Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya requesting the investigation team to give her a chance to explain. The man asks her to say. Sooraj and Bhabho go and meet Arzoo in hospital ward. Bhabho asks Arzoo to get up now, Arzoo had much wish to play holi. Sandhya clears about her unplanned mistake, which she did not do by misusing her power, don’t blame me. The man says we heard you, we will investigate more, whenever you are called here, you have to come. She says yes. The man says you can’t go outside Pushkar, your bravery awards will be stopped. She agrees. The man says you will be removed from Arzoo’s case.

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Bhabho asks Arzoo to get up, and

cries. Sooraj calms her. He says Arzoo, Bhabho is asking you to get fine and come back home, you are world for Rathi family, everyone is waiting for you at home. He keeps the card. Sandhya says I will be away from Arzoo’s case and give all case details files. The man says you can leave now. She salutes and is leaving. The man stops her and says if Arzoo is proved innocent and anything happens to her, it will be murder charge on you, you can get hanged or life imprisonment.

Arzoo gets critical. The machines start beeping. Bhabho asks Sooraj what happened and shouts for doctor. Resham and doctor come there. Doctor sends them out and checks Arzoo. He treats Arzoo. Nurse says she is sinking. He says her heartbeat stopped. Bhabho, Resham and Sooraj look on shocked.

Emily comes to Om’s clinic. She sees guitar and says Om plays guitar too. She sees hand impressions on Om, Purvi and Sparsh. Om comes there and gets angry. He shouts and the frame falls down. She gets scared. She says it happened by mistake, really sorry, I will make it fine. He asks her to just leave. Her hand bleeds. She leaves from there. He looks at the frame.

Sandhya comes to hospital and recalls the investigation officer’s words. Puru says Sandhya wanted to say truth, now she just lost powers, but if anything happens to Arzoo who is in coma, then Sandhya’s life and career will end, she will pay big price for this truth.

Sandhya goes to Sooraj and Bhabho. She asks what happened. Sooraj says Arzoo is not well, doctor said Arzoo’s heartbeat….. Bhabho says everything will be fine. Resham talks on phone and says nothing can happen to Arzoo, she is my angel, she did not think wrong about anyone.

Doctor says inform commissioner and Arzoo’s family that Arzoo is fine now. Nurse tells Sandhya and everyone that Arzoo is fine, she got conscious, she wants to say something, she is weak, just talk for some time. Bhabho gets glad. Resham says Sandhya did a big thing, and asks Sandhya to go. Sandhya says I can’t meet Arzoo, this case is snatched from me, it won’t be good if I meet her. Resham says fine, you can meet her as her Bhabhi, its your right to meet her first, you go. Bhabho asks Sandhya to go. Sandhya says fine, I will come soon. She goes to meet Arzoo.

Constable stops Sandhya and says we got orders that Sandhya can’t meet Arzoo, she is removed from this case. Nurse says she has come to meet Arzoo as her jethani. He says fine and goes. Doctor says Sandhya can meet Arzoo now. Arzoo sees Sandhya….. Another nurse looks on. Arzoo recalls Sandhya shooting her. Sandhya folds hands and apologizes. She says tell me anything, I m your culprit, I have realized I did wrong. Arzoo cries.

Sandhya says I know you want to say something, but won’t tell me, your annoyance is with me, but think about Resham, Bhabho, Sooraj and Chotu, tell me what you want to say. Arzoo tries saying and says I found something in jail. Sandhya asks what did you find, why did you run from jail, don’t worry, tell me later, you are weak, don’t stress your mind, you have to get fine, take rest. Arzoo signs towards paper. Nurse sees this and tells Sandhya that Arzoo is signing towards paper, maybe she wants to write and tell you something. Another nurse worries. Sandhya gives paper and pen to Arzoo. Arzoo writes something. Sadnhya reads it and looks at Arzoo.

Commissioner asks the man to read whats written in Urdu and tell him. Puru in doctor’s disguise goes to kill Arzoo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So the spectators got relieved from the tension that Aarzo would breathe her last after her heart stopped beating. But again a medical miracle occurred that she regained her hear beat within a fraction of a second with all the credit going to episode director..
    On the other hand the plot of Emily is simply irrational, irresponsible, irrepairable and irrelevant.

  2. End this bakwas senseless stupid ongoing tracks soon. We are fed up by this.
    Too much dragging……

  3. Nice episode…..

    1. What is nice about this masala??

  4. He know about gul

  5. Sarayu(honey)

    Oh my god, I hate this track. Stupid.

  6. I hate this track

  7. emily track is totally unbearable please stop…………………………………………………………………………………………otherwise you loose your viewers

  8. mind boggles that how Arzoo’s statement got exchanged right under the nose of trained police officer SSP Sandhya? and why is new bride Emily suffering at the hands of Dr. Jackyll and Hyde.

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