Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Emily saying the story of Shiv ji, Sati and Parvati. She says Shiv ji has accepted Sati after her Tapasya and they stayed on Kailash mountain. Ved says papa and mum look great. Bhabho says yes and sees Sooraj and Sandhya. Emily narrates that King Dakshak did not like Shiv, he did not find him suitable for his daughter and insulted him infront of everyone, Sati did not like this. Sandhya acts in the play and Babasa plays the King Dakshak’s role. Dakshak says he does not accept this marriage. Sati says she will sacrifice her body, after the insult he did of her husband.

Emily says then Sati has sacrificed herself by doing tapasya, she concentrated and then putting herself in the fire. Ved worries. Bhabho smiles seeing Sandhya. Meenakshi waits for her entry. Sooraj

looks at her. Sooraj takes away Sandhya and asks is she fine. He asks her to come. Everyone get up by this twist. Meenakshi says Sooraj did not know that Sati was dying. The curtain falls. She goes to them and asks what did they do, its just a play, Sandhya is Sati and you are Shiv ji, hold your emotions. The lady tells Bhabho that Sooraj madly loves Sandhya, he can’t see her sad even in plays.

Emily apologizes to everyone and asks them to sit. She says after Sati died, Shiv ji remembered the pure promises between him and Sati, and he sat doing his tapasya. Ved asks what will happen now. Sooraj sits as Shiv ji. Sandhya comes as Sati and says they will not separate, their love is immortal, her body can’t be here but her soul will be with him, she will die and take new avatar, but her soul will be in every avatar. She cries and says we will meet again Sooraj ji.

Meenakshi stays away and asks what, don’t cry Sandhya, this is just drama, else I will cry too. Bhabho worries a bit and smiles. They all clap for them. Emily says then Shiv ji’s tapasya went for years and then Parvati came in his life. Sandhya does Parvati’s role too. Meenakshi as Narad Muni asks Parvati to revive Shiv ji and win his heart, he is sure of it and blesses her. She says Narayan Narayan and goes. Parvati stands thinking.

Emily narrates that Parvati started her tapasya and finally the good moment came in her life. Parvati is shown doing tapasya. (Sandhya looks gorgeous in this getup!!) Shiv ji comes to her and asks her to open her eyes, he is happy with her tapasya. Parvati opens her eyes and greets him as Prabhu. He asks her wish. Everyone see the play and smile. Parvati says she wants to marry him, accept me. Shiv ji says Tathastu, agreeing to her. Sandhya smiles seeing him with teary eyes. The curtain falls.

The lady says Bhabho, your bahu is number one in every work. Parvati performs around Shiv ji, on the song Chandra Maa ke aakaar mein.……….. She recalls her marriage with Sooraj, and cries. Bhabho smiles seeing them. Sandhya cries and Bhabho worries seeing her tears. Sandhya recalls their moments and the song lyrics is similar to their life. Meenakshi dances standing away. Parvati sits in Shiv ji’s feet. He blesses her. Bhabho gets worried. Ved says great act by mum and dad. Everyone clap for them. The curtain falls.

Bhabho comes to Sandhya and sees her crying. She asks can she hide her pain. Sandhya says nothing, it was for play, I got emotional. Bhabho asks was she doing the acting that time or now. She says I know you very well, I have been staying with you since 8 years, I can feel the pain, what is the matter that you are hiding from me, and your behavior has changed, you want to do every work soon, I have seen you removing red color from hands in market, and also changed look in your phone, in Bengali avatar, whats all this. Sooraj told me not to ask you, just assure me that you won’t do anything that affects you and Sooraj, swear on Lord and tell me, Sooraj could not see you in pain in play, how will he see his Sandhya in problem, he will die.

Sandhya says nothing such will happen Bhabho. Bhabho cries holding her hands. Sandhya thinks I m helpless, forgive me Bhabho, I m not lying, I will come back for sure. Bhabho blesses Sandhya.

Its night, Sandhya is in her room and recalls Bhabho’s words. She writes a letter for Sooraj, asking him to manage himself, Bhabho and Ved, she will be always his Sandhya. She cries and goes downstairs. She sees her family happy and united and gets glad. Its morning, Sooraj tells Sandhya that he won’t be able to fill her maang, as he and Bhabho are going to meet Mama, by train, Kolkata to Ajmer train. Sandhya is shocked and thinks she has to stop Bhabho and Sooraj.

Bhabho packs her bag and tells Sandhya that Sooraj and she are going to Kota. Sandhya asks her to go by bus or something. Bhabho refuses. Sandhya informs Bharat about Bhabho and Sooraj going to kota by same train. He says what…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. wwhen will suraj read the note wrritten by sandhya

    waiting foe that part of this series

    1. me tooooooooooo

    2. i think sooraj will depressed after read that note…………………..

    3. after that sooraj recollect the past between sandhya and sooraj……………

  3. Hello ppl!! Wat’s sandhya’s mission abt?? Y is she in bengali outfits n all???
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  4. To whom or wat is her mission related??

    1. Actually this is a secret mission.. Her senior officer said tat it’s a big mission in which if she enter , she may or may not come back!! The mission details agree it yet disclosed.. This mission if named as mission mahabali!! The first target of this mission is to trap himanshu .
      He may be the related to some gang but he is very sharp.. To trap him sandya has taken the Bengali look..

      Since her officer has informed her not to tell abt this mission to her family but Sandy wishes to tell her hubby but due to her senior officer she writes a letter instead of it!!

      1. *mission details not yet disclosed

  5. Wt ws der in d note??

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