Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with the boy trying to feed the ladoo to suraj but he denies taking it. Then he takes the ladoo from the boy and keeps it aside.

Meena and her mom are filling their stomach to maximum. Vik is shocked..Sarun teases meena. Mohit says she has not gone to BP and she should get back to work. Suraj feeds sandy sweet and she bites his finger but suraj is unable to compliant to bb. Dilip tries to talk to chavi but she doesn’t respond. Chavi complains about the old lehenga..dilip tries to convince chavi.

Chavi says she expected designer lehenga and now she is upset. Dilip says to wear this one for marriage and soon after marriage he will get 2 more beautiful ones. Chavi is not convinced and says she wants the new one today itself. D’s mama says he

will feed ladoo to BBsa and his sons. They start with BBsa.

BB says his stomach may get upset but BBsa already takes it.

Suraj tries to escape, sandy stops him. Meena calls maamaji and Vik and Mohit are fed with the big ladoo. He comes to suraj but suraj denies and says he will take a small bite. Mamaji compels. BB says suraj should have the ladoo…Mamaji says suraj is insulting them. Sandy says to take the ladoo…BB says to have it.

Mamaji gets upset…BBsa tries to convince but he doesn’t pacify. BBsa explains why Suraj is not taking the sweets. Sandy is worried about suraj’s health. BBsa reveals about sweet vow..Sandy is shocked. BB has flashback of suraj denying to have sweets in RM hall.

break: meena’s mom teases sandy for suraj’s vow.

Dsa teases saying ladies do karwa chauth fast for husband, but suraj is diff he is avoiding sweets for his wife. Meena’s mom teases sandy for Suraj’s vow. Meena’s mom says what if Sandy doesn’t win BCT…Sandy is all tears. Suraj gets up and says that bbsa was right and he didn’t want everyone to know about this. Suraj says that wife is equal to husband and a wife always goes on fast for husband then why cant a husband do it for his wife. When he won Singapore trophy it was Sandy behind it and today IPS is their dream.

break: suraj says without diya baati is incomplete and without baati diya is incomplete

K impressed. Suraj explains to mamaji that sandy needs to win BCT and what if he avoids sweets for this and this is what marriage is about and without diya baati is incomplete and without baati diyaa incomplete and if both are together there is light. He cant help her in studies or can take part with her task or heel her pain in the tasks. He can at least give her moral support and this sacrifice is very small when compared to her fight for her dream.

Suraj asks for forgiveness and says he has not insulted them and when sandy wins BCT, he will take sweets from mamaji himself. Mamaji is impressed and praises suraj. K has flashback of her asking questions to sandy.

precap; surya are arranging katoris
k comes and sandy says she should have got the answers for the questions she asked her.

Update Credit to: thala

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