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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man saying I m not your enemy, I did not kidnap you to harm you, I got you here to tell you some truth, some big names in this city does not want you to know this truth, danger increased on us, please wake up Sandhya.The man writes a note for Sandhya and keeps in her pocket. He covers the barrel and leaves from there. Puru asks commandos to find them and kill them. He says I earned this name, fame and money by hardwork, to save my name, I can kill them. He asks the commandos to find them, else he won’t be saved. The commando collides with the barrel. The barrel falls and Sandhya falls out of it. The man calls police and tells about Sandhya’s whereabouts. He says come soon, your delay can risk her life, she is in danger. Commissioner gets this info and rushes with


Bhabho cries. Meenakshi sees her. Meenakshi asks her to have some food and cries. Bhabho does not eat the food. Vikram looks on. He says don’t know what to do. Meenakshi says don’t know whose bad sight our house caught. He says everything changed in just one day, look at Bhabho’s state, I can’t see this. She says Bhabho is soul of this house, do something, I can’t see this. He says if it was in my hands, I would have done something, let Sandhya come, I will ask her why did she get doing this.

Puru sees Sandhya and says SSP Sandhya Rathi, person finds death when the time comes. Puru gets the note from her pocket and reads it.

Dadusa asks Maasa what will she do when Emily asks her. Maasa says Emily won’t ask, its not her nature to ask anything, she has been with Mohit for many years, I have thought well, she is good. He says Emily is good, but she is human too, when the truth comes out, she will know what we have hidden, and then this house can get ruined. She says I won’t let this happen.

Puru says no police officer should take training seriously, this honesty and everything should not matter, you met your enemy today, this time you did not know the truth, next time this won’t happen, such things can’t be let loose in politics. He takes out gun to shoot her. Sooraj and police arrives there. Puru shoots. Sooraj hears the sound and shouts Sandhya. They all come there and see Puru with his injured hand. Sooraj sees Sandhya. Puru says its good you came here, the man was taking Sandhya, my commandos and I have saved her in time, take Sandhya to hospital, she is in bad state. Sooraj lifts Sandhya and takes her. Puru looks on angrily.

Sooraj is at hospital. Puru tells commissioner that Sandhya was kidnapper. Commissioner says kidnapped took a big risk, I feel strange, he had time to kill Sandhya, she was unconscious and could not defend, but there is not even a single scratch on her body, the question is why did he kidnap Sandhya. Puru says yes, maybe he did not kidnap to kill her. Commissioner says police is after that man, why did he do this kidnapping.

Emily comes to room and sees Om. She says I have to talk to you. He says I can’t talk now. She says I can’t wait. He says you will ask why did I leave you alone, whose call I got, sorry I can’t answer you. She says are you done, there is no use to talk about past, because it can’t be changed, I don’t want to waste your time, I was making Sparsh bath and felt he has fever, we should get his test done, Malaria is spreading. He says I will make his test done. She gets hurt and falls. He does not help her and goes. She says I m trying my best to return your smile.

Puru says maybe the man wants to scare Sandhya, after statement related to Arzoo, there are many enemies of her, we have to protect her, so I decided my commandos will protect her. Sandhya holds Sooraj’s hand and opens eyes. Sooraj asks do you want to say something. She tells him something. Sooraj looks at Puru.

Sandhya faces inquiry committee. The man says if anything happens to Arzoo, it will be murder charge on you, You will be punished. Nurse says Arzoo’s heartbeat stopped.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aarzoo is lying on the bed for more than a week with unstable heart beat. Will she get up from her bed at least during next Holi?

  2. Donoo still in how many precaps does arzoo’s heartbeat stops!!!sick of all des

  3. Ok ok episode..

  4. I think puru is with gul mohamed n sandhya find out

  5. nice episode.

  6. Can anyone tell me what was written on that note for Sandhya because i tried my best but i was not able to translate it

  7. trp of show is falling drastically as they are draging nonesense stories

  8. I think Minister is Gul’s man.
    Okay Episode. Stupid Idiotic Irritating Nonsense tracks.
    End this bakwas senseless stupid f**king TRACKS soon.

    Stupid brainless writers & director.
    blo*dy Fools.Go to blo*dy hell you…..

    1. Fed up by this stupid nonsense ongoing tracks.

  9. It’s a medical miracle that Aarzo is still alive while her heart stopped 10 days ago. And all the credit goes to the episode director.

  10. Exactly AD , the man that kidnapped Sandhya wrote on the note that the real culprit is the minister and he is whit Gul

  11. Nice episode……any way I love Diya aur baati hum…..

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