Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho saying Sooraj and Sandhya think I don’t understand, I know they were asking about getting a new baby….she tells Babasa that Sandhya is pregnant, a new baby is coming. Babasa says great, its very good news. Sandhya asks why will Bhabho not understand, she will understand we are talking about keeping pet, I told all benefits seeing this book. Sooraj says I don’t think so. Bhabho says its baby, seeing whom our tiredness goes, and who loves us innocently. Babasa agrees and says yes, why did they not tell us straight. Sandhya says if we told Bhabho straight, she would have refused, we told benefits to Bhabho, so now Bhabho will decide the changes that would come after keeping a dog at home. Sooraj says I don’t feel this. Bhabho says Sandhya would be shy,

that’s why she told like this. Babasa smiles and nods. Bhabho says sandhya told everything indirectly, I will also say that I did not understand anything, I want to see what they explain us next, they have to say us. Sandhya says we will tell Bhabho once she understands.

Vikram comes to room and gets shocked seeing Meenakshi. Meenakshi applies face pack and he screams. She says its me. He asks why did you make ghostly face. She says its women’s matter, face needs glow to look beautiful, I want to look most beautiful, I will look a moon. He smiles and says its somewhat tough. She asks why. Vikram praises Mahek’s beauty, she is so fair like a bulb, she will light in darkness. Meenakshi gets angry and steps on his feet. She says you are really Babasa’s son, Babasa is flirting around Resham and you are praising Mahek. He says why are you crying, I was just saying competition is tough. She says tomorrow we will see who is fairer, who looks moon.

Its morning, Mahek sees Resham and thinks to do something to cover up truth in sangeet. She helps Resham and acts sweet. She says I have does sangeet arrangements well, its all fine, don’t worry. Resham says I m see your hardwork, I liked your surprise idea, but there should be no bad intention without it, as you always cursed Arzoo, you did not wish Arzoo’s marriage to happen, I can digest your change. Mahek thinks its not easy to convince Resham, and starts crying to fool Resham. Resham asks Mahek to stop this crocodile tears. Arzoo asks Resham not to stop her from dancing, its her sangeet. Mahek prays for the floor. Resham asks Arzoo to dance freely. Mahek thinks how to hide Arzoo’s Mushtandi look, that’s why I thought of this surprise to hide the truth, if Arzoo dances, Rathi family can know the Mushtandi’s truth, I have to do something.

Sandhya practices dance. Sooraj says Chulbul’s entry is set. She says great and shows honeymoon packages. He checks the brochures and says Thailand.. she shows Dubai’s brochure and says I think this will be good. He says I think newly wed will go to calm and peaceful place. She says women love to shop with husbands, its peaceful too. They argue over the place. She holds his face and kisses on his cheek. Diya aur baati………….plays………. she asks will Dubai be right. He says yes, Dubai is right. She says so I will call travel agent, we will need Arzoo’s passport. He says you have this art to make me agree. She says I should use this till it works, I will go and see Rathi family, whether they are ready to give tough fight to Bakshi family in dance.

The guys see the family coming and gets confused seeing the dressings, whether they are groom’s family or bride’s family. Rathi Family come for sangeet wearing traditional Muslim clothes. Babasa says we are groom’s family, we got these attires to balance with bride’s family, where are they…. They all get shocked seeing Bakshi family in Rajasthani attires. Resham greets them and welcomes them in Rajasthani style. Bhabho and everyone say Aadaab…. They all laugh.

Sandhya hugs Resham. Sooraj says you all gave big surprise, we look of each other’s native place. Sandhya says yes. Mahek thinks now no one will talk about Pakistan, its good they came in our style of attires, I will break this secret later. She smiles. She signs her husband and goes. Meenakshi thinks what is Mahek cooking and goes to see. Mahek’s husband Bakshi asks her for money. Mahek says it got over, I had to buy clothes for everyone. Meenakshi says I want to say something, money to wife and proof to Pakistan always get less, and does shayari. Mahek worries and says you joke a lot, that’s why I like you. She laughs and says actually, its ritual here to joke with Samdhis, don’t feel bad, come, sangeet is starting.

Babasa does shayari for Resham. Bhabho stares at him. Sandhya asks about Arzoo. Resham asks them to see there, Arzoo is there. Mahek claps and curtain rises. Everyone smile seeing Arzoo. Arzoo looks at Chotu and smiles. Mahek thinks Mushtandi is sitting on flowers, and her weight is pushing flowers in ground. Mahek gets call from courier company. The man says Sandhya ji, tell us where to send courier. Mahek says there is no one at home and asks him to send at this address. She says if I sent this courier at Rathi house, the secret of address would have been out, the truth will be out in just mandap. Meenakshi hears this and thinks what courier, whose gift is Mahek taking.

Mahek asks the delivery guy where to sign, give me Arzoo’s lahenga fast. Bhabho stops her and asks the man why did he not send it. The man asks how will we deliver it, you gave Pakistan’s Hyderabad address, not India’s. Mahek gets tensed and closes eyes. Bhabho drops the packet and looks at Mahek.

Bhabho goes to Resham and says we got cheated. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Utter nonsense ??

  2. The only interesting portion of today’s episode is the poetry of Bhabasa on seeing Resham and Bhabu looking at him with fake resentment.

  3. Shit.End this unnecessary dog drama & this bakwas track soon.
    Waiting for tomorrow’s twist.

  4. I too agree with u guys

  5. Rubbish.Can anyone plz tell me what is Mushtandi?I don’t understand this word

    1. Fat girl

  6. I actually like arzoo n Aryans pair they r different n cute arzoo is chubby n she’s actually a basketball player

  7. I think chulbul will change their mind

  8. I am thinking chotu also fake

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