Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samrat club winning the toss. The match begins and Aditi cheers for her team. Ved and Sandhya cheer for Sooraj. Sooraj sees the team and tells his team that they are very strong players, we have to use our mind and play well. Mahendra shows Pratap Kumar, he is clever and dangerous, he holds the thigh of raider and twists it to break the knee pain, explain them that no member will go near him, we have to win this match to reach in finals.

Mahendra smiles seeing Ratan. Ratan can’t hear anything and holds his hearing aid. Ratan thinks Sooraj wants to send him for raid, but why is he not hearing anything, he has replaced new cells today. Ratan goes to raid and commenter tells them that Ratan is looking tensed. Mahendra holds the cells and says I will see how he wins

the match without hearing anything.

Ratan goes in opponents side. They all hold Ratan and he gets out. Samrat makes a point. Sooraj goes andslips. He gets hurt and still goes. Sandhya thinks maybe his shoes are hurting him. Mahendra says his shoes will be burden on him today. Sooraj sends Avinash. Pratap tries to catch Avinash. Avinash touches the player with his leg and comes back. He makes a point and Ratan gets back in the team. Sooraj calls out Ratan and he does not hear. Sooraj asks him to come. The referee whistles as time is up, and Ratan took more than 10 secs to come in court and referee gives a point to Samrat team.

Avinash asks Ratan why is he not listening, where is his focus and team scolds him. Sooraj calms everyone. Babasa looks for Bhabho and says where did she go without telling him. He sees the store room door open and goes there. He sees Bhabho seeing Sooraj’s sweet shop items and talks to her. She gets emotional and he asks if Sooraj does not win today, his dreams will lose and she has to handover this to him again. She leaves.

Samrat club leads by 3 points. Prem says Pratap is playing and how to go to him. Sooraj says I will go now. Pratap says Sooraj you are gone today. Ved cheers for Sooraj. Aditi hopes Sooraj outs Pratap, its necessary for their team. Sooraj goes to raid. Sooraj slips and gets up. The commenter says there is some problem with his shoes. Sooraj sees the shoes and says how can it of different size and takes break. He tells Mahendra and referee. He asks can he play barefoot. The referee says no, you have to play with this. Mahendra says he will arrange new shows and asks him not to leave the game. He thinks he will lose the game till he gets shoes till first half.

The team asks Ratan to defend and he gets out. They all get angry and ask Ratan why is he playing so bad. Sooraj requests for timeout. Babban says Pratap is making us out. Lakhan asks him to focus on kabaddi. Sooraj asks Ratan whats the matter, if we lose, all dreams can end. Ratan says I know team is losing because of me, I swear I came to play game honestly, but he has hidden one thing from all of them. Sooraj asks what is it. Ratan says I can’t hear, I m deaf and shows his hearing machine. They all are shocked. Ratan cries.

Avinash says is this team or a show, what is he doing here if he is deaf, he cheated us. Babban says make him sit outside and get extra player. Sooraj says Ratan will not go, you know we need him. Avinash says his weakness will make us lose. Sooraj says his weakness will become our strength. He says the other team knows we are not facing Pratap, so they are using Pratap, if we have to win today, we have to make Pratap out, and Ratan will do this. He takes Ratan with him. Avinash says he is risking. Sooraj signs and tells Ratan that he has to touch Pratap by hand or leg and skip back to their, Pratap should not catch him, the team trusts him that he can do this, prove it that hearing problem is not any weakness for a player, but its biggest strength. He sends Ratan to raid.

Mahendra says Ratan’s failure will break the hope to win. Ratan goes confidently. Sooraj signs him. Ratan jumps over Pratap’s shoulder and comes back in the team. Everyone clap for him and he has done solid defender Pratap out. Sooraj hugs Ratan. The team gets happy and hugs him. Mahendra is shocked. Sooraj is praises that he has taken right decision. Sandhya claps.

Sooraj apologizes to referee and the referee says he will not forgive them, and punish them, that Samrat team members will also apply oil to their legs and play.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What rubbish??

  2. There’s no rule in kabadi that if the player did not return within 10secs one point will be awarded to the opponent? The director is cofusing the players as well as the viewres.

  3. I saw in google that DABH’s last & final episode is on August 22.Is that true or just a gossip?

    1. Definitely it should be a gossip….

  4. not good according my aspects

  5. I also saw it.but thing is it will be only two months approximately.but there are lot of tracks to it surely is some mistake

  6. Does abhay belong to any team in the tournament

  7. Nice episode.. Finally ratan ne apna problem bataya aur usne baad main kya khela hai maja hi aagya.

  8. This is the best serial compere to other star plus serial.

  9. Nice episode.pls expose the coach soon

  10. Main dekha site per dabh off air nahi jarha hai

  11. Waise bhi dabh ki trp badh gai hai

  12. In star plus trp ratings main dabh 4postion main hai. So guys don’t worry dabh off air nahi jarha hai. Just chil

  13. But I saw it in 10th position when compared to all channels tv serials.

  14. Star plus ko request karti Hu ki plz dabh ki 9am ka repeat telecast fir se start kije.

  15. Bakike shows din main kitne baar dhikhate hai. Eg. Yrkklh din main 4 baar, yhm din main 4 baar, sns din main 4 bear hai. Hamara dabh sirf din main 3 baar dhikhate hai. This is nt fare.

  16. Ya it’s true bt in star plus trp ratings dabh is 4postion. In previous week dabh 15 position compered to other. bt this week dabh is 10postion.

  17. Kabaddi track is boring

  18. Bakike shows ki trp onke repeat telecast ki vajhse high ho gai hai ager dabh ke jada repeat telecast dikhayge to dabh ki trp bhi high ho jaygi.

    1. Absolutely true

  19. Dabh is very different show. This serial give good msg to viewers . so Dabh Is best serial in star plus.

  20. Nice episode

  21. No. Kabaddi track is also nice.

  22. If all goes as planned, actor Abhishek Bachchan will be seen in the TV show “Diya Aur Baati Hum” to promote his Kabaddi team Jaipur Pink Panthers, a a franchise of the Pro-Kabaddi League.
    Currently the show has an ongoing Kabaddi track, for which TV actor Anas Rashid who plays Sooraj, has been working on his body since months.
    The integration, for which Abhishek is currently in talks with the show’s makers, only seems fit considering the Kabaddi connect.

    “Diya aur Baati Hum” airs on Star Plus and it is about how a husband becomes his wife’s strength and helps her to fulfil her dream.
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  23. I hope yeh news sach hojay.

  24. Waste of another episode

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