Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya and Bhabo asking Meena regarding medicine and Meena trying to dodge them, says she feels a headache and can’t remember properly anything, and Sandhya goes to bring juice and Bhabo goes to arrange for some food.

Mohit returns and precap thing happening

Mohit says that he fell down from scooter as his scooter skidded and revealed about ATM theft, Bhabo says it is all due to the curses that all these things are happening, and says to Sandhya to carry on doing what she wish and she and others will pray to God and so prepares to go for the temple

Chavi too says all these are happening due to Swami Ji’s Prakop (curses)
Sandhya says she is much educated and shouldn’t say all these.
Mohit too comes now and certifies

that all these are happening due to curses

All goes away to temple for praying, and Suraj now tells Sandhya that he knows all these instances are not connected to that curses but had he not known the truth then he too might have believed in Swami Ji’s words as the events are happening at such a fast rate
Now Chaturi is inside Meena’s room and speaks about the curses and the troubles that lie ahead, suddenly oil spills on the floor and so she calls out SurYa, SurYa comes, Sandhya asks Chaturi to stop and says she will spray powder on the floor to prevent slipping and goes to do that.

To her utter shock, the medicines of Vaid Rani Ji comes tumbling out of the Talcum powder container and everyone is shocked

Sandhya asks Meena about these medicines, Meena says they are old medicines and she would have thrown them out anyway but before she could do that, she fell ill and all due to Swami ji’s curses. Sandhya asks who use to take these medicines earlier as she is sure that Bhabasa doesn’t take this type of medicine and tries to question her, now Bhabo comes after returning from temple, and Meena fakes headache, so Bhabo asks Sandhya to leave Meena alone and stop this interrogation

Sandhya goes out with slow but determined steps and says she will solve this mystery, and says she has seen that medicines somewhere but cannot remember

She calls bank authorities and informs about the theft from details of Pass-book of bank, and requests to get the CCTV footage of the dates where the withdrawal from ATM took place and says the money were stolen from Suraj’s account

Sandhya then tries to remember regarding the medicines and sees Dhaisa getting teased by some boys on road regarding her pregnancy and then remembers Dhaisa’s request and so goes to find out the newspaper

In newspaper she sees the graphic display of medicine and remembers she saw same type of medicine in Meena’s room and smells something fishy.

Mohit on the other hand requests Meena to reveal the truth to doctor as maybe she is suffering from Vaid rani ji’s medicine but Meena still firmly believes God is punishing him and not the medicines

Vikram comes to Meena’s room and says to Meena that people earn rupees and it is not that people are slave of rupees and ask her to take it easy and stop worrying so much about money and earning in shop (which is suffering) and asks Meena to take care of her health first.

Precap–> Bhabo in sweet shop along with SurYa and asks Sandhya to beg forgiveness from Swami Ji for her sake at least so that the family get saved from Swami Ji’s Prakop (backlash)

Update Credit to: Saibal

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