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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya making Manjari drink the water. Manjari wishes someone saves her. Shekhar stops Sandhya. He says stop Sagarika, and asks pandit to drink it. He says Sagarika give this to pandit, nothing can be fed to Manjari, the food and water will be tested first. Sandhya gets tensed. Bharat says this is pure water after jaap. Sandhya thinks how can Bharat drink this, his life will be in danger, what to do now. Bharat drinks the water infront of them. Sandhya gets tensed and thinks that Bharat’s life is in risk. Bharat gives her the coconut as Prasad and leaves. Sandhya thinks Bharat reaches hospital in time and gets saved.

Lalima thinks of Lokesh’s words. Bhabho comes to her and says what you are doing for Sooraj, even we can’t have courage, I will always

support you for this try, I know your intention is pure like Gangajal, whatever people say, I trust you that you are pure like Tulsi. She gives her Sandhya’s saree, jewelry and mangalsutra. Lalima goes to change and comes wearing Sandhya’s saree. She takes the mangalsutra and wears it. Bhabho looks on and cries. Bin phere hum tere……………plays………. Lalima applies sindoor.

Lalima gets teary eyed. Bhabho looks at her and blesses her. Lokesh sees Lalima and goes. Lalima goes to Sooraj. Babasa and Bhabhi look on. Meenakshi gets shocked. Bhabho says its tough for Lalima to put someone else’s named sindoor, she is giving such sacrifice to stop Sooraj from going to mental hospital. Meenakshi says how can she fall so low to win the 3 day bet. Babasa says everything will be fine.

Lalima prays to get strength and that she makes Sooraj fine, he took medicines and is sleeping, his ability to understanding things will get less. She sees Sandhya’s pic there and closes the door. She tells Sandhya that she just wants to make Sooraj fine, there is no other intention, no one can come between Sandhya and Sooraj, he will always be Sandhya’s. She hides and makes bangle sounds. Sooraj wakes up. He asks who is there.

She wishes Sooraj sees Sandhya in her, then she can do the thing for which she took Sandhya’s getup. Sooraj sees her and says Sandhya. Lalima gets tensed and thinks medicines are affecting him, so Sooraj can see Sandhya in me. She turns and Sooraj sees Sandhya in her.

Bharat gets treated by the doctors. Sandhya cuts the coconut and gets some device inside it. She gets Bharat’s video message. He tells her about the place in jungle and the loot in marriage, and asks her to be alert, he has sent laser pen for her and she can write any message by it, which can reach upto 1 km and he can get it. She says she is worried for him, and wants the news of his recovery.

Sooraj and Lalima sit doing some work. Lalima thinks Sooraj is seeing Sandhya in me because of medicines’ effect. They make some newspaper envelops. Sooraj smiles seeing her and holds her hand. He sees Sandhya cheerfully smiling and asks where did she go leaving him, he is annoyed with her, he misses her a lot, now he will not let her go anywhere. Bin phere hum tere……….plays……….

Sandhya goes in the jungle and looks around. She uses the laser pen and passes message… she won’t let Garjana succeed and do something to shake them up.

Sandhya is checked by Garjana during her training.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. I think its old pic during the time(sandhya training)

      1. i also think the same butt it was freshlyy postd on fb sooo i posted it may b this type of scene repeats again…..i mean sandy in armyuniform….. as we know she is in garjana & it is an militant group…….. so mlitants also do wear army uniform sometymes……….

  1. gm happy lazyy mon….. waiting 4 today’s episode…..

  2. Hey guys Good morning to all…………..waiting 4r today episode. wt will sooraj do ???? nd wt is the lalima plan to recover suraj?????????? is they see the note of sandhya?????

    and more suspense is precap ????????? why they r behaving like that with sandhya??????

    waiting for upcoming episodes??????????

  3. Guys dont follow the promo that is only 4r our curiosity……sooraj will definitely find sandhya bt itna jaldi nahi milayenge this is my opinion…..coz we r fedep with suraj and lalima story so they r diverting……….they will put in this track searching sequence… so that audience will happy…..this is my guessing wt will they do we will know in upcoming episodes …………..

    DABH always rocks….

  4. @anu friend how to change the profile pic

    1. you go to and create ur id then u upload the pic


    1. Yeah m happy for suraj sad 4 lalima and sandya ? bcoz both the ladies are facing injustice !
      Hope lalima get a lovely and nice person to marry her but not surajjjj ? bcoz suraj is only and only made 4 sandya?

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