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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooaj taking Sandhya’s purse and opening it. She takes it back. He asks why is she hiding it, does she has any gift for him. She says happy valentines day, yesterday the fire alarm disturbed us. She talks romantic and hugs him. She says she loves him. Diya aur baati…………plays…………. Sooraj reminds her their love and asks her to come to room, as he feels romantic. She gets tensed and says we have to go to Bhabho.

Bhabho and Babasa have a talk. Sooraj and Sandhya hide roses and give it to Bhabho saying happy valentines day. Sandhya says its love day and we greet the ones close to our heart. Babasa asks her to take the roses. Babasa jokes and laughs. Chotu plays a game and Sandhya says she likes such challenging games. Sooraj asks her what will she

choose, truth or dare. Sandhya says its not truth or dare. Sooraj says for us, it will be fn. Chavi says she will play first and talks the marbles.

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They all smile and play one after another. Babasa chooses truth and asks Bhabho to ask anything. Bhabho says I already know everything. Sandhya says you won’t get such chance, you can know Babasa well. Bhabho asks him to say anything before their marriage. He says there is nothing. They all ask him to say honestly. Babasa says I did not wish to marry her, I liked a village girl Bindu, but I could not tell it to Maasa and agreed to marry you.

He says I kept burden on my heart and married you. Bhabho says who Bindu, the wrestler’s daughter, who has beaten you up. They all laugh. Babasa asks how does she know all this. She says I m your wife, its my right to know all of your secrets, and there should be nothing hidden between husband and wife, else it makes a rift. Sandhya thinks.

Sooraj says Bhabho said right, husband and wife’s relation should be clear as water. Sooraj wins and they all clap for him. Chavi says I know Sooraj will take Sandhya’s name. Sooraj asks Sandhya what will she choose, truth or challenge. Sandhya thinks what challenge will he give. She says challenge. He says he wants to know what is in her purse. She smiles and starts leaving. He says stop, you won’t go, and sends Chotu to bring that purse. Sooraj says Sandhya has started hiding things sicne she returned, she was not such before. Chotu brings the purse and Sooraj opens it to see. Sandhya gets tensed.

He gets the bindi pack and Sandhya smiles checking her purse. Everyone tease Sooraj. Sandhya says Sooraj does not trust me, he has changed, he is not like before. Sooraj brings a gift for Sandhya. She guesses it to be saree or suit. He closes her eyes and shows her the western dress pic. She says I can’t wear this. He asks why, you said you are today’s new thinking girl, you left sarees and wearing suits, please wear this. She says no, I can’t. He asks her to wear it infront of him.

He laughs and says I was joking, did you think I became so cheap. He shows her real gift and it’s a better gown. She smiles and says its good.

Ankur asks Sandhya is she fine. She says she is fine. Ankita asks Sandhya to be away from Sooraj in this state. She asks her to tell Sooraj everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell Sandhya is hiding ?IS it the kidney secret or something else?

  2. Yes it is kidney secret and sooraj will know this very soon

  3. How many more episodes to reach 1000?
    Plz reply fast.

    1. still 33 episodes remaining…… hit 1000

  4. Waste episode……. sandhya was making too much nonsence…
    How can she talk like dis about sooraj

  5. Nice serial compared to others and interesting story but why? too much draging… suspense… suspense… suspense….please end this too much suspense…

  6. There is no secret about the kidney that Sandya has donated it Babho. Why should she hide it ? There cannot be any other reason except the director wishing to drag this silly suspense to make a few more episodes.

  7. We have to wait till next week not till 1000 episodes.

    1. nxt episode == nxt week == 1000 episodes

      1. what an equation? Still 33 episodes more to reach 1000, but the truth will come out in next 7 episodes.

  8. Actually Director making all characters from positive manner to negative.
    like sandhya and sooraj behaviour are changed.
    -loving husband to romantic husband
    -honest wife to hurting wife

    1. Seems writers/director lost their creativity to drag serial…. But I feel they have planned something another track behind this kidney secret….

    2. No its not true…i don’t agree with you because today till sooraj and sandhya behaviour should not change…..

  9. What a stupid Direction, sooraj and sandhya went to sleep after fire alaram rang.
    is there any sense.,,,

    1. Don’t search for logic in either serials or movies… 🙂

  10. again shit drama.

    1. Yes, this week completely we have to see shit drama….

  11. I did not watch today’s show. I only read the written update. Nowadays, Sandhya is very nuisance. I do not feel watching this show. If she has donated her kidney to get Sooraj, it will be considered as the most stupid thing any one has done in their life.

    1. Wrong thinking.
      It’s not for her husband. As a good human, she donated her kidney

      1. Humanity does not necessarily associate with donating the kidney to her family members at the expense of her country’s services. In case of sacrifice, country comes first, and personal things come last.

    2. She donated kidney for her mother…. Even Sooraj was ready to donate but it did not match…

  12. compared to other serials dabh is good serials. from the beginning to till now dabh bgm is execellent. suraj and sandhya is lovable couple.

  13. @@Rsmani: sry i don’t agree besides country service,saving a life is more important.
    even it’s the matter of country services, if she become selfish to save one life, then how can she save country

    1. Mr.seenu,If she is somebody else other than Babho will Sandya donate her kidney? The answer is definitely NO. Her priority of sacrifice was only the important member of her family whom she loves most next to her husband. By doing such sacrifice, she has incapacitated herself to serve her country more effectively. She is guided by the dictates of her heart rather than brain in her sacrifice.A soldier’s sacrifice of his life in fighting against the terrorists to protect his countrymen is thousand times greater than the sacrifice of donating his kidney to his wife or any other members of his own family.

      1. Alright, i agree with you….. But still you forgetting one thing that (in spite of being a soldier, she is good human). so she will do the same sacrifice.
        Ok as you said, bhaboo was the most loving person for sandhya. for example if zakir is in same situation of kidney transplantation, won’t she donate her kidney in nessary

  14. Mr.seenu sir, exceptBabho or Suraj , sandya would not have ventured to sacrifice her kidney to anybody including Zahir, a good friend. Don’t you see the purity of love of Sandya with Babho which has made her sacrifice her kidney instantaneously without any future thought of her career, aspired and nourished by her from the days of her childhood?

    1. Okay okay., we both are thinking the same but, just a difference in handling

  15. Dear friend,, exceptBabho or Suraj , sandya would not have ventured to sacrifice her kidney to anybody including Zahir, a good friend. Don’t you see the purity of love of Sandya with Babho which has made her sacrifice her kidney instantaneously without any future thought of her career, aspired and nourished by her from the days of her childhood?

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