Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narayani telling Sandhya that Garjana men are finding her. Sandhya requests her to save Sooraj. She says you are a Ved, please save him. Narayani asks how did you think I will help a police officer. Sandhya says Sooraj came here to save me and got shot to save my life. She cries and says he got shot when the bullet was for me. Narayani asks her to stop it. She says Garjana’s enemy is my enemy too, how could you think this, I can’t forget you have cheated us. Sandhya says you are mistaken, I did not come to cheat you, we have come to do our duty towards our country, innocent people are getting sacrificed who do their duty, whats my husband’s mistake in this, he is innocent, he is not a police officer.

Bhabho prays at home. Sandhya asks Narayani will she let

Sooraj die. Narayani says I won’t hear any story. Sandhya says your hatred towards police officers show your love is still alive for that police officer, you have killed him but could not kill your love, save my love. Narayani says I could have killed you now if I had any weapon. Sandhya asks her to take the gun and shoot her. She says if you get any prize from Garjana after proving your loyalty, then kill me, if you don’t have love in your heart for your husband. She says I will die with my husband, kill me. Sooraj looks on and says Sandhya…………. Narayani cries and holds the gun. Someone knocks and she stops.

Emily asks Meenakshi to stop Bhabho from the Tapasya. Meenakshi says she will not stop till she gets any sign from Lord, now Lord has to do some miracle. Narayani opens the door. The man tells her that Sandhya and Sooraj are hiding here, Shekhar gave shoot at sight order, did you see them. Narayani hides them and says I did not see them, if I see them, I will kick them out. Sandhya smiles. Narayani asks Sandhya to make Sooraj lie, poison has spread and she has to remove bullet soon. Sandhya thanks her. Narayani says that murder was big guilt on my heart, I m tired bearing it, maybe after helping you, I can lighten my guilt. She goes to get few items to remove bullet.

Bhabho gets tired and bends down doing her Tapasya. Narayani removes the bullet from Sooraj’s arm. Bhabho and family prays. Narayani ties cloth to his wound. Bhabho gets dizzy. Narayani removes the second bullet from Sooraj’s chest. Narayani says his life is out of danger now. A flower falls and Babasa sees it. He says Lord has given the sign and everyone see the flower. He says Sooraj is fine. Emily asks Bhabho not to worry, Sooraj will come home fine. Meenakshi says yes, Bhabho’s prayers are answered. Bhabho cries and thanks Lord.

Sandhya thanks Narayani and says you did big favor on me by saving Sooraj. Narayani says you did favor on me, by making me rid of my guilt, I felt my crime was something that I m be proud of, I was wrong, I understood love is most imp, I will pray your pairing is always intact like this.

Sooraj says Sooraj and Sandhya are like diya aur baati, we have to do our duty towards our country, I will come with you. Sooraj and Sandhya come to the lab and see the missile missing. She asks how did this happen, it means Shekhar and commander have taken it, just one hour remains now. Shekhar and Garjana men take the missile in a big carrier truck. Shekhar says just one hour left for the missile launch, no one can stop it now, everything will be Swaaha.

The commander talks to Shekhar. Shekhar says Sandhya tried hard, but now mission mahabali is over, the country will be ruined, the missile will launch after 1 hour. Sooraj says I m regretting we got late because of me, Shekhar and commander took missile. She says we have to stop this missile. He says we have just 55mins now, we don’t know where they went. She says we have to find them, set alarm in your watch to alert us every 5mins. He sets alarm and says 10 alarms are set. She says we have to stop the missile. Shekhar and Commander join hands. Sandhya and Sooraj follow Shekhar in a jeep. Shekhar says this Sandhya Rathi…. Jai hanuman…………..plays…………

Sandhya and Sooraj are in the jeep. Garjana men fire at them. The jeep blasts. Sandhya is seen in helicopter while Sooraj shouts seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. At last Love has won over hatred. The falling of a flower from the god’s idol to portend a good omen is a very very old tehnique. The director must have found some other way.

    1. Bt that was conviction towards God… Sometime this happened in real also…. So its nt old technique…. In now also happened in real….
      Always love win….????
      Sorry if I hurt u…. With my cmts…??

  2. The final cry of Suraj is ominous. What’s it? And Varsha what’s Jabarthasthi?

    1. Jabarthasthi means forceing….
      Means he say to sandhya that now dnt cry… Now we never sepert bcoz Diya aur baati never sepert…. They always with each other… So now dnt cry… Ur suraj is with u….?????

  3. Thank you for the fast update. Asusal climax only on dabh team i ask u that end sooraj and sandhya suffering soon and unite them with raathi parivar without making bhaboo angry at sandhya.sooraj sandhya and the whole team rockz

  4. Y did Suraj shout seeing sandhya in the precap? I am very excited for tomorrow’s episode. My stupid mid term exams r ruining my fun in this serial?

    1. It’s k…dear… Concerting on ur exam… Best of luck for your exam…?? hope u get high marks in ur exam… My as well as my all friends wishes is with uuu…….??
      Actually sandhya is alone in that helicopter… As well as may be that missile time pass thats why he shout….????
      Hope u understand my this cmts…?????

    2. sooraj shouts becoz chopper blasts and she fell from it..but well she will be fine and ruining garjana

  5. i think the garjana jeeps blasted not S&S

    1. Afcoure that garjna sanghtna people jeap blast…. Bcoz sandhya shut that jeap… So that jeap blast…?????????

  6. sooraj’swords were very touching today nd it gave a feeling of realisation of our duty towards our nation………………. hope this speech was delivered in front of bhabhoooo……. kushh toh farak padta hi

    1. Ya that dialogue was heart touching… We always ready to save our nation…???
      I can die for nation…??
      Hope suraj tell this bhaboo and hope she understand this…. ??
      Bt I think in upcoming episodes we see that also bhaboo understand sandhya’s situation… Bt in letter she understand that… Bt in starting she do so much drama then she realise her mistake…??????
      Hope my this thought come true…??

  7. Very exciting, cant wait for tomorrow ?. Bring it on Gargana ! Where is Zakir?

    1. May be tomorrow we see zakir… Hope so… May be zakir bring that helicopter for sandhya… Hope my this thought come true…??
      Thanks amena for fast updating…???

    1. See my thought was right.. Bharat sir is alive… I say this in previous… Bcoz if that himanshu only put fire…after that fire Bharat sir come frm that jeap… Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my thought was right…???
      So that’s why I say plz always lesson me I trust me…??
      (Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for saying this… If I hurt u frm my this cmts then sorry and forgive me…????)

    2. zaakirrrrrr still missing in d pic… or is he der??

    3. Only some photos.

  8. Hi guys,
    Bharatsir is alive

  9. Today episode is very nice……..very emotional episode they show very good relation of wife and husband…..sandhya words r mind bolowing……..dy show how much love each other….

    Suraj sandhya is made for each other…..they both r love birds.

    Intresting precap………….wow action scenes r coming i am waiting for that..sooraj also involve in climax scenes….its very nice. sooraj words r very true abt nation.its very heart touching words.

    I am waiting for bharath scenes.

    1. True…this is the real love relation they show… This is the true love between husband and wife…. Thanks to show like this love scenes…. As well as all beautiful scene…??????

    2. Yes @anu, that’s why sooraj and sandhya pair is no.1 pair. Their love win over hatred.

  10. kal pta chalega chopper kiska h garjana ya bharat team or zakirr team….. letzz c kiska choper hai 😆 😆

    1. May be zakir and bharat sir…?????

  11. guyss do u agree on the point that thesedays the promo+precaps+ coming up next are v different from actual happening in theshow………

    1. True… That’s why I dnt like to see any promo….I only see in show…???

      1. @richu varsha promos r only views alert…..

  12. Really Superb Episode.Eagerly waiting for tomorrow.
    Sooraj Sandhya rocks……

  13. @ sri sooraj shouted may b bcoz the garjana ppl were shooting at the chopper orr sandy was hanging during the bullet rounds being fired orrr may b the chopper was trembling i mean out of balance well can’t suspect……..more lol hope u got d possibilities….

  14. narayani is v emotional …. hope garjana don’t kil her for this and where is chandu’s mum missing??? i wanted tooo seee him being emotionally blackmailed by her………. and wat about the garjana reason of hating govt all r nt the victims of land matter…………

  15. i think the actor acting bul bul is doing piya rangrezz these days & may b we dont see bul bul after the return…. and hope to c other charecters chotu .chavi ankur,vansh etc & their during leap stories.,……..

  16. @richu u r a very good imagine skills… can u share abt u r thought for this sentence

    This track will be ful of suspence n ego….Watch it out

    in this lalima bride pic was there

    1. @ anu acc to me as u said this track would b filled of suspence & ego and that lalima bride pic…….. well lalima was in that bridal attire so tha suspence may be that what have bhabhoo & lokesh planned/cooked foe after s&s return may be they show that it’s s&l marrig day &soooraj left her in mndap and llima isstill waiting or may b they potray her as his wife involving dai sa etc………. and about ego yes bhabhoo & lokesh hav an overwhelming egooo jo ki bhut zayada and for keeping that heigh they could do anything & main suspencewould b wat they do for keeping their ego heigh nd we know bhbooo well she can do anything for her ego nd words may b if s refuse she marry chotu to lalimaa……………and mayyyyyyy b lokest + bhboo to evil and no 1 can constrain their egooo…… lol hope it was as u wantt but if u want story type plss tell i post story in eve

      1. 11 more thing it cud b S&S egoo tooo which play a role in upcomingtrack let’s c whose ego is hurt but most probably bboo nd loookesh egi lalima i dont think she hav mch ego

      2. Thank u 4r giving reply richu ….. yes it might be baboo and lokesh ego

        S & S me tho ego jaga hi nahi le saktha

        its my thought …. we will wait for upcoming episodes

  17. gyss can someone tell me what was the role of the letter that sandhya wrote bechara letter abhi tak album m fsa h baad m kyaa kaam bs bhabhoo k haath fatna hi h

  18. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT specially Sandhya’s part.???

    1. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my thought was right that I say sandhya emotionally blackmail devi narayni…?????

    2. See that happened… It nice to see that devi narayni change her behaviour… So happy….?????

    3. Really awesome scene they show…. So happy… That my thought was right…. ???

  19. I like suraj dialogue… That he say only police and soldiers is nt duty to die for nation…. If nation need our help than we also always ready to die for nation…?????

    1. For our nation safety we can also die…. That suraj dialogue was mind blowing….???????

  20. Hatts of to all dabh whole team…. For giving such beautiful cast… Awesome dialogues…. Mind blowing tracks…. As well as for the ek dam zakaassssssssss scene…. Thanks to all DABH team…..????????

    1. Tomorrow we see the so much action scene…. Wating for tomorrow episode…?????

  21. May be on the Wednesday or Thursday they finish this mission mahabali….?????

    1. Bt I m today sad that this mission end is near… I like this kind of tracks more than family drama… Hope in upcoming episodes we see this kind of shocking rocking and interesting tracks….???????

    2. For all my friends as well as whole DABH team…as well as full telly update whole team… For all of this….
      Hope u like this….??

      My Mgs to lord… Towards to ur all happiness…..
      I pray for my lord…. They give u and ur family all happiness and all ur and ur family dream come true…?????

      May your life be filled with happiness on this pious festival of Navratri, Happy Navratri!…??

      Happy Navaratri, I wish to Godess Durga that remove your all trobles and sorrows. Brings 9 colors hapines in your life & all your wishes come true. God bless you!??????

      Wating for tomorrow awesome episode in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss episode….?????? definitely in upcoming episodes we see some proudly scene.. Bcoz first time in nation related mission they involve normal person… That was really praud moment for us….

  22. Diyabati lovers!

    Waiting to see tomorrow’s climax may be Bharat and Zakir both coming to help Sandhya… Can’t suspect amazing thoughts, let see wait and watch…

    Happy Navrati dear*)*)*)

  23. wow! amazing.this was among the most interesting and wonderful episode I hd watched.The director of the film proves that he aquared higher level of creativity n imagination. In fact ur film is always unpredictable.

  24. All of u my frnz and Telly update Team Happy navarathri……..

  25. tandrima saha

    the episode was really good.but my exams uff….

  26. Happy to know that sooraj is out of danger. Sandhya is really courageous because she goes to enemy for her love and ready to die for her love. Finally her love won over the hatred. Sooraj also can do anything for his love that’s why this pair became no. 1 pair. Sandhya is really beautiful, lovable, intelligent and daring women. At the same time sooraj is also handsome, good nature and responsible man.

  27. I think the little boy she saves could stop the bomb his palm print because he was around wen they had the radiation bomb

  28. I knw exam pressure everywhere.
    Ty Varsha. I understood ur comment. I luv ur comments.

  29. good morning…… and happy navratri may god bless you………….

  30. Happy Navratri to all Dabh fans, Anu, Richa, ns4, varsha, luvdabh, … . and all

    1. Wish u the same dharani and all once again happy navaratri

    2. same 2 u dharini may god bless u dr

    3. Thank you and wish you the same @dharini.

  31. Nice episode….I loved that part where sandhya emotionally blackmailed narayani. I also told the same…Yipeeeeeeeee… my this thought became true.
    Now I think Zaakir will save Bharat and both go to save sandhya on chopper.

    1. Seems so… Priti…

  32. Super….Mind blowing episode
    Hai Anu,varsha,richa,luvdabh,dharini and all dabh fans….good after noon…

    Finally Narayani Devi Understood her mistake towards her husband..
    It was nice… Sandhya explained.. with challenge ????

    Happy navaratri to all my frnds….

    1. Wish u the same @ns4 nice 2 see u r comment….once again happy navaratri waiting for 2day episode.

    2. Hey, glad to see your comment @ns4. Yes that was fabulous scene.

  33. I was waiting ??for the on screen scene… Sandhya knowing abt “she has the power to stop” the nuclear bomb ????

  34. I think for the 1st sooraj Or bharat or zakir will know that Sandhya has the power to stop the nuclear bomb blast… the last few seconds ????Sandhya will come to know abt she can stop nuclear bomb??? and she stops it with her hand Scan ✋✋✋

  35. compare 2 all tele heroines sandhya done so much risky stunts and emotional acting la…sandhya is great i hope she ll get more awards 4 tis track…because she deserves it..

    1. Yes I agree with you! She’s an amazing actress! All the precious awards must be given to her! ???

  36. Nyc epi…..hey wat do u mean by navratri???

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