Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th May 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with Bhabho with kanha in ViNA room. MEena starts that that day has come to invite the third dIL & gives full credit to sandy. Adds that she remembers the sammaan samaaroh of sandy after that bomb blast. Tells that she has done what she said & praises her & adds that every challenge giver must think twice b4. Adds that this is the biggest win of Sandy. Bhabho tells that kanha has slept & asks her to sleep too. bhabho leaves (but seems to be in panic)

Everyone arrive for the wedding. Dilip & his mom comes & chavi gets her blessings. Bhabho greets them. Dilips mom asks chavi abt her exam preparation. She tells that she only want an educated DIL for dilip. Chavi is stunned. MIL asks her to take help from sandy & tells her that on

being sandy’s SIL she shd atleast she shd top the class. Meena smirks.

Vik asks suraj abt the photographer. Sandy arrives & meena mocks her that she thought that she wd be sleeping like yesterday. Sandy stares.

SAndy asks bhabho to do aarti. Bhabho denies & asks her to do as she has done for two sons earlier & adds that all these are happening bcoz of her. Sandy does arti.

Bhabho remembers meena words. Everyone does the rituals. Bhabho asks everyone to leave soon as it will get late to reach that church. Meena asks chaturi to bring kanha.

Everyone wait for the baaratis (groom side)
Rathis arrive with full band set. Ems parents are happy.Vik suraj & everyone dance. Christians are surprised to see these. Meena Sandy & other bahus does ghoomar dance.Bhabho & mohit not happy. Mohit everytime looks at bhabho.

Sandy is all smiles. Meena tells vik that they doesn’t have wedding attires thats why they are wearing Black & white coloured dresses. Vik tells that they shd not tell that as they are their relatives now.

Everyone greet each other. Em’s mom kisses bhabho. Everyone get shocked. Em’s father asks sandy abt her exam preparations. He invites everyone inside.
Meena stops him by telling that they shd do arti. Sandy explains her the way to do arti. She goes to bring the arti. She follows sandy’s instructions.
Dhaisa asks her to wear pallo (funny)

Break: Dhaisa asking em’s mom to pull mohit’s nose as part of the rasm. She gets afraid. (hahhaha)

Her mom wears hat & asks is that k & finishes arti. Someone asks her to do tilak. She does that. Someone asks her to do someother thing. Asks mohit to eat himself the sweet. Em’s mom feeds him sweet. Dhaisa now asks her to pull mohit’s nose & adds that she shd think like a challenge & shd not leave him Bhabhsa asks her not to panic. But she pulls bhabhasa’s nose (funny). Everyone laughs. Bhabho embarassed. SAndy explains her. Dhaisa mocks her by telling that she shd save her nose.

Break: Meena aks chotu to give the bride’s side those sweets so that they can use in on thoran rasm. Chotu gives them & everyone starts eating at once. (hahaha)

Bhabhsa tells that he has lost his pride now. He calms her down by saying that hee was mocking . She thanks her referring him to be Bhabhasa, He asks her to call as sambandsa. Meena asks chotu to give sweets to bride’s relatives so that they can use that in thoran rasm. Suraj goes to bring thoran. Everyone eats those sweets happily (OMG).
Suraj ties the thoran on the entrance. Dhaisa asks mohit to touch the thoran with sword. Meena asks ems side to greet. They tell that they ate it already. Everyone shocked. Epi ends on bhabho’s grinning face.

Precap: The father tells that the couple may kiss now. Dhaisa asks what. SAndy embarassed.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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