Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Roma and Rahul fooling Sooraj talking to him in Sandhya’s voice. They laugh talking to Sooraj enjoying the talk. Roma asks Sooraj to send his photo wearing her favorite kurta. Sooraj says I will send you the pic tomorrow. Roma insists and says its a matter of mins, please i m missing you a lot. Sooraj agrees. He says I will send the photo, you have become very stubborn. Roma says I will call after I get the photo. Rahul laughs. Sooraj searches for the green kurta which Sandhya likes. Bhabho closes the main door and sees Sooraj. She asks him do you want anything.

Sooraj asks for the green kurta. Bhabho says its here. Sooraj sees its put for washing. He says it was clean. Bhabho says Chaturi brought it from your room, why are you worried, where

do you have to go wearing it at night, wear it tomorrow, go and sleep. She goes to sleep. Sooraj sees Bhabho going. He goes to take the kurta. Zakir taunts Sandhya and says you have to work hard and sweat for getting the trophy. Sandhya does not reply. He says you chose 28th position, its the right position, you will save yourself from negative trophy but you won’t be eligible fir best cadet trophy. Sandhya replies him back well and gets angry. Zakir says you should have anger in you, don’t waste your energy, save it for tomorrow’s race. Zakir leaves.

Sooraj sends his photo in green kurta. Roma and Rahul see it that the kurta is wet. Rahul says yes its wet, why did he wear wet kurta, its very cold there, if he can wear a wet kurta, he can do anything for his love. Roma says this is not good, we don’t have any right to take his love’s test, we should apologize to him. Roma calls Sooraj. Sooraj says did you get the photo. Roma tells him that she joked and talked to him. Sandhya hears this. Roma says we did not love your joke will lead to this, I m really sorry, please forgive us. Rahul also talks to Sooraj and says this idea was mine, forgive me.

Sooraj says we are friends, its ok. Roma says you wore a wet kurta in so much cold because of us, if Sandhya comes to know… Roma sees Sandhya and tells her that we were having fun. Sooraj has crossed the limit in love. He wore a wet kurta. His love is really deep. Sandhya says I will talk to him. Rahul says did Sandhya feel bad. Sandhya apologizes on their behalf. Sooraj says its fine, I thought you told me to send the photo. Sandhya says why did you wear a wet kurta in so much cold. He says its so not cold. She says don’t lie, go and change, cover with blanket. She ends the call.

Rahul and Roma apologize to Sandhya saying we did not know Sooraj will wear a wet kurta. Sandhya says its ok. Rahul smiles. Roma says you are very lucky to get a loving man like Sooraj, I wish I also get someone like him. Sandhya says you will get. Sandhya gets Sooraj’s call. Roma and Rahul leave. Sooraj gets under the shawl. They have a talk. Sandhya tells him about the cycle race. Sooraj asks her to win it and gives her tips. She says you are my Guru, thanks. Someone changes Sandhya’s position from 28 to 18.

Its morning, Sandhya gets ready for the cycle race. She does the warm up. Rahil comes to her with fruits. Sandhya smiles and asks whats all this. Rahul says its for your cycle race, Sooraj asked me to do this. He called me and asked me to buy fruits for you. Sandhya is happy knowing this. Rahul says when I fall in love, I will go and meet Sooraj to get love tips. Sandhya thanks Rahul.

Sooraj calls Sandhya. She says I was calling you, I got the fruits. He says drink the coconut water and have the bananas also. He says I have also sent Campus’s mandir’s prasad, have it first. She eats it. Diya aur Baati………. plays…………. She smiles and says I have eaten it. He says no one can defeat you, you will win. Sandhya says now i m sure that I will win, as I have your trust with you which I won’t let to be broken. She sounds confident. He asks her to keep smiling and ends the call.

Everyone have a fun talk at home. Bhabho and Vikram asks Sooraj to have laddos. Sooraj says I will eat later. Bhabho says fine, if you don’t wish to, have it when you feel hungry. Bhabho applies oil to Sooraj’s hair and asks shim to remove his shirt. She sees Sooraj’s pendent missing and asks him where did it go, did it fall anywhere. She says it was Mannat’s locket and you had to keep it wearing. Sooraj says I made Sandhya wear it when I was coming back from Hyderabad. Bhabho and everyone are shocked.

Sandhya comes to know that her position is changed and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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