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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Sandhya’s romance. He holds her and she moves away. He holds her hand and asks what is she thinking. He says we got a chance to be together after a long time, should we revive our marriage memories. She avoids him and he hugs her asking what is the matter. She smiles and calls him uncle. She sees fire alarm and gets an idea. He gives her a rose and she gets tensed seeing him getting more closer. He says till where will you run, you can’t be saved from me tonight. Mohit comes home and Emily asks about Pari. He asks the same. She says you took her to office, where is she. He says he did not take Pari. They are shocked.

Emily starts crying and Mohit scolds her for being careless. Meenakshi says she did not see Pari. Emily and Mohit argue. Meenakshi

says stop blaming each other, do something to find Pari. Mohit says I will complain in police station. Ankur calls Mohit and asks him to come home. Mohit says I m finding Pari. Ankur says she is at our home, she came along with Bulbul, Bulbul said she asked Emily, I was thinking to send her, or will you come to take her.
Mohit says I will come and scolds Emily for giving permission to Bulbul and forgetting. They all go to get Pari back. Ankita asks Bulbul to get Pari. Emily says we were afraid. Bulbul brings Pari and they are shocked seeing all makeup on her face. Ankita asks Bulbul what did she do. Bulbul says I did bridal makeup. Emily hugs Pari. Mohit says I did not know you do such good makeup, and Bulbul apologizes. Ankita says sorry, I will get her face cleaned. Mohit says its fine between kids.

Emily says yes. Meenakshi says kids do mischief in this age. Bulbul say she had fun with Pari. Meenakshi says Pari will come even tomorrow. Bulbul asks Mohit will he send Pari. Emily says Pari has to go to her Nani’s house, I will leave her next time. Mohit says we will leave now. Sooaj gets closer to Sandhya and she gets discomfort. She stops him and says she is feeling cold. He says then come to me. She sees the washroom and goes there. He stops her from closing the door and he goes closer. She moves away from him.

She hides behind the curtain. He smiles and removes it. He opens his arms and she moves back. He holds her feet and they have an eyelock. Tu sooraj mai saanjh………………plays………….. he puts rose petals on her feet. She gets nervous and he holds her. He goes ahead to kiss her and she runs away. She gets a tissue and puts in candle vase. Sooraj lifts her in his arms and makes her lie on the bed. The fire alarm rings by the smoke and Sooraj gets away from her. She gets relieved.

Mohit and Emily argue as everything is messed up after they got separated from Bhabho. She says she got big order in parlor and asks him to adjust today. He says he is adjusting since marriage and argues. Meenakshi hears them and laughs. She says she got tired so soon, and taunts Emily. Vikram comes and scolds Meenakshi for making sandwich in breakfast. Emily laughs. Vikram says Bhabho made good food always.

Emily taunts Meenakshi. Meenakshi argues with a lady baby care taker and thinks something. She gets an idea and smiles. . Sooraj wakes up and sees Sandhya taking medicines. He comes to her and hugs her saying he was finding her. Her purse falls and he picks it up. She gets tensed as he opens the purse.

Sooraj asks Sandhya what will she choose, truth or dare. Sandhya says truth, no challenge. Sooraj asks her to rethink.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just reveal kidney secret. Everyone will be pleased with Sandhya.

    1. Seems it’s going to happen next week only. Director trying to hold audience with this matter so that people will see each and every episode… 🙂

  2. Today episode is just a review of yesterday………

  3. i guess suraj got to known the he want sandy to say herself to him.i guessed it by his behaviour today.

  4. This “Precap” is nothing but, just creating curiosity in audience… watch nxt episode day by day

  5. I guess that, In tomorrow episode sooraj’s family will go for site seeing
    and at the end today’s precap will come to picture

  6. Sooraj Sandhya’s painful romance.Feel sorrowness with Sandhya.

  7. boring. It is waste of time watching today’s episode.

    1. Director is absolutely stupid. Sandhya is acting like lover to Sooraj instead of wife to Sooraj.
      The director should have showed that Sandhya is emotional and angry since Sooraj did not accept her decision during hijack incident.

      Ankur is very smart he wants Sandhya to reveal her secret. That is why he send the Rathis family to resort. We need a new director to continue this show. I am unable to watch the lovers romance. I want to see real husband and wife romance like angriness and then romance.

      The secret will not be revealed until we will hit the episode count 1000. Since, it is highly rated show, the story writer will drag the show as much as possible.

  8. Kidney secret ‘ll be revealed only after 3 months as a 5 days hijack drama finished by taking 1 & a half months

    1. Director is not too much stupid. I think this track is end next 2 weeks.


    its true or only rumour? again misunderstanding and distance b/w sooraj and sandhya?

    1. It’s neither true nor rumor rather it’s just someone’s analysis. Now they will never get separated.

  10. But why they are repeat yesterday episode today they are just Waiting our data and time

  11. Oh sorry wasting not waiting

  12. Sooraj thrown out sandhya in his life. Sandhya try to back sooraj’s life. Sooraj realizes his mistake, appolizes in front of people and accept sandhya.
    But sandhya turns bhabo’s “bahu” to “daughter”.so she doesnot think about her husband , kidney donate’s time. Sandhya lost her husband.

    1. Sandya by donating her kidney to Babho, not only made Suraj miserable in his his married life but also her country ‘s interest by spoiling her health. So it is very clear that she loves her family better than her country.Why at all people like Sandya become IPS officers and deny others’ chances of selection who may likely put interest in their country first more than their personal interests of their family.

  13. Earlier we used to get good feeling with Sooraj and Sandhya romance but not now….

  14. From the beginning Sandhya unable to give husband rights to Sooraj due to some reasons… Poor Sooraj…. I think Sooraj and Sandhya is going to have Test Tube Baby only…. So this serial is going to promote Test Tube Baby…

    1. your thinking is amazing .

  15. Nothing great with Sandhya, all the time she will behave like dis only(even she was healthy)

  16. What the hell………
    All the time sooraj has to tell every thing to sandhya. But sandhya never tells to him
    always hidding…..selfish sandhya

  17. Alwayas educated person is not intelligent. Sandhya proves that.

  18. I think this serial get bored….
    Bhabho own son and daughter not donated….
    She act so smart to donate….
    For me she stupid because hide from lovely husband

  19. As per spoiler punch
    Sandhya sees Sooraj’s photo and smiles. She maintains a distance with him and talks to his pic, saying she loves him a lot. Sooraj’s romance makes her play hide and seek with him. She confesses her love and acts like sleeping when he comes to her. Sooraj doubts on her weird behavior and comes to know about her secret. He gets her medicines and sees her prescription concerned to her medical state. He gets the doctor’s call about Sandhya’s appointment, and he is shocked knowing about her sacrifice for Bhabho. He blames himself for questioning Sandhya’s loyalty towards them. He gets annoyed with her for hiding such a big matter and also respects her for saving Bhabho’s life by giving one of her kidney. Will this truth bring any unwanted rift in their lives?

    1. It is absolutely garbage.

  20. It is confirm that next week sooraj will come to know the truth…. but what will happen next..? will he be able to excuse himself ever…? will he be able to live happily with sandhya…?

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