Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj talking to stop the missile.. He says we have just 55mins now, we don’t know where they went. She says we have to find them, set alarm in your watch to alert us every 5mins. He sets alarm and says 10 alarms are set. She says we have to stop the missile. Shekhar and Commander join hands, and say no one can stop this missile attack now. Sooraj and Sandhya see the tyre marks and follow it to reach Shekhar. The minister is glad about Shekhar surrendering today and the man says if Bharat was saying true. They call Shekhar and get to know he is still in Garjana area. The minister asks the man to call army security. Sooraj and Sandhya get the jeep and follow the truck. She says drive fast, we have less time.

Sooraj says we are not too far, we will

reach soon. He holds his wound and asks her not to worry, he is fine. Shekhar says just 45mins, we will write a new history now. Jai Hanuman…………plays………….Sandhya and Sooraj follow Shekhar in a jeep. Commander says this Sandhya Rathi should not reach the missile, kill them…. Garjana men fire at them. Sandhya also shoots at them. Sooraj asks Sandhya to use remote and stop the bomb. Sandhya holds the remote.

Shekhar shoots and the remote falls. Shekhar says I will see Sandhya. Sandhya shoots at Shekhar and tries getting inside the truck. She shoots at the goon’s jeep and it blasts. Shekhar and Sandhya have a fight. She lifts him and throws him down the truck. She goes to the missile and sees the inter security panel. She recalls the foreigner scientist and Shekhar’s words. She keeps Garjana’s man’s hand on the panel and sees its not working. She beats Garjana men and tries getting the correct palm print.

The commander sends more men to stop Sandhya. Sandhya thinks whose palm mark would work and beats them. Sooraj gets in the truck and kicks the driver down. The commander asks Sandhya to kill him, but just her hand will have to stop missile, only when he is alive. She beats him and drags him. Sooraj drives the truck. She checks commander’s palm print and gets shocked hearing the beeps. He laughs and says my hand does not have power to stop it, I know whose hand has this power, you can’t stop it. She aims gun at him and shoots him. He falls down from the truck.

Sandhya goes to Sooraj and says we have to stop this missile, and not let Garjana get this nuclear bomb. She asks him to drive fast. She asks him is he fine. They hear helicopter sound and look out. Shekhar gets the helicopter to lift the missile. They get shocked. Shekhar flies the copter above the truck. Sandhya says I have to go, I will just come and goes to the back side of the truck. Garjana men get down in the truck from the copter. Sandhya fights with them. Shekhar tries to lift the missile and asks his man to lift missile upwards. Sandhya looks on.

Sandhya aims at Shekhar. Shekhar says the bomb will fall on Pushkar and your family will die. Sandhya takes the copter away near the sea. Jai hanuman………….plays………. Sooraj looks at the copter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super awesome… Fight scenes….mind blowing

    1. Really sandhya did awesome job… Best actress I saw in all means in all film as well as in television…???
      I give deepika didi one trophy… ???
      Thanks amena for fast updating…??

    2. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      Is Sandhya the Dark Knight ?

      Another hollywood ripoff !

  2. Good episode

  3. Sandhya beaten that stupid Chandu..and thrown from the truck???? super awesome scene

    1. That scene was superb…. I like that scene when sandhya beat chandu…. Nicely they show this….?????

  4. Very nice episode..

    1. Full zakaassssssssss episode… Full action scene they show… Nicely they direct that scene…?????

  5. Very interesting to see Sandya shooting the commander,with three consecutive bulltes and sending him topsy turvy over the truck. But still the the suspense hangs as the missile!

    1. Ya… In upcoming episodes we see that…. Really good job they done…. Nice to see sandhya’s fight scene as well as suraj’s support to sandhya for completing her mission… I like that suraj support towards sandhya…. This is the right life partner do for his wife… Which I like the most….???????

  6. But will sandhya know that her hand has power to stop the missile or she will take helicopter and threw it in the sea with herself as the promo…

    1. Dnt believe on promo… Bcoz so many times they show wrong promo…. Bt in last definitely she get know that she can stop this missile with the help of her hand✋✋
      So for that just wait for upcoming episodes….???
      Sorry if I hurt ur feelings. .???

  7. I’m sick of this drama. Will this damn mission end atleast on 2nd october 2016??????? DABH is very disappointing these days. The show should have been named mission impossible.. No mission would ever end. It would go on and on and on till everyone ends watching this stupid serial! I was a big fan of DABH. I follow it on tv or hotstar or fb or anywhere and now, i HATE to waste my time on this!!!

    1. U say ur the big fan of dabh… I u say this…Just stop this nonsense talk… How can u say this…. In few days definitely this track will end… Plz just wait for that… I dnt like ur this cmt… Bcoz u say that u r big fan of this show… And in end that u say u waste ur time on this show…?????

      I just hate this u r cmts…. JuSt chill and wait in few days this track will end…??

      Sorry for my this cmt…. Bcoz I know for this my cmt ur feelings will hurt….??

      Sorry if possible than forgive me…???

      Bt plz dnt say any bad words towards our fav show….???

      If possible then plz forgive me…????

      Hope we see this kind of nice scene in upcoming episodes… As well as some all children’s cute scene…????

  8. Commander u r such a donkey…. Still want to fool Sandhya……well done Sandhya

    1. Ya he fool sandhya… Bt in end sandhya shot that bade raja… That was awesome… He thought that sandhya nt shot him… Bt this time sandhya shot bade raja… That was awesomeeeeeee…??????

  9. OMG…………………….M

    What an outstanding epi….eagerly waiting 4 coming epi….
    Oooo my examssss….!!!!!?
    Iam restless 2 know about DABH ??

    1. Dnt worry dear after ur exam u can see… Now just concentrt on u r exam… Of u get high marks in ur exam… All the best to thous my friends which give exam… My best wishes with u that u all get high marks in ur exam….????
      They show nice actions as well as good scene….??????

  10. Thanks amena !!!!!!!!!!! excellent epicode………sooraj and sandhya did goog job….love u S & S

    1. Ya… Both of them acting was awesomeeeeeee… Nice support suraj give to sandhya…????


    1. Ya in upcoming episodes also we see full action scene… Between sandhya and chandu…?????

  12. When will Sandhya took control over chopper… Now they should end the ths scene no more passion….?

  13. ok guyss don’t mind but some fun from d epi
    1) that bade raja himself was veryy funny sabh kuchh chandu kare aur wo creddit le nananana 😛 wo funny tha aaj
    2)aaj bhabooo gayab thi hahaha 😀
    3)jab sandy garjana ko maar rhi thi tab hand impression k tym a lil funny jab ulta karke impresssion le rahi thi
    4) not so funny but surprising to see a commin man ie sooraj doing such stunts from jeep to truk wah re wah
    5) hansna nahi chachye but!!!! indian govt se fast nd advans to garjana jaisa militant grp h nd hahahah wo chopper chanduu ka thaa mantri ko late hosh aayi as usual police on duty late aayegi i mean all will cm late aftr mission khatam 😛 yeh kyaa h
    6) mantrii pagal tha uska sec wise kyunn yaar woh mNTRI H ISSE ACCHA USKA SEC MANTRI HOTA KM SE KM MADAD TYM P HOTI
    lol dun’t minds frndss ………

  14. DABH WAALON AAJ SERIOUSLY BAHUT DRAGG KIYAA TUMNEEEEE… pichlee epi se kaafi part liya thoda change tha but!!!!! kyaa yaar chandu ko maaro ya positiv karo………buttt todays epi was a drag but nyc direction nd stunts……………………lol

  15. heyy guyss maine kal sandy k likhe letr ka role pucha tha no1 told me ya plss tell me wat is the role of the letter sandy wrote ??? its still rotting inside the album y??? :p if ny1 knw plss tell me

    1. indian govt bewaree!!!! nd 1 moer thing mission m zakiirr rolee???? wat ??? will hw just cm to end it nd clap[ for sandy 😛 😛

    2. She wrote that she love suraj more… Bt for some reason she go for that…. Bt she definitely come frm that… She always with u… Bt u plz take care of urself as well as ved and our family…. For that u be to strong… Plz be strong… And wait for me… I definitely come…???
      This is sandhya wrote in letter which she filed in that album….???
      Hope u get ur question ans…….??


  17. Awesome fight scene. Even suraj fought. I liked the way he kicked the driver out. Sandhya was really awesome. This show needs an standing awaition. Though dragging is boring,it is also suspenceful when we watch it slow.sorry if i have spoken any ill words. Thankyou for the update

  18. ammm chopper se missile chop karooo hihihi nt possibl …
    amm sabziiiii naaa not availabl at mission venue 😛
    chop garjana hopes haha already in process
    chop the lazyyyyy comers 😛 nt poswsible chopp
    chopp off the intruders nd danger IN progreSS

  19. Superb episode.and ofcourse, the best thing was that when Sandhya was beating Shekhar.i feel like killing that blo*dy rascal,Shekhar.but how will Sandhya get to know that she is the very person who has the power in her palm to stop this missile?i think that’s gonna be very the way, what is the TRP rating of DABH?Pls let me know guys.ofcourse, it should be in the no.1 chart this week.what say guys?

  20. Nice episode I loved this but one thing is not right that on video she knew that one have power to stop missile but he also don’ t know then why sandya checked with garjana men she should check with persons other than garjana…

  21. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaassssssssss.superb 1 episode… Which see….best m best episode….

    1. What a starting… Full of action… scene… Awesome in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss…. Me and blowing sandhya do that scean….??????????

    2. I just love that scene when sandhya stand on that jeap and then she shot that garjna sanghtna people…. That scene was awesomeeeeeee…?????

    3. All scene was awesomeeeeeee… Sandhya do that all scene in real… She nt take help of duming character…. ?????

    4. Hatts of u sandhya and suraj as well as full DABH team for giving such wonderful episodes as well as full action scene’s….???????

    5. Hope in upcoming means in future episodes also we see this kind of awesome scene as well as this kind of full interesting tracks….??????

    6. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sandhya kill that idiot bade raja…. Wow…thanks to all dabh team for showing this kind of awesome scene…?????

  22. May be tomorrow we see bharat sir or zakir….. Hope this happened…. ???

    1. Just wating for tomorrow awesome episode…. What that minister say in that urgent meeting…. Now he realise his mistake… That why he can’t lesson Bharat sir…????

    2. Now minister take some action… Bt its too late… That he realise his mistake….???

    3. Hope they show tomorrow that sandhya get know that this missile she can stop with the help of her hand… ??✋✋✋

    4. I think in last moment she get this truth that she can stop that missile with her hand… ✋?✋✋

    5. Just wating for upcoming episodes… As well as how they show next story after completing mission mahabali… Means Sandhya’s mission bhaboo….?????
      Sorry if I hurt any one feelings with my cmts then forgive me if possible…. ???

    6. Some one ask me on gmail that what is navratri…. So ans is…
      Navaratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. The wordNavaratri means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit, navameaning nine and ratri meaning nights.During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Devi are worshipped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or “Dussehra” (also spelled Dasara). Navaratri is an important major festival and is celebrated all over India and Nepal. Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated twenty days after Dasara. Though there are total five types of Navaratri that come in a year, but Sharad Navaratri is the most popular one. Hence, the term Navaratri is being used for Sharada Navaratri here…??

      Hope now u r daut will clear… Once again Happy navratri to all my friends..

      Thanks to all my friends bcoz I hope that u like my cmts… ??
      Welcome all that new as well as old friends in this beautiful site which created by telly update…. …thanks to that site bcoz of them I get so much beautiful friends just like all….????

      Now after mission they show family drama then suraj hotel and hope they also show some Sandhya’s police scene….???????

  23. awesome episode..and sandhya pls show this same veerangana attitude towards bhabho incase she abuses u…Never let her seperate u and sooraj..pls never become typical abhla bahu ….teach her such a lesson that she sud never come between u and sooraj..make that lady realise it was u who gave kidney saving her life,staking ur job/training.,make her realise it was u who saved house and people there when siblings were cheating and blaming each other.

    After all this,relaxedly concentrate on vedansh hotel pls.

  24. okk good night friendss and happy navratri once again

  25. tomorrow sandhya will shoot blo*dy shekhar..waitingggggg

  26. I’m excited to watch episode evening after reading the story. I liked that sandhya alone blasted them but little disappointed that we still not see Bharat and zakeer in this action. Otherwise ek dam zakkas. Sooraj is really supportive.

  27. The precap sounds like “Dark Knight Returns” movie climax where batman takes the missile on to sea and it blasts and people think batman died..

    Same will happen here and again sooraj is going to become unstable or sandhya will have menory loss coz of the blast and the story will go on and on..

    1. @Durga No she will come back for sooraj. bcoz sandhya never breaks her promise…….with her intelligence she deactivate that missile and she will come back……

      sooraj and sandhya kha maha milan hoke rahega!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bt for that we all r wait up to saturaday……………

      DABH team give happy ending for mission mahabali

      Good night guys

    2. no the missile wont blast in awaterbody as it’s no ordinary missile it’s a nuc. missile & nuc weapons are v danerous & cause destriction over a wide area and no life flourishes there wherw the nuc. missile will blast and i hope the dabh eam has this much mind & use a logic here bcoz itzz nota toy and weapons cant b destroyed soo easily even small bombs etc need xperts sooo missile would b diffused ned durga ur cmmnt resembl sm1………..who is a big moviefan and sometymes keeps his name on the moovie lol anyways it was juzzt an observatin dont mind

  28. I hope she find the remote in time or else boom

  29. Will suraj die…..???

  30. Sandhya is a very responsible & tough police officer as we know, but today her attitude towards duty was just beyond of all things.i mean those fight scenes,stunts,confidence,courage were just mindblowing.i am gonna love her more for only today’s the way Sandhya & Sooraj,is the cutest couple i ever seen.

  31. Action Owesome Episode!!!!!.
    I hope sandhya will find that her hand will stop this missile.
    but i dont know why zakir or bharat or any other commander force sent by minister have not reach them.

    Eagerly waiting for Lalima scene also. its another suspense.

  32. Can anyone tell me how Sandhya gained the power to stop missile by her palm. Maybe I missed something or did not understsnd. Plz someone?

    1. When sandhya went to the lab first time one person gave a paper to her and ask her to feed this information into computer. At that time unknowingly she put her palm on the scanner and her finger prints get scanned, and became a controller of the missile.

      1. Oh. Maybe I missed this part. Thank you so much 🙂 @luvDABH

  33. If Bhabo unaccepts Sandhya, Sooraj should leave Rathi house with his wife & son.
    Lalima has no right to make any relation with any married called ‘selfishness love’ ,what bakwass????

    After Rajkumar case, Sooraj blind love for mother, troubles Sandhya and made her unhappy.
    If upcoming time, Sooraj cause same incident for family pressure,Sandhya should shoot Sooraj. There are no love relation, only business.

  34. gOOD MORNING GUYS!!!!!!!!!!


  35. But we want to see how she manage this danger situation……waitinggg………

  36. I think its about time this drama came to an end. It has been going on endlessly for years now.

    Conclude it with the family reuniting.

    We have had about enough with wicked Bhabho and cunning Meena.

  37. Just love DABTH it is the rocking episode so far and tanks to all the team of DABTH, keep rocking sanddy

  38. wow so super episode and also sandy ,suraj acting and especially sandhya fights…sandy safely landed…waiting 4 today episode…

  39. Ye gatiyan serial kb band hoga bilkul bkwas logo ka chutiyan katne vala serial………..

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