Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soorja telling the team about Ratan’s scoring. Sandhya and Ved get happy. Mahendra thinks he will not let the team win. Mohit complains to Bhabho, that Golu is trying to offer Namaz like Zakir. Golu says he was praying for Sooraj’s victory, and our teacher says its same to pray to Lord, as Lord is just one. Chavi asks Mohit did he not realize about religion, when he married Christian Emily. Mohit says Bhabho was helpless, as Sandhya was after her. Bhabho says she was not helpless, he knows the reason well and he should be ashamed.

Prem thinks he has to win and sees oil. He recalls Sooraj and Babban talking. Sooraj asks him not to apply oil in kabaddi match, as the body can’t be caught. Prem thinks no one will know if he applies some. He applies it and Mahendra

thinks he knew Prem will fail in his trap. Prem goes to raid and is not caught as he has applied the oil. Referee stops them that Prem did cheating having oil applied on the legs. Samrat club gets angry. Sooraj asks Prem and Prem refuses. Sandhya explains this to Ved.

Sooraj apologizes and referee says their team will not get point, and punishes them that Samrat team will play with oil applied, and their three points are minus. They all are shocked. Sooraj gets worried. Samrat team gets happy. Mahendra smiles and says the team will lose. Sooraj thinks what did this happen, it became impossible to win now, how will we win. Ved asks Sandhya will Sooraj lose this match too. Sandhya says I will come.

She goes to Sooraj and asks him to find some way. He says I don’t understand, see this challenge, what should I do. She says there is still time, he has to change his plans, the team will apply oil to legs, he can catch them by waist, hands, he has to use his mind and he can’t lose. He says this is nice idea, she has given light to this darkness. She wishes him best of luck. Prem cries. Sooraj pacifies him and talks to the team. He says they have to cover up for the loss, the match did not end, and tells his plan. Mahendra thinks he can do anything, but Sooraj and his team have lost.

Samrat team applies oil to their legs and come to play. Rajputana team gets ready. Ratan gets his hearing aid and Sooraj gets the proper shoes. They get confident. The team catches the opponent by waist and win a point. Avinash goes to raid and wins. The team starts winning. Sooraj thinks its final moment for their team and he can’t send Avinash, he may get hurt. He says I will go and Sooraj goes to raid. Sooraj needs 6 points by raiding 4 players.

Everyone cheer for Sooraj. Sooraj touches them by leg. Pratap holds his leg and twists his knee. Sooraj screams and Ved says he can do it. Sandhya and the team worries for him. Sooraj tries to reach the white line and screams in pain.

Sooraj struggles to touch the white line. He talks to Bhabho and Babasa and they cry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunday ko star parivar award hai. I m waiting for sandhya suraj performance, and also waiting to see adi and pankhuri together, badi ma and suhana together, khushi and arnav. So, Guys are u exated for star parivar award?.

  2. New spoiler :-
    Coach’s ‘reality’ to come to the fore in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum. With the final kabaddi match inching closer, the team in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt Ltd) has been left tensed.
    And the weak link of the team is being perceived as Sooraj (Anas Rashid). But now gear up to watch the exciting revelation of the real traitor in the show.
    Sooraj will suspect that somebody from the team is the back stabber who has been sharing their plans and strategies with the opposition team. Sooraj will be seen discussing the same with Sandhya (Deepika Singh), who will decide to unravel the truth.
    Shares a source, “The two will finally manage to find out about the coach (Rituraj Singh) being at fault. They will decide to speak to the entire about it and will be shocked further to find that Abhay (Adhvik Mahajan) is the coach’s illegitimate son, and the entire ploy was to get him as the forefront performer.”
    This news will get Aditi (Riddhi Dogra) and her team in a state of disgust and angst and they will throw the coach out of the team. But before leaving, he will go on to poison the team against Sooraj.
    What will lie ahead for the team in the final league? Will the coach’s objective spoil Sooraj’s winning dreams?
    We tried reaching Rituraj but he was busy shooting.
    Stay hooked to for more news and updates from the world of TV and Bollywood.

  3. ???

    Why is mohit feeling unsecured in the presence of zakir? He should prove his true love and care towards his wife and kid

  4. NB

    Mohit character wont be positive ever.meena’s one has changed alot.but mohit’s never.he will remain a burden till end of the show and will remain pointing out other’s mistake while he himself does the biggest

  5. NB

    He will have to do much to regain pari and emilys trust.something very big that will all his wrong deeds

  6. ipsita

    This is the numero uno serial i watch.It is very much inspirational.I just hope it never ends.

  7. NB

    Most comment that kabadi track is boring.but it is far too better than any track that came in dabh.still trps are very low.trps were high for dumb tracks

  8. ipsita

    Sandhya is the real Indian woman. An epitom of love ,affection,strength and caurage.You are my role model sandhya as well as your aim is my aim……….

  9. rithu

    DABH is unique and its all about dreams corage and determination whereas all others are about union seperation and again reunion

  10. rithu

    Actually i have no time to watch all serial in starplus.i watch dabh & yhm..but i am strongly attracted to dabh

  11. rithu

    True.but ishra make a cute couple.andi love to watch their cute scenes.they are soo adorable

  12. rithu

    It will be a very disgusting track where ishitha leave her kids to shagun due to her illness.and pretend to have realationship with subbu.isnt that crap.dabh is only between surya thats why i love third person

  13. mona

    dabh is d best…….
    and always roxx in every track…..
    wat a couple……..surya…
    missing romantic moments of surya

  14. rithu

    It is so much felt.after the coactors offscreen fight there is this missing of surya moments

  15. rithu

    But it is said that adithi will fall for sooraj.then their will be love triangle.hope nothing happen to suryabonding

  16. rithu

    It seems adithi will definitely fall for suraj.writers have understood kabaddi track is not giving them high they will go into such a track

  17. ipsita

    On sundays i miss dabh too much .4 me sunday is not at all funday without it.And what about u friends?

  18. ipsita

    Lets wish our fav suraj best of luck.Immandar kosish aur sachhi duaa kismat badal sakta hei.

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