Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya deducing the fact that Meena use to take Vaid Rani Ji’s medicines and concerned about Meena’s health, she rushes towards Suraj’s shop and told Suraj the details of what she found out and regarding Vaid Rani Ji
Vikram asks Meena to stop worrying about shop and says she lost weight and is in poor condition at the moment, says her recovery is very important at the moment.

Suraj listens to everything intently and finally SurYa dcides to take help of police to solve this case and know about the medicines. They were about to go when they were accosted by Bhabo
Bhabo asks Sandhya to lift the stay order of court by withdrawing her complaint so that Meena can be saved and further warns that of anything happens to Meena then she will

held Sandhya responsible for that and won’t forgive her if something happens to Meena or baby.

Sandhya says she will make sure nothing happens to Meena or the baby and says she will do everything possible to bring Meena’s health back to normal

SurYa goes to police station and asks Sub-inspector to show files related to case of Vaid Rani Ji

The police were reluctant but finally gave the file as Sandhya said Meena’s life depended on this issue, and SurYa browse through the file, sees Meena’s name but the pic is of Dhaisa and the amount deceived is shown as Rs 70000
Sandhya was unsure as to how Dhaisa’s pic got in the papers instead of Meena and now correlates previous events and says Meena gave those pics and also remembered seeing Meena talking with a police officer on one day, and connected the chain of events

Suraj sees the amount of money swindled and shocked to see 70000 He wonders how can Meena get such an amount without anyone of the family knowing about it

Sandhya too thinks about it but now Suraj says Mohit was talking regarding the theft of his money from account and correlates the event, but suddenly got a call from Chavi who informed him about Meena’s worsening condition and asked whether Sandhya withdrew petition or not, Suraj said Sandhya did not, and Chavi starts panicking, says Suraj to withdrew the petition to save Meena

SurYa rushes home returning the file

Meanwhile doctor is busy finding out why her medicines aren’t responding and no one is having any clue regarding the matter, Bhabo asks Vikram to find out from Chavi whether Sandhya withdrew petition or not, and on finding the answer negative, goes out to pray for Meena’s health and starts praying in front of Lord Shiv

Sandhya returns with the lab reports of Vaid Rani Ji’s medicine and doctor now give correct medicine so as to restore Meena’s health and asks everyone to leave the room till Meena’s health improves

Everyone sits outside, tensed to know what will happen to Meena.

Finally doctor comes out of Meena’s room and declares that both Meena and her baby is out of danger now finally

Everyone is overjoyed on listening that, Sandhya thinks of informing Bhabo and Bhabo too comes now and Sandhya informs her, but Bhabo says Lord Shiv has listened her prayers and so He has rescued Meena timely from Swami Ji’s Prakop (curse)

The doctor now clears the air, says to Bhabo that Meena use to take Vaid Rani Ji’s medicines and last few days she took it in huge quantities and had not Sandhya informed her timely anything could have happened to the baby or mother

The doctor makes it clear to Bhabo that it was not due to Swami Ji’s prakop that Meena was ill and she was ill for some genuine reason.

Bhabo was shocked to know all this.

Prior to that, Bhabasa was asking whether Vikram knew about the fact that Meena use to take Vaid Rani Ji’s medicine or not Vikram admitted to Bhabasa

Precap—-> Letter from bank came regarding ATM theft, Chavi opens it but the photos fall at her feet, and Meena fears the worst

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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