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Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling everyone about Sooraj’s flight hijacked and Disha and Prema are the terrorists. They are shocked. Mohit plays the news and they see the terrorists deman to stop RK’s hanging. He says Maya, Prema and Disha have done this, and two people have died. Vikram asks what are they saying, Sooraj, Bhabho and Chaturi is in death trap. Meenakshi asks will they come back safe. Emily says say something. Mohit says give them Rajkumar back. Babasa asks her to do something, free Rajkumar, get our family back. Sandhya cries.

She says our govt is trying to save everyone, have trust on them, they will be back. Babasa says I trust you. Sandhya gets a call and SP asks her to come to Pushkar’s headquarters, as they will talk to terrorists directly. She says Vadeja

will object. He says you are RK’s case incharge and have to come. She says I m coming. She tells them that she has to go, asking Vikram to take care of everyone. She says everything will be fine. She leaves. Everyone see the same news about the hijack. Zakir hears the news and is shocked. He moves his hand and reacts. He says Sandhya…………… the nurse hears him and calls doctor.

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Sooraj tells Gautam that we can’t sit like this, we have to do something. Gautam says no Sooraj, its risky, we can’t do anything. His ex wife says yes, if we act foolish, anyone can die. Prema and Disha aim guns at them. Disha says we don’t have any humanity. Shanky looks at Disha. Disha talks to him and scares him. Shanky starts crying and says please leave me, I beg you. Sooraj tells Gautam that they are just 3 and if we get strong, we can fail their plan, I need your support, we can do this. Gautam says no, they have guns, it will be foolishness. Sooraj thinks in FB that he once scared Sandhyaby fooling her that he has a gun. Diya aur baati……………..plays…………..

She sees the gun and acts like being scared. He says you have to listen to me. She asks what. He signs for a kiss. She goes closer and takes the gun from him. She aims at him and asks what will he do now. He gets shocked by her smart move. He says yes, I was tiger because of gun, and now its aiming at me, how did you do this. She says I learned this in training, courage and smartness is imp. He says he will always remember this, she has ruined the romance. They smile and she kisses him.

Sweety says she wants to play. Disha asks her to sit quietly. Sooraj tells Gautam that he can control them by bravery, trust me. He says he wants their support, he can try. Sooraj says I will try to get her gun, just catch her. Gautam’s ex wife says its not easy. Gautam says Sooraj is right, we are many, we can control them. The minister says we can’t leave RK like this. Vadeja says yes, but we don’t have any option. Arjun says we want to save 78 people by freeing them, and risking crores Indians lives. Sandhya says she wants to say something. Sooraj asks Bhabho to tell his plan to everyone.

Disha asks him to be quiet. Sooraj says the people who support us will help us, if they refuse, atleast ask them to pass the message. Bhabho tells the plan to Chaturi. Disha asks Chaturi to stay silent. Chaturi gives the message to Shanky. Shanky refuses. Gautam passes the message to others. His ex wife asks him not to do this. Gautam says I have no one to cry for me, I will do this. She cries. Sooraj stands and Prema turns to him. Everyone is shocked.

Prema and Disha are attacked by the passengers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I had already seen this scene in a Tamil movie

  2. Yeah. This story is waste.

  3. They r elaborating 3 hrs payanam movie fr around 2 weeks

  4. Hijecking is dragging too much nd the concept is poor

  5. I want to see how they will resolve this problem. But they are prolonging the story too much. Diya aur baati hum team pls put the full stop to this hijack dream and give the death sentence to RK, maya, disha,prema.

  6. Why are they coping this tamil movie??? Do they think that we are so dumb to not notice that they are showing the same hijack thing shown in that movie ? Very disappointing -_-

  7. It shows how easy it is for anyone to pass through security with guns and bullets, and even women can hijack the flights, and show that men are cowards. Not a reality. But they must think that Indian audiences have no brains anyways.

    1. Excuse me
      Even woman can do
      But to be honest their concept is poor nd unbelievable.

  8. To the producers and directors of Diya aur baati hum; Are you guys nuts? After having gone through the terrors of 9/11 attacks, why would you portray a hijack theme on your best show, showing false glitches and loopholes in the Indian aviation security? Are you encouraging terrorists on Indian soil?
    In a quest to empower the women in India, it’s okay to promote films like Mardaani, Mary Kom or Gulaab Gang, but projecting the women as terrorists? And that too in such an easy plot? These terrorist women gets away in every which way ever since they devised their plan and the police, security prove to be dumb and helpless?
    The story has been dragging for quite some time now, and it’s time to stop this nonsense.

  9. I ever didn’t see the serial who is dragging the simple scene so long. it is really boring. please end this part.

  10. Diya aur Baati hum all the episodes went well but the hijack episode had spoiled the whole serial image. when Sandya got the message about the hijack at Airport she would have stopped there itself by informing the Airport Officer immediately and the serial would have kept its image continuously.

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