Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lalima seeing Pramod at the door. She says Pramod…. He walks to her, while Sandhya, Sooraj and Bhabho hide and see them. Mohit recalls Lalima slapping him and says he will take revenge. Sandhya tells Bhabho that this is Pramod, she heard Lalima taking his name initials, and I asked Lokesh about him, I came to him Pramod likes Lalima. Pramod wishes happy diwali to Lalima, and says you were right, you won, I lost, person can’t get true love and loved ones abroad, I came to ask you will you give me second chance. I wanted to meet you, I tried finding you everywhere, and assured myself that I will get you one day, I got away from you 3 years ago, I missed you every day, I went abroad and realized what all I left behind, I have come back only for you. Lalima cries. Babasa

and Lokesh also look on from far. Pramod proposes Lalima. They all smile.

He asks why are you shocked, I m not so bad. Lalima says I have changed, its 3 years now, you don’t know about my life. Pramod says I know everything. Sandhya and Sooraj have told me everything. Sandhya tells Bhabho that we have to make Lalima say yes, else she won’t say yes. Bhabho says come. They all go to Lalima and Pramod. Bhabho says true, childhood friends, Lalima you should say yes. Sooraj says Lalima double our happiness this diwali. Lokesh says its great to see such respect and trust after many years, its foundation of a good relation, please say yes. Sandhya says he may not know about weighing and counting, but he will keepo you happy, say yes to him. They all ask Lalima to say yes. Lalima agrees and they all smile. Sandhya says congrats to you both.

Pramod says mum and dad wanted engagement to happen tomorrow. Meenakshi says its excuse, actually groom wants to get engaged and marry soon. They all laugh. Bhabho does the puja. Everyone pray. Mohit stares at Lalima and leaves. Bhabho prays for happiness in her home. Mohit goes out and puts kerosene at Lalima’s shop. Sooraj looks on and is shocked. Mohit puts kerosene inside the shop too and lights the matchstick. Sooraj sees this from window and says Mohit….. He runs out to stop Mohit….The shop catches fire and starts burning.

Sooraj goes there and Mohit acts saying Bhaiya.. fire….. Sooraj tries to blow off the fire. He uses a cloth. Everyone come there and get shocked seeing the fire. Lalima and Lokesh ask Sooraj to come out. Sandhya and family members also say the same. Sooraj blows off the fire. Sooraj comes out and coughs. Babasa asks how did this happen. Sandhya asks is he fine, your hand got burnt. Sooraj says I m fine. Lalima says you risked your life to save my shop, I don’t know how to thank you.

Sooraj says don’t thank me, how could I see the shop burning. They all wonder how did shop catch fire. Meenakshi says I think diya flame has caused fire. Sooraj says no, someone has done this intentionally. Babasa asks who. Meenakshi says who will ignite fire intentionally. Sooraj says Mohit ignited the fire. Mohit tries to run and Sooraj catches him. Sooraj asks why did he do this. Vikram says leave him, he is young, why will he do this. Sooraj scolds Mohit and asks him to say the reason, whats happening in his mind. Lalima has done so much for our house, why did you do this.

Mohit says enough, stop making her Devi, she does not deserve this, I have set fire, I will do this again to burn this shop to ashes. Meenakshi asks did he go mad. Sandhya thinks whats the reason for his hatred towards Lalima. Sooraj and Bhabho ask Mohit to apologize to Lalima. Mohit says never, I don’t know why is Sooraj showing concern, did she do magic on Sooraj, Lalima is greedy and selfish, she is dangerous, she has gone in Sooraj’s room as Sandhya, she is characterless. Sooraj slaps Mohit. Pramod looks on and feels awkward.

Sooraj says nonsense, Bhabho taught us to respect others and you are doing this, if you stain Bhabho’s upbringing, you will not be part of our family, there is still time, change for good. Mohit leaves. Everyone cry. Meenakshi says he did such a big thing, what will Bhabho do now. The neighbors also comment. A lady says Sooraj should have patience. Daisa says Sooraj did right being an elder brother, its because of Mohit, not Bhabho’s upbringing. Sooraj cries and apologizes to Bhabho. He says Mohit did a crime, its not a mistake, he can’t be forgiven, we have always forgiven him thinking he is kid, but he is father of a kid now, we all spoiled him, sorry Bhabho. Bhabho cries and hugs him.

She says I will talk to Mohit, you also explain. Sooraj says its out of explaining limits now, I have to take some strict step now, he is not a kid. Sooraj asks Pramod not to believe Mohit, I know Lalima, she is good and respected girl. I m sorry. Pramod says don’t be sorry, I know Lalima since childhood, my opinion about her will never change by anything, our engagement will happen tomorrow. Sooraj apologizes to Lalima for Mohit’s deeds. Lalima says no need to be sorry, we should be thankful to save our shop, your family has given much love to us, who were orphans, every family has small fights, kids are waiting, you all should celebrate Diwali. Sandhya asks Bhabho to come. Emily talks on phone and says she can’t bear more, she has decided she has to do something after Lalima’s engagement.

Police gets Mohit’s dead body from the well. The man says did he do suicide by jumping in well or it his murder. Sandhya looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. tomo mohitt draama buttt i thinkk pre is for mon 🙂

    1. You are right Richa. Tomorrow will be same precap.

  2. At last Mohit , the irrepairable idiot ended his life in a cheap manner. We can only feel sorry for the Rati family.

  3. should appriciate emiy. She is bearing such a unbearable husband till now…

  4. Nice Episode.Sooraj rocked.
    All Rathis except Mohit was superb.

    But why Mohit commit suicide.
    As per today’s end Emily planned something.Is she planned to kill Mohit.
    Sooraj’s words about Mohit were absolutely right.

    1. SANDHYA also rocks………

  5. God gives punishment but waits.

  6. Nice episode! p’s mystry is solved-pramood!!!! Waiting to see him on tv screen, how he looks like!
    Mohit’s story is going to be finished soon! A great suspense ahead ?

  7. From the beginning, Mohit was given many chances by his family. They kept forgiving all his misdeeds. Now it has come upto this!! At least they should have shown as Mohit correcting himself and realising true affection 🙁

  8. okkk in upcoming episodes we will see that Sandy goes to buyy sweets at sooraj’s shop 4 loolima engagement and acts as sethani (rich) butt onnn other side afterwards at homee wen she reachhh after mohit’s body to postmortem Ved & pari run to her that bbooooo is illll nd condition is deterioratingg nd no1 at housee…she is shell shoked
    noww hw will she cnveyy death newss too bboo??


  10. Nice episode. Emily must have decided to divorce mohit. They must have proceed the story without killing mohit. All old faces are fading away.

  11. Mohit realize his mistakes but he will be killed. Who should have kill him? Lokesh or Komal? Definitely Emily cannot do this.

    1. Good imagination…

    2. We can’t ignore Emily! Possibilities are endless!??

  12. I wish mohit should be funish

  13. I thinkthe director smoke marijuana, otherwise something else, where Suraj hotel. Which Suraj dreamrd about it.this drama mohit shouldn’t been killed.Please let it run as family episodes.

  14. I think it’s time for zakir to enter again and success in his true love on Emily and what about mohit. Emily can’t do this it may be done by his girlfriend or lokesh for giving trouble to lalima. Others have no any reasons for doing this

  15. Big fan of yrkkh /dabh

    Hi richa I agree that Mohits precp will be mon but jeyam i don’t think it’s the end ether,because what I red is that he was murdered and sandy will personally take the case,and for boo’s illness all of sudden I think she knows that Mohit is dead so sandy didn’t have to tell her.I think per this drama of Mohits death there wil be meny twist and turns. Can’t wait to see vansh and ankur ,feel sorry for pari /emily . Good ep brilliant to see Sooraj slap m and finally Lalima get her happinas . Reply === richa , romi any one.

    1. u r ryt dabh/yrkkh fan but Ankur feel bad for some omne naaa he is a half copy mohit selfish nd rude justtt concerned with his ownn motiv …………..

    2. I don’t think mohit is dead! Again there will be a filmi drama! Mohit’s look alike – there’s no news about his saying bi audu type —-
      Mohit is dog’s tail- no chance for his becoming a good person ?
      Just enjoy the upcoming track- bhabo will request IPS sandya to bring her son’s murderer to justice ??

  16. If it’s a murder i think that the story may further be dragged for two more months. But who’s lt who might have killed Mohit? And Sandya will have to look into the investigation.

  17. Why did they have to kill Mohit. They could have got a replacement as they got for Vikram. Mohit should have been counselled by Sandhya and Sooraj. That would have been a learning point for society and young generation. I am sure TV serials owe something to society.
    Sandhya will solve the problem. But I hope again it is not at the risk of her family life. I have an intuition who will be accused. and that will be the test for Sandhya. Once again it will be a trying time for her. She will have to choose between family and duty. Let us see
    I wish mohit had not been killed
    Nice for lalima

  18. I think so he is killed by komal

  19. He may have been killed by anyone. But i know who will be accused and that will be the most trying time for Sandhya. Let us wait and watch.

  20. Next week is full suspense track.

  21. inn myy openion mohit is killedor planned allol for may b insurance moneyy orrr a lesson to all all moneyyy matter

    1. You mean like that in film ‘chupke chupke ‘ by shahid kapoor! When he jumped in the river to get rid of his debtors! Agreed @richa this is also possible! Mohit Is cunning and useless- can use short cuts!

  22. I think Mohit plans this death drama for money or to take revenge on Lalima.

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