Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj giving a valentine’s surprise to Sandhya. He brings her to a decorated place and they cut the cake together. They wish each other happy valentine’s day and plays the guitar to surprise her. She claps for him and asks when did he learn this, its big surprise for her. He says I was joking, I don’t know this and calls a man out, and she is shocked seeing a guitarist. She says I did not like this. He says I don’t know to play this guitar, but if this brings a smile on your face, its more than enough.

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Emily sees Meenakshi talking to maid of rich Mehtas and thinks to scold her. Meenakshi says she

will pay her more. Emily catches Meenakshi and scolds her. Meenakshi argues with her and says she was trying to get the maid to take care of kids and do all the household work. Emily likes the idea and apologizes to her. She says you convince her.

Sooraj and Sandhya romance on the beach. Saiyyan……………..plays…………………he lifts her and they walk on the beach. Mohit comes home and expects the room to be messed up. He sees its all well arranged and says what happened to Emily. Vikram comes home and says he is very hungry. He expects Meenakshi will make sandwich again and sits to have food. Meenakshi gives him his fav food and he is surprised, asking how did the magic happen.

Mohit says even I m thinking the same, did you make food or got it from hotel. Meenakshi says can’t we do our duties if Bhabho is not here. Emily says you do so much work for us, and its our duty to take care of you. Vikram says you don’t look tired after so much work. He asks where are the kids. They tell them about the new maid and take them to meet her. The maid sings the bhajan and teaches the kids.

Meenakshi says she convinced the maid by giving more money, they will divide money and pay the maid. Mohit and Vikram agree as its not a big deal. Sooraj gifts a hand made waist band for Sandhya and makes her wear it. he hugs her and she gets tensed as her dress tears and the bandage appears. She keeps her hand. He says wait, and makes her wear his coat. She thanks and hugs him. Diya aur baati……………plays………………….

Sandhya comes to her resort room and removes the bandage, which shows her stitches at her waist.

Ankur and Sandhya talk. Ankita asks her to be away from Sandhya. Sandhya says I will take care. Ankita asks her to tell Sooraj.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sreenu

    main track gone……….side track is working
    Ha still 32 episodes
    nxt episode, nxt week are there naaaaa

  2. NS4

    May be Director Making a “Suspense Thriller”
    i think director watching “Suspense Thriller” movies daily

  3. Rsmani

    The art of loving for ever between spouses must be learnt from Sandya and Suraj though in real life it is highly impractical between a husband and wife in the midst of their stress and strain in day today life. The love play would have been more absorbing and attractive if Sandya and Suraj were 10 years younger than what they are now.

  4. aiswarya

    Foolish director.How can Sandhya run?How can Sandhya walk so fast?Sandhya don’t even have pain when Sooraj lifts her.Huge NONSENSE.Too much drag like Hijack drama

  5. faltu

    story is going in their way. But we all know what will happen next.
    That time STAR PLUS celebrates Valentines day for their all shows. so, the slow track is more dragged and boaring.

  6. gp

    After a long wait the stitches has been show to audience… but when Sooraj will get to know about this…? on valentine’s day or after 1000 episodes…?

  7. gp

    Why filmy style adding in Serial…. Sooraj dressing style not matching with his sweet shop business… He looks more smart and realistic with his old dress only…

  8. faltu bakwas headeche

    this track should back Daman to pushkar.
    Valentine’s weekis end tomorrow. Hope to next to track survive their main subject.

  9. faltu bakwas headeche

    this track should back Daman to pushkar.
    Valentine’s weekis end tomorrow. Hope to next week to track survive their main subject.

  10. nc

    I think new maid ,appointed by emily & minakshi , replaces chaturi. she will work for bhabo -sandhya. Knowing about sandhya’s problam bhabo will forgive Mohit & Vikram. Because of all Rathi family is selfish .

  11. Ramesh

    Here is the fact about kidney donation and heeling time:

    About one week after you return home from the hospital, you will visit your doctor for follow up. At this visit, your doctor will check the healing of your incision and will tell you when you can resume your normal activities. For most people who have had conventional open surgery, full recovery takes about six weeks. When an experienced surgeon does a laparoscopic nephrectomy, a person is typically can return to work after about four weeks.

    In most healthy people who have only one kidney removed, the remaining kidney can function well enough to handle the needs of the body. Life expectancy is normal.

    Sandhya can resume her work after 4 weeks, if she heels with out any further issues,. But she has taken only 2 weeks off.
    Our heroin who wants to get back with her husband has donated her one kidney to her mother-in-law.. I think Rathis family should give her best bhavu’s award for her sacrifice.

    • Ramesh

      Sreenu: I agree with you. But, if Sooraj and Sandhya are perfect couple. then why are they hiding each other.
      One more fact: Bhaboo would have survived with kidney dialysis until she find a real kidney from out side of Rathis family.
      Story writer did not follow that route instead, he/she made Sooraj or Sandhya will sacrifice for Bhaboo, Bhabhasa, liar Meenakshi, Vikram, Mohit, Chavi and new liar Emily.
      One month after kidney donor revealed, every one will forget what happened in the recent episodes, everyone will enjoy the story again. Until then, we will all scream towards story writer.

      • Sreenu

        Yeah u said right.
        But director just thought one thing that to make “Sandhya’s” character more efficient to run remaining episodes

  12. DABH Lovers

    Now a days Sooraj and Sandhya’s romance is very poor… Their dressing style not matching with serial…. Seems during hijack track everyone lost their brains…. Soon Kavitha will re-enter DABH and the Kavitha’s track will be dragged to 3 months… then Swamiji will re-enter and again 3 more months… finally DABH will complete 2000 episodes.. 🙂

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