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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Makrand asking his men to shoot. Arpita says I will shoot at Makrand. The goons shoot at her and she rolls down to a corner. Sandhya enters there through a rolling drum. Sandhya and Arpita shoot at the goons. Sandhya recalls Shilpi talking to Makrand about cheating police. She says we crosses checkpost, we are reaching. Arpita and Sandhya hang to the truck and catch Shilpi and the driver. The police stops the truck. Arpita slaps Shilpi.

Sandhya slaps the driver. Arpita aims gun at Shilpi and takes her. Sandhya asks the staff to open truck fast. They get the girls inside the drums. They get the girls out. Sandhya sees Misri and hugs her. She sees Misri in such bad state and gets angry. Misri is dizzy. Sandhya asks her to be strong. She tells Arpita that girls are

drugged, take all of them to hospital. Staff takes the girls with them.

Sandhya asks Shilpi to say her boss, you won’t say, but we will reach there. Arpita says we don’t have shoot at sight order. Sandhya says these criminals are worst, we are law, we will tell them that she was running away and we shot her. Arpita says yes, she is not saying anything. Shilpi says don’t shoot, I will say, this is my leader’s plan, his name is Makrand, he asked me to get the girls to Gujarat border. Sandhya asks them to tie Shilpi and put her in truck. Arpita slaps Shilpi. Sandhya asks Arpita to wear burqa, Makrand likes to fool people, today we will tell him whats Rajasthani police. FB ends.

Sandhya and Arpita shoot the goons. Makrand tries to run away. Sandhya throws rope and catches him. She ties rope to his neck and says I wanted to nab you, call your contacts, I will see who will save you. Arpita beats the goons.

Bhabho, Vikram, Meenakshi and everyone wait for Misri. Emily asks Meenakshi not to worry, we will get our Misri. Everyone is sad. Sooraj comes there and tells Bhabho that Sandhya has saved Misri and all other girls from the criminals’ clutches, our Misri is fine. They all get relieved. Vikram asks Meenakshi did she hear this, we got our Misri, nothing happened to her, say something, why are you silent. Emily says we got Misri, Sandhya has made this possible, Misri will come home, say something. Sooraj tells Bhabho to go to Meenakshi, I will just come.

Vikram asks Meenakshi to say something. Meenakshi cries. Vikram says we got Misri, she is fine. Sooraj gets Mansi there. Mansi talks to Meenakshi and says Misri and all girls are free of that hell, Misri is coming home, if she sees you silent, she will feel bad, she wants your love and support, when I went back home, my parents did not give me courage, don’t do this with Misri. Meenakshi says this won’t happen and wipes Mansi’s tears. She hugs Mansi. Sandhya and Arpita catch all the goons. Shilpi asks why are we tied here.

Sandhya says law will punish you for your crime, now you are tied here because the girls will punish you now, you have played with their respect. The police gets all the girls there. Sandhya asks the girls to come here and stand infront of their culprits. She says the criminals have thought of girls as sale items, you thought women are weak, its important to clear your misunderstanding, if you hold a woman’s hand with respect, she becomes your shield, if you touch woman by wrong intentions, woman will not leave you. Arpita scolds Shilpi for being a woman and not feeling these innocent girl’s pain, you should be ashamed.

Sandhya asks the girls not be quiet and show them woman’s avatar, called Chandi and Maa Durga, punish them, you won’t get this chance again, Makrand will beg today, his respect will be ruined today. The girls get angry. Sandhya asks them to beat Shilpi and Makrand. She asks Misri not to be scared of anyone, they are culprits of many girls, recall the torture, show them women are not weak. She asks Misri and girls to beat them. Misri says they have put rate on us, we will beat them with stones. Arpita says today they will settle scores. She asks staff to get stone baskets. The girls say the number of stones they would want to hit them.

Makrand says forgive us, don’t punish us, we realized our mistake. Shilpi says forgive me also. Sandhya asks the girls to start. The girls throw stones at them. Shilpi, Makrand and goons get wounded by stones. Sandhya asks staff to put them in the car.

Sandhya goes to Misri and all girls. She asks them are they fine. Misri says I m fine, thanks, I trusted you, I knew you will come to save us. The girl says you saved us from this hell, we salute you. The girls salute Sandhya. Arpita and Sandhya smile. Sandhya says no, you all deserve a salute, you have bear so much and did not lose hope, you are still strong, you have shown woman power and determination, no one can make you a servant, you are sensitive, delicate but not weak, I m really proud of you. Sandhya and Arpita salute the girls.

Arpita says I can see Sandhya in all the girls, Sandhya is free power. They wish happy independence day and smile seeing the balloons in the air.

Sandhya gets Misri home. Misri cries and hugs Meenakshi. Sooraj tells Sandhya that she did great work. Arpita reads news of Sandhya exposing culprits. She asks reporter where is her name. She gets angry and says Sandhya Rathi, just wait and watch.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Great job sandhya n I thinks arpita will try to harm sandhya now

  2. Well done! Team sandya !!! The credit goes to sandya as well as to arpita too cuz she wholeheartedly and honestly helped sandya in this case !!! Suraj shouldn’t have said that sandya saved misri!! It was impossible for sandya without her team’s help although sandya did very excellent plaining ; it was a team work !!!!

  3. The punishment meted out to the culprits is apt and fitting. Jaihind!

  4. Well done Sandhya
    DABH rockzz
    Plz dont stop it productions

    1. DABH is nothing without Deepika and Anas

  5. First of all they cannot instigate girls to throw stones at the culprits and injure them. Their duty ends once arrests are made. They can be suspended or even lose jobs for doing this.

    The CVs cannot show this and get away.

  6. well done team sandhya and arpita….. good job

  7. this is for the first time i have seen a track not being dragged in this show. loved it.

  8. now i want to see vansh reunion…. pls show this track. i think all dabh fans want the same….. love u dabh ???

  9. Very nice episode Sandhya and arpitha action scenes super. Very good message given by dabh teams Weldon.

  10. Sandhya and Arpita are now good friends. Great co-operation!
    God bless u DABH and Deepika

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