Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Sooraj that we can tell Bhabho the truth that Vansh is fine, her worry will get less, but will she stop herself from meeting Vansh, when we tell her that Ved and Vansh study in same school. Sooraj says we can’t meet Vansh, Ankur has sent the legal notice and I don’t want my family to bear any legal issues. He says lets go and tell everything to Bhabho. Bhabho asks Mohit to understand what Pari is going through, she is smart and understand everything. Mohit cries and sits in her feet, saying what if she does not understand, if she does not forgive me…

Bhabho says she is a kid, they forget everything with time, I will explain her. Sooraj and Sandhya come and look on. Bhabho says its 6 years, I have always prayed to see Vansh, I know the pain

of losing a child, I have hope that I will get Vansh soon, I won’t die without seeing him. She cries. Mohit says we will get Vansh for sure. She says if this happens, I will be much happy. She hugs Mohit and cries. Sooraj says its not right time to talk to her, we will talk later.

Golu asks Misri why did Pari not come till now. Misri says she went to sleep with her mum. He says even I want my mum, will she come, or are you lying to me. Misri says mum will come soon. Ved says did my dad really lie, as dad told me we should not lie, else Lord punishes us, then why did dad lie. Bhabho comes and says yes, lying is bad, and tells them what Sooraj did, if you lie for someone’s good, its not lie. She says she will make Ved sleep. Its morning, Ved goes to school. The teacher asks the kids to say who love their dad.

Ved says my dad is best. Vansh says my dad is best. The teacher says everyone’s dad is best and asks them to write an essay on their dad. Ved says I finished first. She asks them to read their essays one by one. Ved goes to read first. Mohit tells Pari that he will drop her to school, why is she not replying. She says no need, mum dropped me for 6 years and she will come today. He asks her not to forget he is her father. Pari says you forgot that you are my father, father is one who protects from problems, not the one who leave in problem, that uncle said right, you can’t be my father. Mohit raises hand and Sooraj stops him, scolding him to be ashamed.

Mohit says see her, how is she talking. Bhabho asks Emily to take Pari and Misri. Sooraj says Pari was saying about responsibilities, know the meaning of a father first, and explains him that father becomes father when he does all the duties. He says he can’t raise like this, if he wants respect and love from his daughter, win her heart. Everyone cry. Sandhya cries and thinks Sooraj is best husband and he proved today that he is best father. Ved is very lucky. Ved tells the essay and recalls what Sandhya told her. He says he wants to become like his dad, and recalls the kids laughing. He lies that he is a hotel owner, and does not tell that he is Halwai. He says I love my dad and everyone clap for him. Ved smiles.

The kids ask Ved which hotel does his dad work in. Ved says Sooraj hotel. They ask more and he goes to washroom. Vansh looks on. He sees Sooraj and he says he should not lie. Ved says he lied today. Sooraj asks why did he lie. Ved says Dadi said the lie which does not harm anyone is not lie, and says when he told about him, kids asked, if he said he is halwai, they would have laughed on him. He sees Sooraj not there and says Papa.

Sooraj and Sandhya go to market. He says we should take caps for kids and buys for all kids. Sooraj says he is lucky to be Sandhya’s husband and now he feels proud when anyone calls him Ved’s father. She smiles. A lady sells black threads and he buys four. He says I know you don’t believe all this, but kids should not catch bad sight, after becoming a father, I fear for kids, after we lost Vansh. He says sorry if she felt bad. She says I m proud that you are best father, I wished Mohit also became like you. He says he was scared seeing Pari’s reaction, if I was in Mohit’s place, I would have shattered. He says we don’t have anything like that, Ved loves me, I m much in his eyes. Sandhya thinks Sooraj’s heart is sensitive, I will not let his pride go, its good I ended Ved’s doubt.

The teacher tells Ved that she will invite Ved’s dad in school, to share his success story. Ved is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. amena plz update for nauc many r waiting…..

  2. Useless mohit, worst son, worst brother,worst lover,worst husband, worst father. Its waste fr him to alive.

  3. We want to see Sandhya’s IPS career

  4. Sandhya’s voice problem, Minakshi ‘s absence. For those reason story still in a place. Sooraj & Ved relationship.

    Not only Dabh,almost all show shows their best performances, August to December.

  5. I think that in 6 years,sandhya’s absence, Sooraj does illegal relationship with Emily. So he shows fake love to Pari.

  6. Misri assures Golu that their mother will come quickly but when ?
    When chotu enters ?

  7. Yeah ur right aishwarya….this serial is totally out of track….I hv no idea y there is no sign of ips

  8. Ved shouldn’t lie. Find a intellectual way .

  9. Main to Superman salman ka fan


  10. chocolate maraj

    [email protected] voiceproblem said by her [email protected] o n internet

  11. I dnt comment negetively,but i have to say,mohit is so useless.

  12. nice update.

  13. Is there any time changes in DABH.. Pls anyone can reply me’…

  14. when will meenakshi vikram enter the show? when will vansh know that sandhya sooraj are his parents?

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