Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shekhar talking to Manjari. She says she did not hurt Chanchal intentionally. He says how to get someone else in Chanchal’s place. She says I can’t do anything, go. He thinks how to get a dancer as play can’t work without Chanchal, they have to work out Garjana’s plan. Sandhya sings the song and Shekhar hears her. He tells Manjari that Sagarika will work in his play. Manjari asks who will do work here. He gives her money and convinces her. Sagarika says don’t send me, I won’t go and hugs Manjari. Manjari says no, she does not know about work here, she can dance in your play.

Sandhya cries and say she will feel shame to dance infront of everyone. Manjari agrees and asks Shekhar to take her. Sandhya says she won’t go. Shekhar says a woman is needed

to dance, he is stuck, please say yes to save me. She agrees to return his favor. He thanks her and goes to get his jhola/bag. She thinks now no one can stop her from reaching Chandu and Garjana, mission Mahabali will be over and then she will return to her family.

Sooraj sees few gold chains. Vikram gets a call and goes. He talks to some one. Sooraj likes a chain with S pendant. Sooraj asks Vikram to see. Vikram says I went to your office and got small cheque, I did not get 5 lakhs cheque. He says will it happen in one or two days, great. Sooraj asks Vikram is this fine, and Vikram asks him to get it packed. Sooraj sees S and says this will suit Sandhya a lot. Sooraj asks Vikram again. Vikram is busy on phone and says sure, pack it. He thinks Sooraj bought this gift for Sooraj and it will go to Lalima, and his cheque will come to me and Meenakshi.

Sandhya asks where are they going, she has to do packing. He says the place and they will stay there till 15t august. She thinks to pass this info to Bharat soon. Ved is sad. Pari and Misri pacify him, and asks him not to be sad, as Bhabho is doing this for Sooraj, and Sandhya will get sad seeing him sad. Pari asks him to smile. Misri asks him to get ready.

Lokesh and Lalima come to Rathi house. Bhabho welcomes her and calls Meenakshi and everyone to see Lalima. Meenakshi compliments Lalima. Misri says she is not looking so good, why are you lying, Sandhya was very beautiful. Meenakshi asks her to stop it and takes blessings from Lalima, who will be her elder sister in law now. She says Bhabho has such rules and asks her to bless her.

She asks Emily to come and take blessings from Lalima. Bhabho asks Lalima to bless, and calls kids to take blessings. Lalima stops the kids and I don’t like kids touching my feet, and hugs Misri and Pari. Meenakshi introduces the girls. Lalima looks for Ved and asks about him. Bhabho asks her to sit, she will call Ved. Lalima says if you don’t feel bad, shall I meet Ved myself. Meenakshi says he is there. Lalima goes to Ved and sees him crying.

Ved sees his family drawing. Lalima talks to him and says he makes good drawings. She asks him to taste the sweets and he refuses saying he does not like it. Bhabho asks what is he saying, he likes sweets and asks him to eat some. She insists. Ved takes a sweet. Lalima says its fine Ved if you don’t want to eat, we can’t do what we don’t like, and kisses him. Bhabho smiles. She thinks her decision was right. Lalima will manage everything.

Sandhya comes to market and thinks Bharat won’t come today. She sees the man and thinks he is from Bharat’s team. She argues with him and supports the lady complaining about bangles. The lady goes. Sandhya says the info for Bharat, Garjana will have meeting at Raipur, and she will go there taking part in the play, learn to sell bangles next time, we can’t take risk to draw attention. He says yes madam. She asks him to get good bangles next time and goes.

Bhabho does the shagun aarti and blesses Lalima. Bhabho tells Emily that Bhabho has done shagun, but how will she make Sooraj put ring in Lalima’s finger. Meenakshi tells Vikram that its problem, how will Lalima wear ring by Sooraj. Lokesh asks her to call Sooraj for exchanging rings. Bhabho says she will call Sooraj. Sooraj gets ready and says we are so lucky Sandhya, to marry three times, its our engagement today. He talks to her pic and says it looks its happening for the third time. She looks at the pic and asks did he get ready. He says he is looking good, and asks him to come for engagement, they have to keep some shyness and not talk to Sandhya, she is not his wife today.

Sooraj says one min. Bhabho thinks Sandhya has snatched my happiness, and today her pic gave me idea of how to get Sooraj and Lalima engaged.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
The commander talks to Shekhar. Bhabho brings Sooraj downstairs. Ved cries, Sooraj says Bhabho, that girl….

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. NS4

    Good morning guys..
    Have nice day.??

    How many days it take to revel sheker was real Chandu..for Sandhya..
    I was unable to accept this suspens to be prolong too many days

    • NS4

      I think today or tomorrow.. They will revel this suspense… as Sandhya was going to travel with nutanki people…and Chandu has to goto Jaipur.. so that Chandu truth comes out for Sandhya…

    • ANU

      I think it will revel after 15th aug sandhya some drama is playing to know chandu …..guys any body guess who is krish??????

  2. Mathan

    i Don’t like this because of bhabo………………………..why this work. sooraj never forget sandhya….

  3. vaishnavi

    wat is gng 2 hapnd hw sandhya ll handle mission and save her marriage life…they creating more suspenses bt pls end as happy …reunite suraj and sandhya i dnt like lalima in suraj life…

  4. NS4

    I feel in today episode.. They show sooraj engagement scene’s…it will be sad for us…

    But I was just waiting for Sandhya’s scene only…

    • ANU

      ya true say ns4 i dont wt to watch bleddy bhaboo scene…bcoz sandy khe bare bura bolti hai …..see how sad sooraj ka engagement karvane ke liye bhi sandy ka help leti hai (photo)……still sandy ko blame kati hai …….. sandy ke bina rathi parivaar life lead nahi kar sakthe….nd that to vikram also waiting that money….

  5. richa

    i hava doubt ?????bhabho blames sandy for everything but acc to the scene bhabho and sooraj were in d train ………….and bhabho saw sandy in bengaji clothes in the train………..and the train compartments detached at that tyme…… bhabho shud think sandy saved her nd sooraj’s and other passengers life risking her own life and shud be greatful …………….i dont think so she knows it was police plan to conduct d blast………….until zakir hav told her bcoz she told zakir “itne din se isi sab ki planning chal rhi thi na tumhari”……………….. if she doesnt know this she should be greeatful to sandy despite of being angry and blaming her…..??????

  6. LuvDABH

    I feel some interesting tracks going to happen between lalima and Baboo. I’m still doubtful about lalima? What do you guys think? I’m so eager to see August 15th track, not able to sleep properly ?

  7. NS4

    Sandhya going with dance troupe to give a performance.. means can I expect one more dance performances from Sandhya(deepkia)….
    Actually I love deepkia’s dance…

    Wats ur opinion abt [email protected],Varsha,richa

    • richa

      yeah v can accept performances from sandy and good ones… hope bhabho and party does not cm there and ruin the shw………………….ved is clever and understanding i hope he meets sandy there and they just hav a small rreunion…………… and ved help to cancel marrig……………

    • ANU

      ya @ns4 me too from starting of this serial i love all dance performance of deepika…..recently shiv drama and hoto phe ayse baath……performance ……..i loved it very much….

  8. shuvi

    in spoilers I saw.. in dharamshala sooraj sees sandhya .. sandhya was making her hair dry… while sooraj was on his way… few drops of water splits on sooraj’s face… and then he sees sandhya.. but not her face… by seeing her hair and from her back he understands that she is sandhya… woww that scene was so romantic…

  9. xxxx

    S he saw sandhya and called her sandhya also hears and she become restless and avoids him because chandu keep an eye on her

    • NS4

      @Saniel :Its a symbolic way how much we respect elders

      In hindu religion …we pray many gods……But we don’t know actually face of any god.we just worship them.
      So in reality the real GOD was non other than Our Parents and Who are elder than US.

      So ..In the name of God we worship our parents….. to take blessing we touch their feets means..we are asking their forgiveness for our mistakes in the name of god.

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