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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Satya interrogating Sooraj at the police station. Babasa looks on. Satya says as I can understand, I know you love your wife Sandhya Rathi a lot. Sandhya gets teary eyed. Satya asks what happened that you had to lock Sandhya inside your shop. He asks Sooraj does he want to say anything, the call came from that PCO, tell me some valid reason of your presence there. The constable says this kurta is found at his shop, which has some stains. Satya sees the blood marks and says I knew it. Sandhya thinks this is the kurta I gave Sooraj and recalls Sooraj’s lies. She cries. Satya asks Sooraj whats this, you said you gave kurta to a beggar, how did we get this kurta from your shop then. He sends the kurta to forensic lab for the blood marks to be tested with Mohit’s blood

samples, and is sure its Mohit’s blood. Emily and Babasa look on from behind the mirror. Satya asks Sooraj to break his silence, tell me how did the blood get on your kurta.

Satya asks Sooraj will he say himself, or make him break his silence. He says you lied a lot for this kurta, you bought a new one, you called police from PCO after 20mins of Mohit’s death, you told the right time to pandit without post mortem report, Sandhya knew this, but instead of answering her, you locked her, I regret all this points to one thing, that you have killed your brother Mohit Rathi, am I right? You loved your brother so much, you could not live without him, you killed him, tell me…. Sooraj shouts yes….I have killed Mohit. Sandhya, Emily and Babasa get shocked.

Sooraj says you want to hear this right, I have killed him. Satya looks at Sandhya. He says Sooraj you have accepted your crime, do a favor and tell us the story in detail, so that we also know why you killed Mohit. Sooraj says we family had Lalima’s marriage responsibility, Bhabho had saved some money for her marriage, when we needed money on engagement, I did not get money, I understood Mohit has stolen the money, just Mohit needed the money, he asked money from me too, I found him at the fields.

FB shows Sooraj going to field and seeing Mohit with the money bag. He asks what are you doing, you have stolen in our own house. Mohit says you made me helpless to do this, you have money to get Lalima married, not for me, you don’t count me in your family, I kick out such family. Sooraj says stop nonsense, this is your wine speaking, not you, give me the bag. Mohit says I won’t give. Sooraj asks are you mad, this is Bhabho’s money and they try to get the bag. Mohit pushes Sooraj in their argument and says he does not want such family. Sooraj asks him to stop and throws a stone to him. Mohit gets hit on his head. Sooraj goes and holds him. Mohit pushes him and falls on the cart. Sooraj checks his pulse and knows he is dead. Sooraj takes the bag and runs from there. FB ends. Sooraj says I have killed him and cries. Sandhya cries and thinks Sooraj can’t kill Mohit for money.

Sooraj says arrest me inspector. Babasa goes to Sooraj. He asks Sooraj, you killed Mohit?…. I m asking something, look in my eyes and say truth, did you kill Sooraj. He slaps Sooraj angrily. Emily and Sandhya hold Babasa. Babasa says Mohit was drunk, but you were in senses, I was proud of you, that moon has a stain, but Sooraj does not have any stain, you did so much and lived for your parents and siblings, you raises Mohit with love, you killed him for some money, who gave you right to kill Mohit, how did you become an animal, why did you do this, tell me.

Babasa says its good, your Bhabho is not here, else she would have died seeing her beloved Shravan’s truth. I was thinking who killed Mohit, I did not know that poisonous snake is hiding in my own house, why did you kill Mohit. He cries and says you are Mohit’s murderer. Satya asks Sandhya to take Babasa out. Sooraj cries thinking his lie has hurt Babasa a lot and apologizes. Lalima calls Lokesh and says I reached here, take care, be careful. He says don’t talk to anyone. She says we have to hide this truth, you know well you are in more danger. He says fine and ends call. She worries.

The news shows about Sooraj Rathi being arrested for Mohit’s murder case. Bhabho is taken for operation and passes by the tv. Sandhya calls Vikram and asks him to do his work.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. As it is already known that the story is simply a cliche. And Sandya and the viewers are not in a position to believe his fiction. The real culprit will have to appear himself or herself before the court.

  2. Kilr iz nt iz kilrz r loolima and lookesh 4 me ….. Baaboo may act az kilr to sav suraj bt loolima and lookesh hav a big part in d kil bt maz or may nt b d kilr

  3. The real culprit will not appear, Sandhya will find her/him and save and protect the Rathi family

  4. Fake fb. who is the real killer? Lalima or Lokesh

  5. track getting worse.
    plz end this bakwas.

  6. I think “Rathi Parivaar” no one else kill mohit.

  7. hi frnz ..the real culprit is bhaboo ..she killed mohit for misbehaving with lalima ..thats y bhaboo get pain during engagement..lalima ‘s engagement lehenga got torn by this ..thats y she s hiding

    1. Yes, u re right

  8. Ennala nadakkuthu…. Innum ethana varusam intha serial pogum…….but

    1. Well said ???(I didn’t understand ur words though!!??) except the last words ?

      1. hahaa…she says that wts happening ……and still hw many years this drama goes onnnn………………….

      2. hi romi …nw u understand ???????

      3. seema we non tamilians just understood the word intresting 😀 thnx 4 translation buttt i thinkkk rami bro reacted well ∀HϽIᴚ∀HϽIᴚ∀HϽIᴚ

      4. Thanx both of my lively sisters for helping understand the cmnts ? I love tamilian language but it’s too difficult to learn ☹️

      5. I meant lovely sisters!! Sorry for mistyping the word??

      6. this is a thirunelveli slang a district in the south

  9. Mohit’s body was found in the well. But as per Sooraj’s story, he was lying outside the well. So won’t the police think about it?

  10. Feeling sad for Sooraj and sandhya.

  11. Who is the real culprit. I can’t bear Sandhya’s pain. Love you Sandhya love you so much

  12. Plzzzzzzz bring back that Mr Useless ( mohit) atleast his ‘ bak bak and chik chik ‘ was better to endure than this ugly ,tasteless ,biter , nonsense murder story ?
    Who’s the murderer? This question made almost every person mad who watches DABH!! Pls finish this track sooner and give some lovely romantic moments to surya ?? it’s a request Mr maker ?

  13. Guys I think mohit ne khud koi esi galati kiya hoga, ya voh khud se mar gya hoga ya usne lalima k sath kuch galat kiya hoga, jisse Lovekesh investigation se lalima ko bacha rha h …

  14. i think bhabho killed mohit……

  15. Sahi m rami us ki chik chik btr thi uski maut se mar k b bhala nai bura krke gya veiwrz ka 😛 uff pta ni kb bdlega usels ka trak

  16. One more thing is to be noted in the story of Suraj. Why didn’t Satya ask Suraj about the body getting into the well? Did Mohit himself after having died stand up and fall into the well in order to take a cool bath? Super comedy!

    1. True said ! Sir I think it’s a comedy of errors ?

  17. ዲገሮዤአ


    1. ዲገሮዤአ

      muchh mioreee irking me like the stone by which was mr useless hit & L&L looo siblings r qiute suspecious too nd may b sooraj hit him nd he was driven uncontious dat tynm nd LOOKESH & LOOLIMAAA killed him nd sooraj &M party saving themmm alll vvv sspiucoiiiiuus(suspicious)

  18. hw many fake stories??????? hw many shots were done in the same place fr this fake stories???????….wont u get bored while taking the same one???????

  19. Abhi tak patha nahi Lalima ka lehenga ke baare mey…

  20. anuu varshaa ns4 big fan yrkkh/dabh seema dharini etc etc were r u

  21. sandhya Ji look at clues, sooraj liys agine

  22. sandhya Ji look at clues, sooraj Ji liys agine

  23. What is meant by ‘Lehenga’ any one tell me? I don’t know this meaning because I am also tamil guy….

    1. Its a traditional dress worn by women. Typically brides wear it for their wedding or other ceremonies.

    2. It means a skirt worn by most of the Asian brides ?

  24. Pls find the real culprit soon..sandy pls save suraj.

  25. Sandhya is losing her credibility as an IPS officer who solved so many complicated and serious and dangerous cases including her training with Officer Singh. Sandhya should give pressure on Producer/director/writer to end this story otherwise she will have hard time getting next assignments or might end her own career. There are so many girls/women waiting to grab the opportunities these days. Bhabho/Suraj will end their careers but Menakshi will survive for sure. Meenakshi has still great future. Lalima was great as baani, but not in this show.

    1. Meenakshi acts very well. I am fond of her acting.

  26. The real killer is no one else but bhaboo..she is the one killed mohit n suraj has taken the blame just to save bhabo..bhabo killed mohit because he tried to rape Laalima…

    1. Yes but still a question arises if bhabo killed mohit then how he was thrown in the well!! Obviously bhabo could not do that! There’s a possibility that some one else has done this WORK
      Maybe mohit’s another rival ?

  27. Yes, i agree with u

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