Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho bringing Sooraj. Meenakshi talks to Lalima. Sooraj asks that girl… Bhabho says she is Sandhya’s best friend, Sandhya has invited her and her brother. Sandhya is taking time to get ready and makes him sit. Babasa thinks what will Bhabho do to convince Sooraj to make Lalima wear the ring. Lalima smiles seeing Sooraj. Bhabho says she wants Meenakshi’s help and tells her the idea. Meenakshi smiles and praises her for her smartness. She says its 50-50 guarantee for this idea to pass. Bhabho asks does she have any idea. Meenakshi says no. Bhabho says we will try. Meenakshi says she can do anything for her, and goes.

Lokesh touches Sooraj’s feet and Sooraj stops him. Mohit says Sooraj stops us from touching feet too and manages it. Lokesh tells Mohit about

Sooraj’s tilak and he wants to gift something. Mohit says Bhabho would have told you about not taking anything. Lokesh says not dowry, my dad wanted to give his son in law a gift and tells about two wheeler. He asks Mohit whether Sooraj will like scooter or motor cycle. Mohit thinks he will get it, as Sooraj won’t use it. Mohit says motor cycle will be right for Sooraj. Lokesh thanks him.

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Ved comes and cries seeing Sooraj. Sooraj asks him is he happy now, does he have complains, as Ved wanted to see his parents’ marriage, where is your mum, how is she looking, I know she will look beautiful. Ved says yes, she looks beautiful. Meenakshi says she prepared everything for arrangements, its special. She asks Sooraj to wait for Sandhya, he will meet her when he exchanges rings.

She says this time groom and bride will see face in the mirror and exchange rings, this will increase love. Babasa thinks what did Bhabho plan. Bhabho asks Sooraj to turn face and sit. Babasa tells Emily that is Bhabho doing, this is cheat with both of them.

Ved cries. Bhabho asks him not to misunderstand her, she is doing this for Sooraj’s betterment. Meenakshi makes Lalima sit behind Sooraj. Sooraj thinks Sandhya has come. Meenakshi gives mirrors and show faces. Lalima sees seeing Sooraj. Lalima makes her wear the ring. They don’t face each other. Mohit makes juice fall on Lokesh and Bhabho asks Mohit to take him along. Mohit says I m so sorry and takes him. Bhabho signs Emily. Babasa thinks how will Bhabho do this, she can’t hide it now. Emily holds Sandhya’s pic and they show Sooraj as is she is sitting behind him. Sooraj sees Sandhya smiling and smiles. Emily feels bad to cheat Sooraj and Lalima. She keeps the pic and covers it. Meenakshi says now he can make her wear ring. Bhabho gives him the ring. Sooraj makes Lalima wear the ring. He says Wo aini. Ved cries and runs from there. Bhabho smiles.

Bhabho takes Lalima to inhouse temple. Misri says they teach us not to lie and cheat, and today Bhabho and Meenakshi are cheating. Misri and Pari cry. Meenakshi asks Sooraj to show his ring. She tells Vikram that everything happening well. Sooraj says Sandhya I have seen you in mirror, her one glimpse make him forget everything, don’t make me away, else I will die.

Sandhya is packing her clothes. Manjari says she is going for just 2 days. Sandhya closes the trunk and her hand gets hurt. Manjari tells about the engagement finger and curses her that she won’t get love now. Sandhya cries and says Sooraj loves her, he is just hers and no one can break their pairing. Bhabho thanks Lord for the engagement done. Lokesh tells a ritual where the girl ties thread around the temple. Bhabho asks him to do it. Lalima ties the thread. Sooraj thinks to give something to Bhabho and goes back. He stops Lalima from tying the thread. He comes downstairs and they all get tensed. Meenakshi thinks Bhabho’s hardwork went waste, Lalima will know the truth.

Shekhar talks to commander. Sandhya sits sad. Mohit asks Bhabho to talk to Lalima clearly. She asks him to call. Lokesh tells Lalima about the call.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ANU

    Baboo scene’s are very irritatable… and horrible …wt she is doing….

    is she mother… words to say any thing…..

  2. richa

    mishri and pari were ryt elders teach children and serve as idols for children.but in rathi family all elders are setting bad examples and they are worst idols any child can get……..

    • richa

      rathi family should understand it that children are like wet clay they can b moulded v easily and they are moulding them in a wrong way setting bad examples….

  3. ANU

    in today episode i loved sooraj sandhy and ved part……….baboo and meena is behaving horrible…

  4. ANU

    babasa and emily is also not supporting babhoo…..i really very happy for that…again suspense precap

    guys any body guess !!!!!!! sooraj lalima se kya kahega.???????????

  5. Jeyam

    Oh,What a trick,that Bhabhu plays on Sooraj and Lalima? Isn’t it a great cheating of two people at the same time. But this intriguing technic is unbelievable and impracticable. On the whole the director has hoodwinked the viewers.

  6. ANU

    again bledy mohit is taken chance…….sara parivaar sooraj and sandy kho acha use kare…………..mohit kho koyi ake shoot kyu nahi karte ……mujhe tho chid athi hai uskho dekhe tho……..

    • richa

      ✨yeah that mohit iss vvv chance grabbing just send him to mental assylum and elecricute/electrocute ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ him with bhabho✨??☢ ☣ ☠

    • richa

      haan kabhi toh aayega .par bhabho ki covering up for suraj’s condition is…. vvvvvvvv BAd and IRRITATING……….. ☠

  7. richa

    mohit ke baare m kuch nhi bataya i hoped for an fb abt mohit ……..but for sure he has not changed at all he is still selfish..manuplative……money hungry (greedy)……..aalsi (lazy).extra desiring .mohit.????

  8. dabh fan

    Thanks amene for the update

    Episode not so nice,
    Cheating suraj will never give peace in rathi family……..

    I just hate you babho, Sandhya is coming to Jaipur…….

    Please Sandhya you are the only person to save and protect your love ❤…….

    Babho you are thinking of suraj, but not for ved…..

    Ved at least you would have been stopped this…….

  9. richa

    ? ? ? ? ?☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠bhabho shud not cheat lalima i would be dangerous for all ………………..herself,her family..her beloved son for whome she is doing such a thing…………and her so -called reputation in samaaj/society (which has gone down in eves of all her grandchildren nd emily).meenakshi mohit ki toh khud ki izzat nhi h voh kya karenge kisi ki izzat….. vikram bechara banddimaag (closed brain) ya baddimaag h jo ki easily manuplate ho jata h …………..par baad m kyaa hoga kisko pta…………. but itss dangerous for rathi family……. ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ? ? ? ? ?

  10. NS4

    Bhabu saying Sandhya has cheated her…..but wat is she doing now….

    Cheating his son and cheating a unknown girl…
    Making her own grandson cry..making his son and family members fools

    Bhabu u r the big cheaper…

  11. ANU

    Hole rathi family are against for this engagement only meena and babhoo is doing dis bakwass………..i hate it….

  12. richa

    lol wat aco-incidence there in rathi house sooraj exchnged rings with lalima nd der at garjana village sandy hurt her finger☜☝ ✌………….and she just spoke of sooraj and showed her unlimited trust in him…..ツツ

  13. NS4

    Some one plz send Bhanu to mental hospital…. She has gone mad..for his and not even thinking about sooraj and bed feelings
    Such a brain less acts…

    • NS4

      Some one plz send Bhanu to mental hospital…. She has gone mad..for his son and not even thinking about sooraj and ved feelings
      Such a brain less acts…??? ??

  14. So sad for ved he is nt happy. He is also can’t see his father second engagement. He is madly cry.for bhaboo’s he control his tear.???

  15. Pari and mishri is right that always elders teach us dnt lie. Bt now bhaboo is lie.and also bhabasa words is also true that this suraj second marriage definitely break in few days bcoz lie always come in few days.??✌?

  16. Honana

    What the hell bhabho is doin yaar… She can ask help from lalima for humanity sake… What was the need to get directly married …

  17. Dabh new spoiler:

    Sandhya has reached Jaipur where Garjana is planning something big to create disturbance in the country’s peace and attack on police officers. The fate brings Sooraj and Sandhya together again. Sandhya does not get Sooraj and still feels his presence around. Sooraj gets lucky to see her. He can’t believe his eyes and is happy to see Sandhya. Sooraj and his family stay at the same lodge. Sandhya is also there along with the theatre group. Shekhar/Chandu is keeping an eye on Sagarika and she is extra alert.

    Sandhya takes a bath and dries her hair. She stands near the window and Chandu stares at her, being mesmerized by her. Sooraj catch her glimpse and looks at her through the window. He recalls the old moments between them. He does not see her face and still identifies her. He calls out Sandhya. Sandhya hears Sooraj and gets restless. She does not turn to him seeing Chandu at the other side. She goes off from there. Sooraj tells Bhabho and everyone that he has seen Sandhya and he can’t be wrong this time. Bhabho and everyone does not believe Sooraj. Sooraj takes the family to the room where he has seen Sandhya. Bhabho knocks the door and they all find another girl in Bengali attire, instead Sandhya. Sandhya leaves from there to secure her mission, and avoids the family. She is helpless as she did not wish Chandu to know her real identity. Bhabho proceeds with Sooraj and Lalima’s marriage rituals. When will Sandhya mark her re-entry in Sooraj’s life? Keep reading.

    • NS4

      This is also a question mark(????) spoiler…… not confirmed marriage happen or not.

      usless promo useless sbs and useless spoiler alerts……

    • NS4

      i was expecting on 15th Aug Maha episode they will clear all our doubts…..

      But i feel they won’t show wat we expect in maha episode…. becoz as it was saturday..they will maintain suspence till monday

  18. Romi

    Nice episode ? sandy’s scenes were less ? not interested in engagement drama but still they show it ? thanks god ?? lalima’s dad wished for 2 wheeler not for 2 earer ?? warna mohit ko to gadah ? hi milta kiyonki vo yahi deserve karta hai ?????

  19. Seems like lalima is gud at heart… She would have helped sooraj if bhabho would have told the truth if not she would have convinced… Y this cheatin … Even kids are gud at thinking in this case… Use brain bhabho..

  20. Honana

    Seems like lalima is gud at heart… She would have helped sooraj if bhabho would have told the truth if not she would have convinced… Y this cheatin … Even kids are gud at thinking in this case… Use brain bhabho..think n do bhabho… U dint understand completely.. If u would them u won’t do this

  21. sim

    I still don’t understand how suraj cannot identify sandhya’s hand.when putting ring to lalima. When sandhya just packed the jaggery he felt sandhya. Whwn he z holding lamila’s hand and putting the ring he dint identify sundhya how strange.

      • richa

        mee too dont getit why vaise toh sooraj sandy ki chui hui cheez bhi pehchaan leta h and cudnt even recognise her hand …………sandy ka moisturiser bhi pehchaan leta h sooraj……….aur ek baar jab sooraj ko attack pada tha toh ved ne use sandhya ki chadar udahi thi and sooraj felt her presence…………….

  22. Richa

    Gud nyt frnds… Swt drms….
    @ ns4 i had already sent bhabho nd mohit to mental assylum nd got thm electrocuted as their treatment… I just hope they GWS… 😉
    @honana ys lalima is gud at heart bt she is extra gud which is fishy…..and makes her suspectable and gud ppl r hurt easily and turn negativ easily
    LOL GN swt drms

    • NS4

      Thank god…so bhabu and mohit are admitted… Get well soon both of you… Don’t beat each other you mad people 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

      Ok byee Good Night @richa, Anu

    • ANU

      Thank god both are admitted in hospital………….get well soon

      Good night sd @ns4, richa,varshu…….

  23. Richa (titli)

    Well if bhabho nd minu used their these clever minds for betterment of their house,society and teaching lessons to bhabho’s useless son mohit and daughtr chavi etc lyk sandy did toh baat hi kuch aur hoti….. Wat do u say anu ,ns4 ,vasha and frnds….

  24. ANU

    I think this lalima is a very dangerous person ithna over positive nature dhika rahi ….dall me kuch kala hai……….wt did u say guys……

    • LuvDABH

      Yes, I feel the same. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this lalima related to either Roma or Kavitha. I hope you guys remember these characters ?

      • Romi

        Roma is dead but kawita ji ( politician) is still to be doubted ? she’s more positive than needed! Or maybe she’s not a bad person and will help suraj get him out of his shock and befriended with him but not marry after knowing his immense love for sandya ????????

    • richa

      yes she is tooo extra positive..which is so dangerous and if she is really so pure hearted its also dangerous bcoz aise log jaldi negativ ban jate h kyunki unhone apne ander jo nafrat samet k rakhi hoti h ???voh ek saath bahar aati h jo ki bahut khatarnak hota h……………..kadva bolne waale samey samey par apni narat nikal dete h aur von unke ander ekhatta nahi hoti h………………..?????☺️☺️☺️

  25. NS4

    Gud mrng guys..
    Have a nice day..??

    In precap lalima was crying…. So it means.. sooraj stopped lalima and Scold her..
    Now bhabu starts one more drama to cheat lalima… Stupid bhabu

    • ANU

      Sooraj ne sandy ke bare me kuch kaha hoga means ee rasam tho sandy kho nibhana hai aap kyu kare….babasa ne veyi samjare shayad……sooraj loves only sandy….

  26. NS4

    In ystday SBS they showed..sooraj identified Sandhya.. on falling water drop from Sandhya hair and on seeing her from back….
    But in ystday epi sooraj touched lalima hand…but he didn’t known that she was not Sandhya

    • ANU

      ya NS4 me baath mere man bhi aya but apne kho eee bakwas drama jho dikhana hai………..stupid drama……..useless drama ………i hate this scene…..but sooraj is very handsome in red dress…ved also…

  27. vaishnavi

    Bhabho character is gng so bad she cheated his own son…in his bad health condition…atlast the engagement is over i hope marriage ll nt happen…

  28. LuvDABH

    I just watched the episode and it’s really pathetic. Tomorrow the stupid, selfish Baboo will convince lalima again… Poor lalima.. Baboo is really playing with people’s emotions.
    Also when Emily suffering because of Mohit Baboo says that is karma but if her children gets any pain then she blames others.

  29. LuvDABH

    It seems sandhya will be kidnapped by some other terrorist group.

    More twists and turns are there. On August 15th zakeer also get to know that sandhya is alive. Now a real challenge is going to be faced by Sandhya.

    • richa

      wat!!!!but the clipping they posted was of chandu kidnapping sandy nd itss july post cud it be they are talking about garjana kidnapping sandy???……………or if some new terrorist group kidnaps sandy as a suspect it would be dangerous for sandy as she cud not fool them her identity…………..

  30. SANIYA

    are yaar please band karo ye natak…please sandhya aur sooraj ko milado.

    in logo ki wajah se bechara ved kaise moorcha gaya hai…please ved k liye tho un dono ko milado aur yeh shaadi roklo….

  31. geetha

    Good mrng everyone! I think it s bhabo s plan along widzakir to bring out sandhya, since zakir doubts sandhya is dead so babho plans a fake marriage with help of lalimma to make sandhya come out of her duty to her fmly bhabo can never be bad to sandhya but angry with her this is wat I guess

    • richa


  32. richa

    Diya Aur Baati Hum Sad Version

    Loote hain sapne
    Tooti ummedein???
    Choota jahaan?????
    Choota jahaan
    Socha nahin tha zindagi legi
    Yoon imtihaan
    Yoon imtihaan???
    Lo main chal di un raahon pe
    Jin raahon ki manzil juda hai
    Sochun piya ji kya yehi wo raahi
    Jo chale ga mere sang ban ke saarthi
    Kya banega miln waisa miln???????
    Piya ji
    Jaiso diya sang baati???

    Bat-tha(?) sapna Ek hi tamanna wo bhi nahin
    Sooni sooni
    Jo zindgi mujhe manzoor na thi
    Wo zindgi
    Kyun mujhko di
    Tumse hi to thi ummedein saari
    Tumhi ne mita di duniya hamari
    Nahin hoga kabhi khwab ye poora
    Rahega mera jeevan bhi adhoora
    Kaisi ye diye sang jodi toone baati
    Na khush diya na khush ye baati
    dabh sad version song (not full song) but the track nowdays deserve this song…………..????

  33. LuvDABH

    I don’t understand one thing when he felt sandhya in the train and when he felt sandhya in the jaggery why can’t he felt sandhya while wearing engagement ring…

  34. richa


    bhabho is really cheating lalima and after sandy comes back the marrig breaks and lokesh nd all blame bhabho for ruining lalima’s life and keeping her in darkness to cover up this zakir decides to marry lalima ???? it wud b vv bad as emily will have no chance to escsape from that useless mohit …………… i wish zakir marry emily and mohit marry a bossy useless girl………

    • LuvDABH

      No, it’s not a fake marriage. Because if at all Baboo wants to bring sandhya back then she should have done engagement publicly and their might be a chance of this news getting reached to sandhya. See now marriage also happening in Jaipur between family members and no other known people.

  35. Asha

    Let me guess sandhya will come back completing mission mahabali .lalima will turn evil and that will drag for 1 month

    • richa

      noo i think lokesh would turn negativ and revenge rathi familyfor lalima……………bcoz they are showing lalima to be extraordinallylpositv………………..

  36. ANU

    Ya Today sbs me sooraj khi shaadi bataya gaya ……….guys chill ……..apne kho pata hi ki sooraj khi shaadi rokh jayegi ……..uskhe reason hai lalimaa kho pata lagjaya ga ki sooraj only sandy kho payyar karte aur kisi kho nahi……..aur ooooo soch thi hai khi kisi aur kho pyaar karne vale se oooooooo shaadi nahi karne khi decesion leti hai ……….aur mandap se bagh jayegi……..

    eeeyi bataya sbs me……come on guys kushi ya manaooooooo

    @ns4 risha varsha we all are want to celebrate this moment………

  37. xxxx

    Can any one saw today SBS segment they showed dabh I can’t understand what they said ‘suraj ki punarvivah’

      • richa

        @ romi punarvivah means remarriage (पुनर्विवाह {punarvivah} = REMARRIAGE) ………. it is used specially when a person does second marige with someone else……….. in v rare cases its used when same persons (jodi/couple) marry each other again but mainly for remarrig with someone else……..

  38. richa

    SPOILER SBS (abp news)
    at sooraj and lalima’s marrig seeing sooraj’s love for sandy lalima cancel the marrig bcoz she dont want to marry a person who love someone else…… 🙂 🙂 😉 ……..
    well lalima is a bit xtra good …………..

  39. Anonymous

    Happy to hear that lalima won’t marry sooraj thanks a lot guys for this good news and all more

  40. LuvDABH

    One hour maha episode!! Good to hear. I am sure that marriage will not happen because of the disturbance created by chandu. Then rathi family may see sandhya there… I hope Sooraj will be back to normal condition.

  41. richa

    GUYSS CHECK IT OUT..!!!!!! 😀 😀 🙂 😛 😛 🙂
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    •1 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3.8
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    •2 Sasural Simar Ka 3.3
    •3 Ye Hai Mohabbatein 3.2
    •4 Diya Aur Baati Hum 3.1
    •4 Udaan 3.1
    •5 MeriAashiqui Tumse Hi 3.0
    •6 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2.9
    •7 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.8
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    •8 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 2.6
    •9 Jodha Akbar 2.5
    •10 Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2.4

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