Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th January 2013 Written Update

Babaji is overwhelmed to see the shivling and declares the place has become holy and they need to surround the area in order to protect the holy place. He says if they fail to do so, they will have to face God’s wrath. His supporters say they need to lock the gate. Pappu asks Babaji then how will they enter the college. Babaji says there would not be any disturbance for them and they can come to the college as usual and their education will continue. He calls malathi madam and asks the front gate keys. Malathi madam tells the students that they can use the hind gate and gives the keys to Babaji who takes it and has a scheming victorious smile on his face. Sandhya observes him and wonders what might be the reason for this.

In the morning, Chathuri is buying vegetables near the house and people are talking about the chamatkar. She asks about it and they tell her to watch the TV in a shop nearby. She sees the telecast of the incident. They also show the college building and its name. She reads and it looks familiar but she could not remember. Then, she sees Suraj and Sandhya in the clips. She then recognizes it is Sandhya’s college and thanks God for Bhabho not buying TV. She thinks of returning home when Bhabho, Bhabhasa, Chavvi, Chotu are all coming running to see TV.

Chathuri tries to stop them as much as she could. Bhabhasa is anxious to watch as Daisa’s TV is repair, they came running to the shop. Chotu says even his friends were talking about the wonder and misses Sandhya as she could have explained how it happens. Bhabho taunts him saying Sandhya is not an astrologer and this is God’s wonder. Chathuri fails to stop them and they run to the shop. As soon as Bhabho reaches there, the TV goes off and nobody knows what is wrong. Bhabho curses herself thinking what sin she has made that she could not have darshan of Bholenath. Chavvi says this is the reason they need their own TV and Bhabho taunts her. On the side, they show Chathuri who has unplugged the TV cable wire.

In Ajmer, SurYa on sightseeing in a rikshaw. Sandhya asks Suraj on what he thinks about the Babaji incident. Suraj says it is God’s wonder and Babaji is a great person and such people also do wonder and Bhabho is a follower of that Babaji. Suraj says once he is back to Pushkar, will inform Bhabho about Sandhya’s education and then will bring her to Ajmer to visit this place.

In the house, Bhabho, Chathuri and Chavvi are washing the aangan with soap water. Bhabho is irritated as she could not have the darshan of Bholenath. Bhabhasa comes running without knowing it is soap water but then balances. He has brought groundnuts for Bhabho who scolds him. Meena is excited hearing groundnuts and Bhabasa gives it to her. Vikram who comes there is about to slip and manages well. Bhabho is annoyed and helpless. Mohit tells Bhabho that they should buy a TV as she can watch all the holy places in it. Bhabho scolds them saying she knows that once TV is brought, they will all be watching film music.

Daisa comes there to add fire. She asks them whether they know about the chamatkari shivling and people from Pushkar and surrounding places have started going to Ajmer to visit the holy place. Bhabho says if Suraj was there, he would have taken her immediately. Vikram asks Bhabho, why only Suraj, she has 3 sons and he would have taken her to Ajmer if he had not had some important work in the shop. Meena worried why is Vikram trying to become shravankumar and is relieved after he gives his usual excuse to Bhabho. Daisa informs them her son is taking her to Ajmer to see the shivling in a vehicle and if there is any place left, she will take Bhabho with them. Bhabho is irritated listening all this.

Mohit is smiling looking at his mobile and Vikram questions him. He says about the chamatkar at Ajmer and because of it, his meeting with a client is cancelled. Bhabho asks him to take her to Ajmer. Mohit is hesitant as it is Emily’s college but then he agrees and tells he will complete his work and goes to his room. There, he calls up Emily and asks her to not attend the college that day. She insists to know the reason and he tells he is bringing his mother there to show the shivling and want to avoid meeting each other. He tells that he wants to introduce her to Bhabho in a proper way and not now. Once the call ends, Emily thinks it is not right and she will definitely go to college.

In the house, Meena wants to visit the place and Bhabho agrees. Bhabho tells them to be ready by evening and they will visit and return by night. Chathuri tries to stop them again saying Suraj will be back and they would all go but Bhabho has decided to go and does not want to stop.

Precap: In the taxi, Bhabho scolds Meena for mistepping and tearing her slippers. In the rikshaw, looks like Suraj has bought new slippers for Bhabho and Sandhya wonders about the size and Suraj answers her.

Update Credit to: b2011

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