Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit seeing the family members busy in helping Vikram at his shop. He says its good chance to do his work. Vikram, Sandhya and Misri show the sarees to customers. Vikram says Sooraj makes A1 jalebis and sells sarees well. Two girls come and one of them says I run an NGO. Vikram says great, but you drive slowly. She says no, I mean I work for social welfare, your shop is big, will you give donation to our NGO. Vikram says donation… Sooraj looks on. Mohit goes to Sandhya’s room to steal money.

Vikram says we don’t know this donation work. Pari says we should give donation to do good work. Vikram says we are doing good work by selling sarees. Pari insists. Vikram says his shop is small and profit is less. The girl says your heart should be big, see your

daughter has such good values and big heart. Vikram says fine, I will give donation. Everyone look on. Vikram gives money for someone’s good. The girls thank him and leave. Vikram says when Meenakshi knows this, she will not leave me.

Mohit gets the cupboard keys. The lady compliments Sooraj and the saree. Sandhya look on and makes excuse to send Sooraj away. She asks Sooraj to get her phone from the room, she will show saree. He asks now? Sandhya says yes. He goes. Sandhya says he is my husband, he is very sweet. Mohit gets the cash from cupboard and turns. He gets shocked seeing Sooraj. Mohit says you are great, you will understand me, I m helpless. Sooraj asks is he not ashamed to steal money from family. Bhabho and Babasa have kept this money for Lalima, how can you cheat family. Mohit asks what family, they all just think for you, not me. Sooraj says we are lucky to have such parents and family, you want money, I m there, I will arrange, if Bhabho knows her son has stolen money, she will break down. Mohit cries. Sooraj says he will solve his problems, being his elder brother. He asks for 10 days time, he will arrange 50000rs, promise me you won’t do anything that will hurt Bhabho and Babasa. Mohit leaves that money and leaves.

Sandhya notes what things to pack for Bhabho and Babasa. Sooraj comes to her. She says she is glad seeing Bhabho and Babasa happy. He says I knew this would happen. She says its Diwali tomorrow, I m going to do something special. He asks will she take challenge to manage home again. She laughs and says no, I will manage Lalima. He asks what. She says there is something in her heart which I will bring out tomorrow, diwali will shine her happiness.

Its morning, kids make rangoli. Lalima says she will help them. Pari and Emily ask her so sit. Meenakshi tells Vikram that she can’t wear matching things because of her. He asks her to stop it. Lalima offers to help Vikram and Meenakshi. Vikram says we don’t need help. You can help Bhabho. Lalima goes to Bhabho. Bhabho asks the men to decorate home well. Babasa asks how many people are coming today. Lalima says she will make tea for Babasa. Babasa says you need rest, I will have tea made by Bhabho.

Lalima goes to help Sooraj. He asks her to rest. Bhabho gives the saree to Lalima, and says I got this for you, wear it for Laxmi pujan. Sandhya asks Lalima to wear this jewelry and get ready well. Lalima says yes, but why. Sandhya asks Sooraj to help her in packing sweet boxes. Bhabho signs them and goes. Emily gives nail paint and asks Lalima to apply it. Lokesh comes and smiles seeing Lalima. Lalima asks him, and he also goes making excuse. Lalima thinks whats happening, what is there in evening.

Bhabho thinks Lalima gave many tests for me, and wishes best for her. Lalima leaves. Sandhya gets ready. Sooraj brings a beautiful Kamarbandh and says this is my love which has bound you. He makes her wear it and hugs her. She says I have to go. He stops her and asks for one min from her valuable time. He shows the album, which Sandhya has shown him before leaving for her mission. He says he wants to show her something and remind her. She smiles seeing the pics. He says from this diwali, new memories will add in our relation, which our children and their children will see, they will remember Sooraj and Sandhya’s love story is true and eternal. She cries happily. Diya aur baati………..plays……….. she hugs him.

Everyone have a talk. Sandhya says Lalima has come. She compliments Lalima and asks her to apply black dot. Bhabho says yes, she looks beautiful. She asks Sandhya to come and get puja items. Sandhya says yes, come. Bhabho asks Sooraj to come. Meenakshi compliments Lalima and asks her to do some work. Lalima says I was saying I want to work. Meenakshi asks her to take diyas and light the house well. Lalima thinks wh y are they running away since morning. She places the diyas. She gets shocked seeing someone.

Mohit comes to Lalima’s shop and recalls the slap. He says any loss at diwali time is inauspicious. Lalima has to pay the price for this slap. He puts kerosene and burns the shop.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that maybe puja diya has caused the fire. Sooraj says no, Mohit has done this intentionally. He slaps Mohit. Bhabho and Babasa get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nycepiiii …. after allll mohit gonna get answer for all his sins

  2. Sooraj was supporting mohit was a bit pampring him like always which spoilt him… and sadly chavi nd bul bul r working in other shows sooo we cant hope to c them back soon but hope to seee ankur and vansh soon

  3. Why sandhya wants to send sooraj to home intentionally?

    1. Because she got jealous seeing Sooraj talks to a lady customer so sweetly with a smiling face.That woman was also smiling sweetly as Sooraj deals decently & nicely.I think he priases that woman too.

      1. Sandhya got jealous when that lady compliments Sooraj & he smiles.

  4. All of us have forgotten one thing. Sandya saved the country from a great destruction but the country has totally forgotten her selfless service. She was neither appreciated nor rewarded either by the nation or by her superiors. It’s a great disgrace to the story writer to have forgotten to honour Sandya.and service to the country And the next .When we are enthralled with the romantic scene of Sandya and Suraj is it necessary to show Mohit with his intention of arson? How many times will they show this violent scene thereby teasing the viewrs?

    1. @ Jeyam sir ans to ur yesterday ques is shreekhand is a sweet (mithai )

      1. and also shrekhand yatra is a pilgrim journey like 4 dhaam yatra
        srry 4 late ans hope ur doubt cleared sir……

      2. Thank you Richa.

    2. After Sandhya accomplished her mission all the whole officers & minister came there saluted her.Bharat sir(Sandhya’s superior) told clearly that her mission was a secret mission,so they have to keep the success also secret.That’s why there is no such scene.But i hope Sandhya will get a promotion soon.That has logic

    3. Yes agreed to you @jayam sir! When sandya saved her city pushkar from raj kumar’s’ bomb that time the police commissioner organised a programme in honour of her bravery and awarded her though that time she was only a civilian BUT
      This time she was on a secret mission and they have to keep it secret after its completion too! Sandy reward is that she was successful in her mission and saved her country ✌?

  5. And now ips sandhya selling sarees?!!! Whether she forgot her police duty? Then now days we won’t see zakir also.

    1. She is in leave after a big mission.We have to guess it.Because after all big mission Sandhya takes leave for few days.

    2. 8 months she was away from the family so she has to spend time with family right.

  6. and i wonder where is that letter ????????????? did that album ate that letter 😛 if that sooo than hungryyy album 😛 lastttttt time it was half out of photograph nd this tyme it vanished,….. mmmmm myateriousssssssss …….. 😛

    1. Maybe lalima took it out or maybe it’s mohit’s KARNAAMA!???

  7. Nice Episode.All Rathis rockzzz…….
    Precap superrrrrrr………
    Sooraj rocked the precap.Eagerly waiting for the scene Soorajslaps Mohit
    Sandhya getting jealous was superb & funny.Sooraj-Sandhya romance awesome.An emotional cum sweet romance.

    Sooraj explaining Mohit scene super.But no result.He never change.BRAT.BASTARD.
    Vikram’s comment after giving donation was so nice.
    Really very good episode,except Mohit part.

    1. Sooraj slaps Mohit scene is fabulous.Its shot in a filmy style.Superb

  8. Sooraj did good job well done(about today precap scene)

  9. Good episode. please keep some light scenes also ;ike romance between Sandhya and Sooraj. I hope Sandhya has found the boy for Lalima and she settles down. Good for her and the Rathi family

  10. Baboo, please give counsel to Mohit by some doctor. Don’t leave him like that.

  11. Thank am in a giving fast updet dabh rokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkking …,,,$$&&@@$$$$$$$$$urya u r chik chin booooom faiyer….., ©®©©∆∆∆∆∆∆§¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ππππππ√√{}{{={={=}{}{}{}{{}{}{}{=}=}=}=}°}=}°[®¢£¥π

  12. I agree with my all friends that …..supab precap n apsulitaly surj sandy seen amejing u rokkkk guys ………… .!u all buddy jhakkkkkkkashhhhhhhh…..,…….love u sandy…..,

  13. guyss can sm1 share the new promo link??? welll acc to me mohit was killed

  14. SBB Segment:
    Scene: Sandhya is in police uniform.. She is at some place where some police men take out a dead body from a well with the help of ropes.. It was Mohit’s dead body.. Sandhya is shocked seeing Mohit dead.. Sandhya’s eyes filled with tears..
    Deepika (Sandhya): A suicide case has come to Sandhya and Sandhya goes to the location bt She gets shocked when she comes to know that it’s Mohit.. She can’t believe that Mohit can commit suicide..
    Varun (Mohit): My body is being taken out from the well.. I had an injury on backside of my neck.. I don’t know who has done this.. Nobody knows who has killed Mohit.. Even I don’t know.. It is a mystery..
    VO: Someone has killed Mohit and now his own police Bhabhi will handle this case.. But blame of this murder will go on Bhabho..
    Now, Sandhya will have to solve this murder mystery…

  15. New Promo:
    Sandhya is making Rangoli in Rathi house.. Someone calls Pari from outside the house.. Pari run to go out and unknowing she put her foot steps on red colour of rangoli.. Foot prints of Red colour spread on the floor.. Sandhya is shocked seeing this.. Later, Sooraj is painting the walls of house and Sandhya is giving him a bucket of red colour paint.. Suddenly red colour falls on Sandhya’s saree and Sandhya gets tensed..
    VO: Who is the culprit to take away the happiness of Rathi house??
    (I think there was a headline on front pic/montage of promo that ‘who is the murderer?’)

    1. As per earlier spoiler,there were news that Lalima have some hidden motives.Now Mohit burnt her shop.So her change & regret @ temple may be a plan.
      If not so,Komal(Mohit’s secret lover) may have killed him.
      2nd one is more possible as she has been shown as a bad woman from her 1st scene itself.Do you remember how she taunt Emily

    2. Could be komal ? She’ll revenge for not giving her money and cheating on her ?

      1. Maybe Komal’s husband.

  16. nice episode guys …dabh always amaging n dhansu n next mission is apradhi kaun ….lets seee what happen in this show ….suprb

  17. Its really nice to see Sandhya, Sooraj and Lalima friends.

    Mohit is the spoil sport now and he should be kicked out of home.

    I hope the play writers will take his dismissal from the drama to bring Zakir into the picture and that Bhabho will give Emily and Zakir blessings to get married. Poor Emily is treated like a piece of rag by this wicked selfish womanizing man. She deserves better and so does little Pari.

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