Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK standing near the hanging rope. Sweety asks for sweets. Bhabho asks Sooraj to get the laddoo box. He opens the box and reads Sandhya’s card, with Wo aini written. E says I m missing you. He gives laddoo to Sweety. She says she wants to see in window. He says wait and keeps the bag back. She removes the towel off the commando’s face. Sooraj asks the man to get up and he falls on Prema. Prema thinks she can’t hide more and has to take action. She screams. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Sooraj asks Gautam to see. Gautam says he is dead, inform the pilot. Prema goes back. The air hostess says calm down, I will inrom the pilot. Prema comes there with a gun and says no need to go anywhere. Everyone is shocked seeing her. PRema says we have hijacked the plane, go

and sit back in the seats, do as I say, else you will lose life. Sooraj thinks where did Disha go.

Prema asks the air hostess to get the business class passengers. Everyone sit with hands up. Prema says let us do our work, don’t make me kill anyone. Everyone gets scared. Disha comes from behind. Sooraj signs her. Disha signs yes. She takes the gun from Prema and aims at her. Everyone smile. Disha says what did you feel, you will show gun and we will be scared. Sooraj says you did this well, our prayers are with you. Disha aims at Sooraj. Everyone gets shocked. Sooraj asks whats this joke. Disha kicks him. Sooraj is shocked seeing Disha being a terrorist.

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Prema says this is not a joke, we have hijacked this plane and she is with us. Everyone is shocked. The lawyer says RK is getting hanged for terrorist attacks in country, and he will be hanged in 10mins. Maya thinks its just 10mins, and no answer from them. Disha says you know me, bad luck Sooraj. Sooraj says it means Dubai food festival, all this is cheating, it was a plan. He calls her a traitor. He scolds her. Disha says yes, you understood but late. He says you can’t harm us now, I took entry as Rajkumar did, you got cheated once, and even then did not change.

Prema calls their names, and says Sandhya was finding me, and I was at your home. She removes her goggles and shows her face. They are shocked to see its Prema. She acts sweet again and removes her wig. Bhabho says you are a terrorist, you came in my house and fooled my son, she cheated us. She says how could I make such a big mistake. Prema says yes, your house was the safest place for us, as Rathi family thinks by heart, not by mind. She says the foolish Vikram was away from Meenakshi and came to me, you took me to your home.

She says even when IPS officer was there two terrorists were there and no one knew it, you should get an award for this. Sooraj shouts Prema, we were not fools, we had humanity, its out strength, not weakness. Disha asks him to shut up, else he can lose his life. Bhabho gets worried. Prema asks her to move back. They send Sooraj to his seat. Bhabho cries. Prema asks them to keep pointed things in the bag. Everyone give away the watch, and other things. Sooraj hides the spy camera pen. Arjun talks to Maya. She says she will start killing people, as she won’t take much time. Arjun says give me 5mins. Maya talks to passenger section by scolding the pilot.

She tells the passengers that Indian govt did not stop Rajkumar’s hanging, we have killed air hostess and commando, and have to give new gift to them. She asks Prema to get the gift. Prema looks at everyone asking few people to come. Nandini’s husband saves her, and Gautam saves his ex wife. She is stunned. Prema goes to Sooraj and asks Bhabho to come. Sooraj stops her saying till he is there, he won’t let anything happen to Bhabho. Prema says I can shoot and kill you. Bhabho says move Sooraj, let me go. Sooraj comes in between and says no, I won’t let you go.

Disha says their mum and son love can be problem, take both of them, if any one dies, other will also die, let them die. Sooraj looks on shocked.

Sandhya is shocked hearing Sooraj and Bhabho. Maya counts 3,2 and 1, and loads the gun. Arjun sees Sandhya crying and realizes its her family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. pathetic….. :)…..

  2. I think the director or the producer of this drama hates IPS and Indian security system and may be our Mother India. People, can anyone who knows the team of this drama go and tell them not to damage the image of our system. Sandhya – what a shame. She is crying and realizes it is her family. What about the people in the flight?

    1. Entire team of this serial is plain STUPID and taking the viewers for a ride. Any idiot should know it is suicidal to fire a gun or set of explosives in a airborne plane. Whom are they fooling?

      One suggestion to make the serial gain maximum TRPs is as folows:

      Show Sandhya flying in another plane parallel to the hijacked plane and when they are level, should dive in ‘SUPERMAN’ style and get into the hijcaked plane by breaking the door or window and fight and over power the hijackers and save her family and the passengers.

      After that she will be awarded top medal from Government and get selected to go to USA to head the FBI and save the world from all terrorists.

      But the viewere cannot watch any other serial because they will be rolling on the floor laughing.



  3. what is there for her to get shocked. She knew already her family is there.

  4. Yes, its a mock on our system. Hijack should not be shown to happen this much easy.

  5. Its almost 5 days n still the hijack day is draging!!! We are getting bored

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