Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Meenakshi to meet Misri first. Sandhya gets Misri home. Everyone get glad seeing Misri. Misri runs to Meenakshi and hugs her. They all hug Misri. Sooraj tells Sandhya that she did great work today, and asks is she fine. Sandhya asks him to get special barfi for her. Bhabho get sweets for her. She says we are very lucky to get a bahu like Sandhya, you have saved many innocent girls, everyone will bless you, if child gets hurt, parents get hurt and feel the pain. Sandhya thinks Bhabho said right, Vansh got hurt and left from here, I feel that pain every moment.

She says I will have water and goes. She cries thinking of Vansh. Sooraj sees her crying and asks do you miss Vansh. She says yes. He says even I miss him, I wish to call him, you don’t get

disheartened, maybe this has something good for us. He says I m sure Vansh will hug us and all misunderstandings will get cleared. Meenakshi takes care of Misri. Bhabho asks Meenakshi not to worry now, Misri has come.

Vikram says yes Bhabho, Meenakshi does not look good when she cries. Misri asks Meenakshi not to cry. Meenakshi says I can’t bear if anything wrong happens with Misri, she is my weakness. She thanks Sandhya for saving Misri and says I will always be indebted to you, I also want to do some good thing, you take me to Mansi’s parents, I will convince them for not leaving their daughter by the fear of society, Mansi should get her family’s love and rights. Sandhya smiles.

Maasa asks Emily to pack stuff fast, we have to meet Misri. Arzoo comes and gives them sweets. She says Sandhya got our happiness back. Maasa asks Arzoo is she going to Chotu. Arzoo says yes. Maasa asks why are you upset. Arzoo says what will I do alone there, Chotu will be busy in office all day, I will get bored. Emily says Chotu will be with you after work, you can roam with him in holidays. Arzoo says I like to stay with family, everyone eats food together. Maasa says I have seen first wife who like to stay with inlaws, than husband.

Arzoo says I decided, I will tell Chotu to come here and find job, I will stay with family. Emily says he got good job, leaving job is not a good thing. Emily says I got such big family and much happiness, I love them. Maasa says I have a solution, you convince Bhabho and Babasa to go with you, they can come back here after few days. Arzoo likes the idea, but will Bhabho agree, she won’t. Maasa says I know her well, she is like coconut, she is soft at heart, she will agree. Arzoo says its Raksha bandhan tomorrow, I will talk to Bhabho. Maasa says if she does not agree, call me.

Sandhya cooks something. Sooraj scares her. She says I won’t talk to you, you scared me. He says I was just getting the sweets smell, add milk in it, I m sorry. She says I was just joking, I did not get scared. They say Wo aini and hug. They hear some sound from storeroom and go to see. They see Bhabho and Ved there. Sandhya asks what are they doing. Ved says we are making rakhi for Kanak, its her first raksha bandhan. Ved makes rakhi and thanks Bhabho calling her world’s best Dadi. He says Kanak will be happy seeing this. Bhabho asks them to go and sleep.

Sandhya asks Ved why did he work hard, he can get any rakhi from market. Ved says I wanted her to make special rakhi for me, Bhabho taught me to make rakhi. Sandhya likes the idea. Sooraj asks how did you get this idea, the rakhi is too big. Ved says I made big rakhi, this is my and Vansh’s rakhi, Vansh is not here, so Kanak will tie this one to me.

Arpita tells reporter that she has supported Sandhya in this case, I have helped her in everything, what did media do, you printed this news, Sandhya has saved the girls and nabbed culprits, where is my name in this, Sandhya did not tell my name to media. Reporter says I will print the story and give you first, you do the changes and I will print your version. Arpita says thanks, but I don’t want your favor, there will be news covered by entire media, this time I will do such thing that entire police department will get sure that just Sandhya is not the only brave officer, there are other officers too who can perform their duty better than Sandhya. She says Sandhya Rathi, just wait and watch.

Ved asks where is Kanak. Everyone look for Kanak. Bhabho worries did anyone kidnap Kanak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I thought the story has come to an end. But what happened to Kamal and Arpita? Are they going to drag the drama still further?

    1. It’s quite you don’t want it to happen but everyone wants.I love this show and i will always love it
      Hope Shashi Sumeet Productions won’t end this show

      1. Where’s Vansh? Have they forgotten it? Vansh is so cute iwant to see him. Pls show this track vansh vansh….

  2. Dragging the drama further. That’s what every want. Dont you want. We love DABH. We cant let it to be end
    God bless u DABH

  3. It was a nice episode.Plz…Plz..Dont end this show.

  4. DABH is getting better day by day. Dont end this . I love it.
    DABH rockzzz
    Love deepika and anas

  5. I want Arpita to recognize Sandhya is not as bad as she think. Show something like” Arpita has an accident and Sandhya rescue her on time” It will be so interesting
    And sth like ”Vansh dreams of being an IPS officer like his real mum and he helps some people find their lost thing like detective” It will attract the viewers
    Or sth like”Arpita sees that she can’t harm Sandhya and starts fooling vansh to misunderstand his real mum and ved” and ”Sandhya rescue Vansh and Vansh recognize Sandhya’s love to him and Sandhya’s son will reunite to her”
    I think these tracks. But I think they will show it emotionally ”between the mum and son”.
    Hope they will read my comment

    1. I also think they should show the track happens to the others like chhavi or vikram. Show something like chhavi loves a man but he loves Sandhya. Chhavi misunderstands Sandhya. Sooraj will be in a dilemma
      Where’s Zakir? I think they should show him. When Arpita tries to harm Sandhya, he will stop Arpita

      1. And Santosh will scold Sandhya for taking the man’s love instead Chhavi
        Something emotional happens to Sandhya. And they should try to drag the show by their HEART, give them more time to try
        Love DABH

      2. And shouldnt use any tracks again and again

      3. If they show the track chhavi and sandhya, they have to change the situation. If it’s like chhavi and emily’s case, it wont be attractive

  6. Nice epi
    Plzzzzz dont end dabh
    It is getting better day by day
    Plzzzzz dont end
    Love dabh

  7. Love for DABH

    Awesome epi…
    Plz dont end it
    Show a track has both emotion and action in it like: A terrorist man loves Sandhya and a fight, in which, the man will choose between his mission or his love… will be so interesting

    1. Love for DABH

      It’s a REAL LOVE, not like Himanshu he just wants a wife
      May be that terrorist was a friend of Sandhya when he was a child, he used to feel for Sandhya and now that feeling appears again. At first, he doesnt know Sandhya is an IPS officer but when he knows, he loves her crazily…….ROMANTIC

  8. yes pls don’t end dabh . It is one of the best logical shows , though it had sometimes been illogical wid that arzoo track , it is one of the best shows I have ever seen . pls don’t end this . if at all they want to end , end some nonsense shows that r running in star plus

  9. Please don’t tell that anyone loves Sandhya other than Sooraj. Can’t imagine anyone between this sweet couple.The show will lose the reputation if it is shown like this.

  10. I heard that SOORAJ-SANDHYA are going to die in DABH in the process of saving innocent people of Hanuman Gali.But if they are planning a happy ending for DABH then how can this be a happy ending.Plz don’t do such bakwas.
    Instead reunite VANSH with RATHIS.If
    you want a 2nd season of DABH,start a fresh story which have no connections or relation with 1st season.But give the main characters to those who were there in 1st season.

  11. Dnt end this drama pls its my fav

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