always believe’s her two useless son’s (mohit and vikram) and don’t believe loving son and daughter in law. ..

  2. So sad about sandhya and Sooraj. ..they went school to give surprise to ved…but s&s get big surprise from ved

  3. ankur such a b*t*h. he tells lie about vansh to bulbul.he doesn’t believe own daughter , sister & wife.

    In hindi MAMA BHAGNE is almost same character. Ankur & Ved are same mentality.

  4. Nice episode. Chotu ( aryan ) & Bulbul coming again. Bulbul becomes positive character.

    But when Minakshi & Vikram will come ?

  5. is this 6 years leap or its 10 15 yrs leap…..goodness….chotu n bulbul like varun dhawan and alia bhatt cool directors 😛 😀

  6. Now bulbul chotu will fall in love and make vansh back in rathi family.

  7. In pre leap, we saw chotu was preparing for board exam, now his age almost 22 . not surprise.
    About bulbul, that time her age was 8 yrs .at presen age should be 14. but maker shows 17 years. 3 years defects.stupid.

  8. Jeyam Ramachandran

    There may be certain in congruencies upon time and events synchronizations. We should take it for granted because the director is at a state of nonplus. One more thing I observed is that the tranlation is in good English. And I appreciate him.

  9. How can you pair Bulbul and Chou? When Chou was giving his Sid. X exams , Bulbul was a girl in Sid 1. She is a little older than Paris and Mishri. You time it properly. Also Ved hardly looks like a six year old. As a teacher I know how much a std 1 student can read or write. Veda reads big passages and letters in Hindi. So get more close to reality. Time everyone carefully and correctly.

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