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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shilpi revealing Misri and selling her off for a price. Sandhya and Arpita proceed and find some light coming from behind the cartons. They get inside and do not find anyone. They see the tags. Makrand and Shilpi take all girls with them. Arpita says they are selling girls and kept this tags, the cigarette is still burning, it means they just left. Sandhya says they got news of our raid, we have to catch them. Makrand says we have to take girls out of this city. Shilpi says its not easy to fool police.

Makrand says I know well to fool them, police reached there, we have to leave. Misri and the girls shout for help. Sandhya says we have surrounded the place, we have to find the secret way, we have to save the innocent girls, just find the exit. Arpita says I have

checked, there is no exit. Sandhya sees the light and calls all the staff. Makrand says we have to leave, give injection to all of them, they will be unconscious. Sandhya hears the girls crying. Misri gets injected and screams. Sandhya says Misri.

Shilpi says this girl is ill, she can die if we put her inside drum. Makrand asks her not to care for girls. He asks the men to cross the checkpost and not do any mistake. Sandhya and her team tries reaching them. The truck leaves. Sandhya asks the staff to check. Arpita sees the injection fallen there. She smells it and shows to Sandhya. She says its drugs in it. Sandhya says they would have given drugs to girls, inform all checkpost to check all vehicles. Sooraj calls Sandhya and asks did you reach there, did you get Misri, everyone is worried at home.

Sandhya says they took Misri and all girls before we reached them, we are after them, trust me, I will come home after freeing Misri and all girls, then it will be real independence day celebration, don’t worry, manage everyone at home. Bhabho asks Sooraj did Sandhya get Misri. Babasa asks Sooraj what did Sandhya say. Sooraj says Sandhya said she could not get Misri yet, the culprits took all girls and left from that place. Meenakshi stumbles. Emily holds her and asks her to be strong.

Shilpi wears burqa and says now no one can identify us. Inspector stops all the cars at checkpost. Shilpi hides. Inspector asks truck driver to show car papers. Shilpi sees her sketch there and worries. She starts acting. Inspector asks driver to show whats in car. Driver says just chemicals. Inspector asks him to show. Shilpi thinks what to do, if inspector sees all drums, game will be over.

Inspector asks constable to check fast. Constable says its chemicals. Driver says its just chemicals, let us go. Shilpi recalls Makrand saying putting chemicals towards the front, police won’t check all drums. Shilpi gets relieved. The truck leaves. She calls Makrand and says you said right, it was easy to fool police.

Makrand says once Shilpi gets girls, no one can touch us, we will put girls in ambulance and make them go across border, india is celebrating independence and girls are going to become servants for life. He laughs. The truck comes. Makrand asks did anyone doubt Shilpi. She signs its fine. The men check drums and says its all empty. Makrand asks what nonsense. He asks Shilpi about it, where did girls go, answer me you idiot. He raises hand on her and she holds his hand. She reveals her face. He gets shocked seeing Arpita. Arpita scolds him and aims gun at him. Makrand says you have come to die, kill her, don’t care for me. Arpita says I will shoot at him, don’t dare to shoot. Makrand says just shoot her. A drum rolls and Sandhya makes an entry. Sandhya and Arpita take positions.

Makrand shoots at Sandhya. Sandhya covers up and shoots the goons down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very Good Episode.Superb Suspense Ahead.Eagerly awaiting to know how SANDHYA & ARPITA saved the girls & reached @ Makrand’s place.Hope DABH team will definitely show how SANDHYA & ARPITA saved the girls in a sensible way.Plz show it clearly how SANDHYA & ARPITA reached Makrand’s place in a sensible way.Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes and upcoming track too.Thanks & Hats Off to DABH team for ending this track in a heavily thrilling manner as well as so fast without any unnecessary lags & drag.
    Good Job

  2. goood one

  3. Very very super episode interesting to watch. Sandhya definitely save the girls eagerly waiting for next episode.

  4. This is one of the best tracks of dabh !! Well done team dabh , especially sandya and arpita!

  5. Latika pandey


  6. Excellent work by dabh teamm…

  7. Nice episode…BT yr suspense q rakha

  8. Super Episode.Sandhya and Arpita rockzzz

  9. Superb episode! love I it

  10. soumitra majumder

    Realy excelent episode i lv whole of dabh team their acting and drama superb but my request dnt stop this show it is one of the best tv show in our world we learn something from it

  11. Well done sandhya n arpita n I hope they get the safe back

  12. It seems a magic to see Sandya coming out of a drum which is in Makrand’s place. I think they will let the cats out of the bag.

  13. Come on Sandhya! You are doing your best. Love Deepika and Sandhya. Plz DABH team dont stop DABH. Hope when DABH’s TRP is better they will continue it with Deepika and Anas. Plz!!!!! Best couple Sandhya and Sooraj. Love for them and DABH !

  14. Thanks amena to right fr us god bless u

  15. Superb Episode. DABH is always rockzz. Sandhya and Arpita rockzz. Plz dont end DABH Plz!!!!! God bless DABH

  16. SOORAJ and SANDHYA deep lovers...

    My God plezzzz bless dabh to continue …….we didn’t want this to end….

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