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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shekhar asking Narayani to make Manjari fine, they have to reach the person who did this with Manjari. Narayani says don’t worry, she will be fine. Sandhya says even I want Manjari to be fine. Narayani says herbs will cure her soon. Sandhya thinks she pities Manjari, but Manjari is her country’ enemy, so she has to die. She tells Shekhar that she wants to cure Manjari. Sandhya tells Shekhar that she has devotion in Devi Maa and requests him to allow her to take Manjari to temple to do Mrityunjay jaap, she will try her best to get blessings and make Manjari fine. Shekhar says fine, you can take her to temple, but we can’t take any risk, so Garjana‘s army will be around temple so that nothing wrong happens with Manjari. He asks the guards to be around, they

can’t take risk. Sandhya thinks to kill manjari, but first she has to inform Bharat. Sandhya cries and goes with Manjari.

Bhabho cries recalling the man’s words. Lalima asks does she feel I m wrong and would put Sooraj in big trouble. Bhabho says I don’t know anything, and does not wish to know. She hugs Ved and says nothing will happen to Sooraj. Meenakshi hugs Ved and asks Lalima why is she taking his dad away. Lalima tells Ved that her dad used to say, if it happens by his wish, then good, else very good, as it has Lord’s wish behind it.

Meenakshi asks whats good in this, tell me what will you do in 3 days. Lalima says we can get everything fine and Lord may want Sooraj to get fine completely. She asks Ved not to worry. Meenakshi asks Lokesh to see, Rathi family will get answers from Lalima after 3 days.

Sandhya takes Manjari on wheelchair to the temple, along Shekhar and Garjana men. Bharat is already in the temple in disguise of the pandit. Shekhar tells commander that he has checked everyone, no one has gun here, don’t worry, Manjari is fine. Sandhya thinks she has to kill Manjari. Manjari thinks Sandhya can’t do anything in Garjana men’s presence. Sandhya gets glad seeing Sandhya as pandit.

Bharat thinks Sandhya has sacrificed a lot for this mission and wishes she goes back to Sooraj soon after doing this mission successfully. Bharat starts making some lep and thinks he has got Sandhya’s message, they have to shut Manjari’s mouth to make mission succeed. He blesses Sandhya. Shekhar and the men look on. Sandhya apologizes to Lord to do this in temple, but Manjari is a sinner and sinners have to die in the temple. Bharat and Sandhya chant some mantras in the puja.

Sandhya puts something and signs Bharat. They make place smokey to not get in Shekhar’s sight. Lokesh tells Lalima that he can’t let her do this. Lalima says I have decided. Lokesh says you are taking this step to make Sooraj fine, your life can get ruined. Lalima says every person is born by motive, my duty is to fulfill my motive, I have to make Sooraj fine, I will be happy. Lokesh says Sooraj will not know anything after he gets fine.

She says she wants Sooraj fine and asks him to help her, she got Shiv’s sign. She says she met Sooraj’s doctor, he said Sooraj will get fine once he accepts his wife’s death. Lokesh says you can’t do this, your life can get spoiled if you do this without marriage. She says she can do anything to make Sooraj fine. He asks her to promise, she will agree to him after Sooraj gets fine. She promises she will do as he says, once Sooraj gets fine.

Bharat says the jaap ends. Sandhya thinks its time to kill Manjari. Bharat asks her to make Manjari drink this water. Sandhya thinks the water has a poison where Manjari will die in 2 hours and their hurdle will be removed. She takes the water pot. Shekhar looks on. Sandhya is about to make Manjari drink it. Manjari wishes someone saves her. Shekhar stops Sandhya. He says stop Sagarika, and asks pandit to drink it. He says Sagarika give this to pandit, nothing can be fed to Manjari, the food and water will be tested first. Sandhya gets tensed. Bharat says this is pure water after jaap. Sandhya thinks how can Bharat drink this, his life will be in danger, what to do now. Bharat drinks the water infront of them. Sandhya gets tensed and thinks she has to stop Bharat anyhow. She says stop it Shekhar, if pandit drinks all the water, what will remain for Manjari. Shekhar says don’t worry, I have got much Gangajal temple, it would become Amrit by jaap. Bharat drinks the water further and thinks don’t worry Sandhya, we can sacrifice anything for mission Mahabali, just take care.

Bharat gives a coconut to Sandhya as Prasad, and leaves from the temple. Sandhya cuts the coconut and gets some device inside it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i was worry about today episode…………wat shock will be shown in today precap 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    and we have to wait for 48 hours to over come from that shock……… 🙁 🙁 :O :O :O

    1. haha ryt theywanna keep audience thinking abt it………. and i think that was a mobile or wireless he kept there

      1. yeah i too think the same richa…it may be a mobile tracking phone or it may be wireless phone….
        But i have a doubt…by using those devices..sandhya will easily caught..right?????

    2. ya @ns4 true say………..they will put big suspense till monday

    3. i don’t even get sleep tonight…after watching that type precap shock on saterday………… everytime i use to watch old awsome episodes….so that i can get some relefe from those shocks………..

  2. I think Lalima was sent by Bharat for curing suraj.

    1. chances will be there

  3. I think today they show rathi bakwass….mission scene put suspense …..

  4. Dabh rocks.. Cant wait… suspence accha banaya hai…

  5. @anu ns4 u r ryt they leave mission in suspence ……& yess @ ns4 garjana hav smething like jammers put there …….. i hoppe that is a tazerr to kill manjiri 😛

  6. Our fav Deepika singh is very much busy in mission mahabali’s shooting…
    Ds hasnt post any new snap on Instagram also…

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