Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj being on the way with Bhabho and Arzoo. He talks to Om, and tells Bhabho that Om and Maasa’s family are shifting to Hanuman Gali today itself. He sees Arzoo sad and says Chotu stayed always with me, this time he went for job, we all are with you, its matter of 2-3 months, when he gets visa, he will come to you first. Bhabho says yes, Chotu got the job he wishes, and Om and Emily are also starting a new life, I wish they stay happy.

Bhabho stops the car and goes to buy vegs. Sooraj tells Arzoo that you have won everyone’s hearts. Some men come there and ignite fire, break the shops……. Bhabho, Sooraj and Arzoo get shocked. Sooraj worries for Bhabho. Bhabho gets scared seeing the people burning shops. Sooraj looks for Bhabho. She scares and gets away

the men trying to hit her. Sooraj makes way to reach Bhabho.

Sandhya gets the news of the riots. She asks control room to send force, and leaves from the police station. Arzoo comes down the car and rushes to find Bhabho. Bhabho shouts Sooraj…..

Sooraj sees Bhabho and runs to her. Sandhya is on the way. Babasa, Vikram and Meenakshi see the news of the students protest for raising quota, and burning the shops in anger, police decided to do lathi charge and commence curfew in Pushkar. Babasa says Bhabho, Sooraj and Arzoo were going to stop at the market. Vikram calls Sooraj, and Meenakshi calls Arzoo. Meenakshi says Arzoo’s phone is off. Vikram says Sooraj is not answering. She asks him to call Sandhya. Sandhya is on the way. Sooraj reaches Bhabho, and saves her from the guy. He holds Bhabho. Arzoo also reaches them. Sooraj says we have to leave from here. He sees the shop name board falling down, and moves Bhabho and Arzoo away. He comes under the board and gets hit on his back. Bhabho shouts Sooraj……. He holds his back.

Sandhya and police force reach the market place. Sandhya arrests the goons. Bhabho asks Sooraj are you fine. He says fine, come. He is not able to move ahead and holds Bhabho. Sandhya asks control room to help citizens and send medical aid soon. Ambulances take the injured people. Sandhya leaves from there and is busy in her duty.

Sooraj goes and tries to get help. Sooraj gets Bhabho and Arzoo. The people get inside the police van. Sooraj makes Bhabho and Arzoo sit. He goes to help a lady and her son. He makes them sit. Constable says there is no place here, and does not take Sooraj in the van. Bhabho shouts Sooraj. Sooraj gets left there. He holds his back and falls down. Sandhya feels restless.
Sandhya calls Sooraj. He sees her incoming call and answers….. She asks where are you Sooraj ji, Vikram called and said you did not reach home. He says I m fine, we were passing by and this happened, don’t worry, I have sent Bhabho and Arzoo in police van, I m waiting for second van, I will sit in other van and come home, don’t worry, manage your work. She says I feel you are unwell, are you fine. He says I m fine, don’t worry. She says maybe I can’t come home tonight, I will call you at night. He sees a police car coming. He falls down and some black cloth falls over him. He gets hidden inside and just his hand and leg fall out. Sandhya feels restless and holds her tummy/baby. Sandhya’s car passes through the same lane.

Bhabho and Arzoo reach home. Babasa asks her where is Sooraj. Bhabho cries. He gets a call and asks Sooraj where are you, when are you coming home, we are worried. He gets a shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. will sooraj get fine or paralyzed??? will there be a leap? will the show end with sooraj’s death??? Anas aka sooraj is not behaving well on sets and that is affecting his co-stars alot, so the show might end??????????????????

  2. ? sad episode

  3. Poor suraj….so sad episode today….pls sandy save suraj soon…suraj ll b paralysed cnt bear…upcoming episodes r ll b so emotional…cnt control tears…

  4. Emotional track begin.Hope a happy ending.We want SOORAJ-SANDHYA to stay happy forever.

    I heard that DABH last episode is on 15th August 2016.I have no complaints.I’m not sad even though I’m not so happy.Because for me an entertainment program should start as good & end before it loose it’s charm & reputation as well as,as the best.
    According to me DABH is always the best.It’s unique too.
    Number of episodes is not the factor which makes a show successful,but how it entertained it’s audience & what messages it passed are the factors make a show successful.In that means,DABH always entertained it’s audience to the core & it passed lots of great messages.
    My only sorrow is I will miss my favourite multi talented DABH actors (especially DEEPIKA SINGH aka SANDHYA RATHI) very badly.
    DABH is always best in my eyes.
    It don’t 2000+ episodes to become hit & best show.There is no other shows in Hindi which is unique & better than DABH.
    But I request DABH team,when you end this show please reunite VANSH with RATHIS,Plz make CHAVI’s life fine,Plz make SOORAJ fine and healthy.And above all please make SANDHYA give birth to her expecting baby with no troubles.Please do all these.

    1. End DABH by showing RATHI family & SOORAJ-SANDHYA staying with whole family including VANSH living a never ending happiness filled life.

    2. Absolutely right ! That’s all what I wanted to say !

      Pls dabh team make everything fine in surya’s life ! We can’t see them in pain ! Pls pls it’s a request??

  5. Oh god…..very interesting…….

  6. From today it’s too emotional
    Can’t stop tears

  7. i will cry if DABH ends. this is a very good show plz don’t end it. very emotional. i agree with AD’s emotional comment

  8. Best show.. Don’t end it..

  9. suraj is obviously going to be paralysed

  10. Suraj and sandya had been an ideal couple that could not exist in reality. Let it be an example to be followed by every couple. Moreover in places the serial has evinced about certain superstitions in religion that would help people following orthodoxical principles and to be cautious against fake swamis and poojaries. Save certain irradiational boring sections the had been a superb entertainer.

  11. So sad episode pls do not end this show producers and all star plus produces pls read these comments so that u could see how popular is this show among the viewers caz it’s a unique show from otherswe want dabh for some more time

  12. Today was a very good & realistic episode !!!! why they want to end the series ??? DABH is the best show compared to others Love Anas & Deepika’s acting Maybe show at diff time slot so doesn’t clash with other shows may be rating will go up ????? Pls don’t stop the show

  13. Pls dnt end this serial….its is the best show to compare to others serials..the actors all r performing so well…it is well popular in southindia also…it is always in top 10 only then y the producers ll took tis decision…pls dnt end…there r so much of tracks thy showed in tis serial all r best…suraj and sandhya bonding is very good example for every couples…pls starplus and serial producers dnt end the show…pls pls pls pls….

  14. Dabh is the very good and valuable serial. We want see suraj and sandhya always in television. Without dabh star plus channel is nothing. Please makers dont end this serial. Compared other serial dabh only the best serial. Surya the best couple.

  15. please dont end the becomes part of our life.i wont watch star plus .if the show ends

  16. please end this show because i am big fan of the show i watch this serial tamil, telugu, and hindi also……please make sandhya save sooraj pls pls pls……………

  17. It would be really interesting, if some producers will take directing and filming any ”bolder ” character show,. For example , based of the film “Kama sutra” A tale of love (1996) motifs,. Think ,this would be a bomb! :)))) which will overshadows even such show like Diya aur baati hum:))))
    If India was able to create and show that even in 1996, so why not in 2016?:))) Theyr love science very beautiful and seems like so full of secrets,..:)))))

  18. One big mistake friends ‘please don’t end this show’ because i am big……………..
    sorry sorry sorry


    Deepika mentioned, that she would like to try a play some negative character in future,.:))) or comedy, because 5 years to give a victim persona role it to much, and now she wants the new challenge,.:))) nice,.

  20. Plz don’t end this dabh.

  21. Iam also the big fan of dabh. I am watching this serial in Hindi tamil Telugu. I like suraj and sandhya pair very much. Please don’t end this serial.

  22. Dsbh is the very good family show
    All the actors like bhabho, babasa, meenakshi Emily vikram all are acting well. Compared to all hindi serial jodi suraj and sandhya are the best and lovable Jodi. They both are the inspiration to all husband and wife. So please dont end this show.

  23. pls don’t end this dabh…

  24. pls don’t end this serial….pls pls

  25. Ive read all the above comments…all our wish are one n d same…bt its nt in our hands n we cant do anything…atleast we can request them 2 show some happy n funny scenes while they r wrapping i dnt know why d writers are always targetting on sooraj character alone…in mission mahabali 2 they showed suraj struggling a lot bth physically n mentally…bt always they show sandhya as a superwoman…its adorable bt why r they nt giving equal screne space 2 d male lead of d show?since 4 d past 2yrs i find dabh lil bit driven away 4m its theme….they introduced many new characyers n we could nt c our favourite couple spending tym n having a sweet convo even 4 5mins…..pls end dabh on a happy note..pls dnt show our romantic suraj as an handicap n create any stupid bakwas

    1. U ar totally correct.we have to accept the fact that dabh will go off air soon.hope it will end on happy note.but I always wanted to see surya grownup kids,which will now be impossible. But I still can’t digest it?????

  26. Finally, time to get rid of these old shows. I would have preferred SNS to DADH tho but ill take what i can for now, Fingers crossed i get my wish… lol

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