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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya arguing with Vadeja on finding some way to free the passengers and not leave RK. Vadeja says its very foolish. She says we have less time. Maya talks to them and makes Bhabho and Sooraj tell their names. Sandhya is shocked. Vadeja and Arjun looks on seeing Sandhya’s family being in flight. Sandhya moves back and cries. Bhabho asks them to help everyone, as the three ladies have hijacked the plane. She says they ate terrorists and two were at our home. Disha and Prema. Sandhya is shocked. She says they have shot two people till now. Vadeja says it means they have killed the commando. Bhabho says there are many people, old, young, kids, pregnant women, please help us, they will kill us.

Sooraj asks Bhabho to be strong. Maya takes the mic and says you

have just 5 mins, RK’s hanging should be stopped, else Bhabho’s words will be her last words. She says we don’t have pity for the passengers. She says Arjun Chowdhary, maybe you want to hear the gun shot, get ready to die Bhabho. Sooraj comes in between and says how dare you think this about my Bhabho, you have to kill me first, I will protect her, shoot me. Bhabho says no. Maya says stop this drama. She asks Arjun to think well, as she will count till 3, and Indian govt will be responsible for this. She counts 3,2,1 and ……. RK stands near the hanging rope. He is made to wear the black cloth on his face. Arjun says we have to give them an answer to stop them.

Sandhya hears Sooraj and Bhabho’s voice and the gun loading. Vadeja says tell them we have stopped RK’s hanging. Arjun says we have stopped RK’s hanging orders. SP calls jailer and stops RK’s hanging. Maya asks Prema to take Sooraj and Bhabho back. RK is taken aback and the black cloth is removed. He smiles. Maya says I have left your passengers, but I know its not easy to trust you. She says she wants to talk to RK now. Arjun says he is in Pushkar, its not possible, you have to trust us, our govt will not risk to do any mistake. Maya says fine, I can trust you, but our demand is we want RK fine and freed.

She says its cheap deal to free 78 passengers instead RK. She orders the pilot to change the plane direction. Sandhya reads the doc to halt RK’s hanging for emergency reasons. Vadeja gets angry. Sandhya says the orders came first, but you…… Vadeja says you are blaming me, I came here to do my duty, I m sent here specially to do this, I m trying to save them, but you are tensed about your family. Sandhya says there are three family members. Vadeja says it means you are angry for them. She says I m worried for all 78, my duty is not dependent on relations. Vadeja says he does not have time for this talk. He says we should call a meeting with ministers and think by mind.

SP says it means we have to shift RK to Jaipur. Arjun says it can be a new problem, its not safe. He says till we decide, we will keep him in special cell. Emily sees job confirmation letter mail for Mohit and shows him. They get glad. She says finally, Lord heard us. He says its in other city and I have to go in two days. She says so what, its not so far. She says you tried so hard, take the job. He says yes, but I can’t do this without asking Bhabho and Babasa. She says yes, talk to Babasa. He says I will talk to him and goes to him. Babasa tells Meenakshi he is going for walk and asks her to cook his fav dishes. Sandhya walks towards home crying. Few ladies ask did she talk to Sooraj and Bhabho, did they reach Dubai. She thinks about Bhabho’s words and cries.

She thinks about Sooraj’s words, and realizes she did not tie the protection thread to him. She comes home and sees everyone happy. Mohit says he has a good news. Meenakshi says don’t tell me Emily is pregnant. Emily says no and they smile. Vikram says Sandhya has come. Meenakshi and everyone see her hurt. They get worried and ask her what happened. Meenakshi says she is a big officer and gets few wounds. Babasa asks why is she looking upset and asks Meenakshit o get haldi milk for Sandhya. Meenakshi says Sandhya is upset as Sooraj is away from her. Sandhya starts crying and hugs Babasa.

They get worried. Babasa smiles and says she loves Sooraj a lot, don’t cry, he just went for one week, he will come soon, don’t cry. Meenakshi asks what happened, and asks Mohit to call Sooraj. Mohit says tell us what happened. Emily goes to get water. Sandhya says Sooraj’s flight has been hijacked. They all are shocked.

Sooraj asks Bhabho to have strength and he needs her help to flop their plan. Sooraj gets up and Prema aims gun at him.

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