Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chavi being shocked seeing Sandhya. Chavi hides the name. Sandhya says her Jaipur Madam liked the dresses and asks her to send the dresses to her. She sees the tattoo on her hand and asks does she love Zakir. She smiles and asks her to say it. Chavi says yes, I m in love with Zakir. Bhabho hears them and asks what happened, why is Chavi tensed. Chavi thanks Lord that Bhabho did not hear anything. Sandhya says Chavi is getting online orders and she is getting tensed. Bhabho says everything will be fine. Ved calls her and Bhabho leaves.

Sandhya asks Chavi to tell Bhabho, even she wants you to get remarried. Chavi says no, you know Bhabho, she will not agree for me and Zakir. She says our religion is also different. Sandhya says Bhabho likes Zakir as a good person,

I think we should talk to her. Chavi says no, don’t tell her, forget what you have seen, we will end this here. Mahendra meets Abhay and says the team has become alert after their plan failed yesterday. Abhay asks how did this happen, and gets angry.

Mahendra says its not a big thing, I will manage. Aditi brings the team there and says her sources told her that Abhay is here. Abhay sees them and tells Mahendra that Aditi is coming. Mahendra gets tensed. Abhay smiles. Aditi and everyone come to him. Abhay says her first failure made her weak and taunts her. She says you have regretted finally. Mahendra hides and looks on. Aditi says she is not regretting, they don’t need him. She scolds him for what he did, by putting drugs and sending police, he is coward. She says you should be ashamed, you are stain on kabbaddi player name.

She warns him not to do anything again, else she promises she will put him behind the bars. She says she has complaint against him for suspicious activities, if you want freedom, then control your doings. Prem asks Abhay to go to temple, as he is leaving him just because of Aditi. Abhay pushes him and Babban beats him. They all beat him. Sooraj says don’t stop them, see they are united and bringing the anger out. Mahendra looks on and gets tensed.

Babban says he has broken the bones. Ratan and Prem say they all doubted on Sooraj, but after yesterday incident, they know he is good. Babban says they thought he is our enemy and he has saved our team, and we accept him as our captain by our heart. He hugs Sooraj and they leave. Mehandra says don’t be happy for their unity, this will not be of any use in the match, I will use their weakness and fail them, I promise.

Mohit tells Bhabho that Zakir’s quarter would have been vacant now, I think he should shift. Bhabho asks why, is he cooking for him. Mohit says I mean we have daughter and bahus here, its not good if Zakir stays here, he is bachelor. Bhabho scolds him for thinking such cheap thing, Zakir is like Sooraj for him. Sandhya tells Chavi that we will talk to Bhabho. Mohit says no, I mean he is different from us. Bhabho asks am I making him my son in law, he will stay for few days and leave. Mohit says as you say. Chavi says Bhabho trusts us, if she knows this, she will feel bad. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to show them the match on big screen. Emily looks at Mohit.

Bhabho says no one will go to see the match. Meenakshi says its free ticket. Bhabho says its not about money, we all went last time and my son failed, I feel we should not go. Sandhya says Sooraj will get strength if they all go, her son will not lose seeing her. Bhabho says she always blesses Sooraj, they all can go with kids, and she will stay at home with Babasa. She asks Meenakshi to do her work.

Its morning, Sooraj tells the team that they have to win, else this failure will make them out of the tournament, he believes his team, they have passion which no one can shake, but they have to show honest try, winning is not a problem. He asks them to focus and win. Babban says we will play united and win. They all join hands. Avinash stands alone. They all look at him. Avinash joins hands too. The team warms up for the match. They get ready and go to the field. Mahendra gets angry and says today the team will lose by showing their weakness.

Sandhya comes there with the kids. The kabaddi clubs are welcomes on the field. The commentator tells about Rajputana team, which needs a win to stay in the tournament. Sooraj sees Sandhya and recalls her words.

Sooraj falls down and is caught by the Samrat team member Pratap. Sooraj gets severely injured. Sandhya gets worried seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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