Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th July 2013 Written Update

Bhabo comes in & sees the matka & remembers her words to babasa saying that if sndy wins suraj wil loose his pride & if emily wins mohit’s pride will be restored. Also looks at mohit wwho is spending time in vain. She thinks that ems shd win so that both her sons pride will be saved.

Night scene
Babasa is sleeping. Bhabo starts sewing something. MEena comes in & says that she is wondering who will win the competition. She tells that she will toss up a coin. Bhabo stares at her. Babasa looks at meena. Bhabo tells her a story & tells that there lived a child who was very weak who couldn’t even walk & one day a forest animal chased & the child ran like anything & the child saved its life. Meena asks her why she is telling

stories like a kid. Bhabo stares a ther & meena leaves.

bhabo tells babasa that ems is weak but the reaosn behind this will help her a lot to win this. Babasa tells that sandy is efficient in all ways & her truthfullness suraj’s belief on her will help her. bhabo tells that sandy is deserving in all the ways & suraj’s support will help her a lot. Adds that ems reason is strong & if sandy fails suraj will support her but ems fails she will loose everything & there will be none to support her. Ems will put in her heart & soul to win this & adds that she will give a tough competitio to sandy. Babasa sleeps. Bhabo looks at ems trying hard to read & sandy also reading at the other end..

Chotu is reading. Suraj comes. Bhabo asks chavi to bring oil for kanha. Bhabo taunts her saying why is she stepping back now when she forwarded her hand happily when kanha born. She leaves. Bhabo asks mohit to bring a glass of water. Bhabo acts like throwing the glass. Chavi leaves immediately. Chaturi tells that meena & vik have left to work earlier as there is some big carnival in the near by area. Babasa is worried. Suraj asks him what happened. Babasa tells that he is not getting sleep these days. Suraj tells that they will go to hospital. Babasa denies saying that it is regarding the family … Adds that if the first level of the competition is so tough how would be the main competition. Everyone is confused.

Babsa tells RP ‘s pride shd be held up. Chotu tells that for a competition their teachers would train them well.. Babasa nods him. Adds that they must give training. Chaturi asks this is related to wit & how to train them. Meena comes in & takes a bundle of saree. Babasa shouts that he has got the solution. He adds that the competition will get tougher by the days passes. He calls both SanLY. Whomever wins will be praised…
Babasa tells that he has a better challenge for these two. Everyone is surprised & eager.Asks if they have any problem. Sandy tells that she is ready. Em seconds her. Mohit is not happy. Babasa tells that they must get one saree from meena free of cost before evening. Chotu is worried. Chavi laughs & tells that it is impossible to get sarree from meena. Babasa tells that there is no real challenge if it is not tough. Asks both of them to leave & use their brain. Bhabo is thoughtful

Mohit taunts ems & asks her to withdraw. Em stells that she will try. Mohit discourages her. Ems tells that she will try & bring the saree too

GG room
Suaraj is thinking . Sandy enters. Suraj tells that babasa gave one good challenge which is tough too. Sandy tells that she will try. Suraj tells that it looks like tough to get saree from meena that too in a short period. Sandy tells that she will try as nothing is impossible. Suraj asks her whether she thought someway. Sandy tells that if he has confidence on her she will do it & f he supports her she will even bring the stars from the sky. She adds that he has thought her the meaning of vishwas… So she will do anything for that.

Bhabo asks babasa why did he do so. Babasa tells nothing as such. Bhabo tells that she knows everything & he has some hidden reason behind that. Bhabasa tells that he just brought out the story which she said to meena yesterday. He adds that she intended to tell that emily would give tough competition to sandy.
Babasa tells bhabo that once efficiency is calculated only in the form of challenge & who is more efficient will be known by this.& adds that whether ems driving factor is more effective than sandy’s loyalty & suraj’s support will be known by the result of this challenge.

Precap: sandy returns empty handed. Chavi asks her whether she also returned so. Bhabo tells that it is not that easy to get a saree free of cost from meena. Suraj looks at sandy. Sandy looks at them with blank expression..

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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