Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya, Bhabho and Chotu shopping for Chotu’s Dadi. Sandhya selects a saree for Dadi and Uma Bhabhi. Chotu says Dadi will be glad seeing this gift, and Bhabhi will not like it, she will say she has this already, even then I love her. Sandhya says Bhabhis are such. She gets the sarees packed. Bhabho says Devar Bhabhi relation is Khatta Meetha, you should go to Dadi first. Chotu says Dadi would say I should go to Bhabho and Sooraj, who made me, whom should I hear then, tell me. Bhabho says we can’t win in words with you. He says I feel proud that I got lucky to have two families. Bhabho blesses him.

A lady greets Sandhya and asks did she come for shopping. Sandhya says Chotu has come, we came to do shopping for his Dadi and Bhabhi. The lady asks why did he

come here, don’t you know Chotu’s Dadi died 12 days before. His brother and Bhabhi sold everything and said Chotu is away for exams. Sandhya thinks how to tell this to Chotu and turns. Chotu cries hearing everything. Sandhya and Bhabho cry too. Bhabho asks Chotu to have strength, its all fate.

Bhabho, Sandhya and Chotu come to his Dadi’s place. Chotu cries. The people are also present to show grief. Uma tells Vishal that Chotu did not come to cry for Dadi’s death, he has come to get property, he got Bhabho with him to put pressure on us. She says talk to him, and don’t agree to him, scold him. Chotu looks on angrily. Sandhya, Bhabho and Chotu heard her. Chotu says Sandhya and Bhabho are not like this. Uma starts arguing. Uma says yes, but we are like this, you want to say this. She asks people to see, he got strangers with him.

Sandhya takes Chotu’s side and talks to his Bhabhi. The lady says I don’t see his love and respect, what black magic did Rathi family on him. Chotu says they love me, they made me study and raised me, Dadi also said this. Vishal asks him to go back to Rathi family and see his work, they don’t have any relation now. They all get shocked. Sandhya asks Vishal what is he saying, act maturely, you were not like this.

Uma Bhabhi says now when they have Chotu’s responsibility, they forgot all love and care, its difference is regarding someone as yours and being yours. Bhabho says you said it right, I will end that difference today. She holds Chotu’s hand and says Chotu is my son from today, he is a part of Rathi family and will stay with us. She asks Chotu to come with them.

Uma Bhabhi asks the people to see them, they are taking Chotu from us, they are taking him to keep a young servant for free all life. Sandhya asks why are you saying this. Bhabhi says what wrong did I say. Bhabho takes aarti plate and does tilak to Chotu. She says today infront of you all, I accept Chotu as my own son, he will get all the rights that my Sooraj and Vikram got. Chotu cries being emotionally happy.

Uma Bhabhi asks Bhabho not to go against her words, and not hold us responsible for anything. Bhabho says I won’t come, his all sorrows, happiness, success, mistakes and doings are mine, I will be responsible for it. He is my younger son from today. Sandhya smiles.

Meenakshi buys vegs and gets cheap ones. The lady asks her about the ring. Meenakshi says its real diamond ring. The lady jokes on her. Meenakshi tells this to Vikram and he laughs. She argues with him. She says we will cut expenses and I will show that lady that I m rich.

Sandhya asks Chotu to come, taxi have come, we have to leave for Pushkar. He says no, you did many favors, you got me educated and independent, I will find some work and stay. She says Bhabho accepted you by heart, she gave you her son’s place, she trusts you and its your duty that you keep Bhabh’s trust, don’t think this again. Bhabho comes and asks what happened, is everything fine. He says yes. Sandhya asks whose pic is this. He says I don’t know, but Dadi used to keep her pic in out temple, she used to say this lady is not less than an angel for us.

Scene shifts to Hyderabad, Pakistan. A lady is shown giving fare to the rickshaw driver. A man says Dadi has come. Everyone knows her and says why does she come to visa office daily, she never gets tired, lets leave before she catches us. The lady drinks water and smiles. She asks a man to listen. The man ignores her. She says I got some food for them, but they are busy. The man hears her and goes to attend her, asking what did she get today. Dadi shows the tiffin, and says I got sweets for you. The people get happy, and eat sweets. She says my daughter Arzoo made this, she has magic in her hands. She asks them when will they do her work, there are just 2 days. The man says old officer got transferred, new officer has come, you can’t go in 2 days. She says its fine, if Lord wills, every impossible thing will get possible, you all have sweets. She goes.

She meets the new officer and he says you came here lot of times, that too for that neighbor country. She says enmity is for govt, I can’t see any enmity, I see just love and friendship.

Sandhya, Chotu and Bhabho are on the way. Chotu says I can’t believe Vishal broke relation with me without any reason and mistake, who does so. Sandhya says relations are not by mind, its by heart, it takes time to forget it, time heals everything, Vishal will realize his mistake some day and everything will be fine. Officer says its 70 years and there is no peace at the borders, you tell me your reason, why are you eager to go there in 2 days, is there any mannat. She says I m going there to get my granddaughter Arzoo’s marriage fixed there. He asks what, in that rival country, how can you trust them. Sandhya asks Chotu to have belief. Bhabho says Sandhya is right, don’t worry Chotu. Sandhya says Pushkar is coming…

The lady Resham shows her friend Sita’s letter, asking her to come fast and she is waiting for her gift. He reads the letter and says I don’t trust them, but you should get a chance to test your hope, your visa got approval, you can go India now. She thanks him and says that day is not far when you will become part of this hope. She thinks I m coming to India with a hope…

Bhabho says my Chotu is a prince and there will be a princess. Sandhya says we will have to get her from another country. Bhabho says fine, but she will be someone special. Arzoo is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice Loving Episode.Eagerly waiting to know what happens next.Hope DABH crew don’t drag this track much more like extending a rubber band.Plz end this track as sooner as possible.Else the show will definitely loose ts reputation & prde.Don’t drag this track like Mohit Murder track & that stupid Hijack drama.End this much faster.New track seems much interesting.


  2. Nice Loving Episode.Eagerly waiting to know what happens next.Hope DABH crew don’t drag this track much more like extending a rubber band.Plz end this track as sooner as possible.Else the show will definitely loose ts reputation & pride.Don’t drag this track like Mohit Murder track & that stupid Hijack drama.End this much faster.New track seems much interesting.

  3. I have not watched this show in a while.
    Can someone update me?
    Why was Mohit killed? Who is the villain of the show now? Is Suraj still in jail? What ever happened to Suraj’s second wife?


  4. nice track.. Ind-pak themed.<3<3

  5. Nice track. But please make it crisp, quick and fast. Along with new romance, DABH will be “adhura” without the original Diya aur Baati romance

  6. Arzoo for chotu ? Then bulbul???? I didn’t get it ☹️Is aryan chotu r they’re two different people? In rajkumar’s track when they kidnapped chaturi than chuto used to cry saying ” meree DiDi ko lawo” it means that chaturi and chotu are bro and sis!!! But now ?
    I think the director has changed the writer who doesn’t know about the previous charecters and their relations!!

  7. I think pari will make a good wife for chotu

  8. Chaturi is not chotu’s sis anyway.but director has definitely forgotten that chotu was already introduced.anyways dabh is turning crap and unreal day by day.

  9. sahii m directer nd stry writers hav me,ory loss problemalll heroes of gajini film aaaaa

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