Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th September 2016 Written *Last* Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking why is everyone cry, say something. Sooraj says its big test, I m going away from you, I just have 25mins with you all. He cries and says your Sooraj is going away from you forever, forgive me if possible, I could not become your support in your old age. Bhabho asks where are you going, everything for fine. She asks Sandhya what is Sooraj saying, go after 2-3 days wherever you want, I will come along. Sandhya says you always have complaint with me that I never listen to you, I can’t listen to you even today, I m going forever. Bhabho asks whats happening, where are they going. Babasa says those devils have put bombs inside their bodies, which can’t be removed, its just 25mins, see our children. Everyone cry. Bhabho gets shocked.

Sooraj tells

Bhabho that we have to go, this is my request, bless me, I can’t go without your blessing. Bhabho asks what blessing shall I give. Sooraj and Sandhya hold her feet, and ask for blessings as they are going forever. Sandhya asks her to bless them, else they can’t go. Bhabho goes inside house and shuts door. She throws the watch. Sandhya and Sooraj ask her to open the door. Bhabho cries. Sandhya says we just have 20 mins. Officer says time is less, anything can happen. Sandhya and Sooraj fold hands and greet everyone. Everyone cry. Commissioner, Arpita and police staff salute Sandhya and Sooraj. Sandhya and Sooraj leave.

Commissioner says Sandhya and Sooraj’s sacrifice news has spread in entire Pushkar, make the way clear for their last journey. Sandhya and Sooraj run away on the roads. The people read news of Sandhya fulfilling her promise of freeing Pushkar of the terror in 12 hours. The people see them running and salute them. Bhabho holds diya in hand and cries.

Babasa says Lord has asked Sooraj and Sandhya from you, let them go, free them from your promise, bless them, else they will not get Mukti. Sandhya and Sooraj run towards the sea. Babasa says our children are helpless, understand them, our Sooraj and Sandhya are brave, give them last bidaai being their brave mother. Sandhya gets tired. Sooraj lifts her and runs downstairs. They collide with a man. The flower petals from the basket fall over them. They look at the temple. They both see each other.

The police stops the crowd. Sooraj holds Sandhya and they find a way to leave from the crowded place. She steps on the thorn and falls down. Sooraj stops and removes the thorn from her shoe sole. Raahon se kaante hum chunlenge….. Diya aur baati hum….. plays………… Sooraj removes her shoe and applies some soil to her wound. He removes his slippers. Sooraj lifts her in arms and takes her. They both see each other, and smile. They come to the sea front and hold hands.

Their feet bleed and they walk downstairs, recalling their marriage vows. They say in heart that they have fulfilled all their vows made to each other. They get down the stairs and think of each marriage vow and fulfillment. They see each other. He holds her and they smile. She wishes he is with her in all seven births, and they promise to support each till their last breath. She stand on the wooden platform and hug. The log takes them to the middle of the sea. They both hug and smile. Bhabho shouts Sooraj and Sandhya. The family comes there and sees them. Bhabho sees the time left, 4 mins. She blesses Sooraj and Sandhya. Everyone cry.

Bhabho takes Kanak in arms. Sooraj thanks Sandhya for supporting him in his last birth, what will be better death than this. Sandhya asks is he regretting. He says no, I feel proud today, I have last wish, I want to be with you and walk matching steps in every birth, fulfill your dreams, even if I have to give my life. She smiles and hugs him. They go far. They both explode by the bomb. The family gets shocked and cry. Meenakshi says Sooraj and Sandhya united. The sunset is shown.

The show ended with Sooraj and Sandhya’s big sacrifice.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Neha

    It’s the end and I hate naamkaran.Sorry star plus but u itself have put ur ratings down.No serial could take place of diya aur baati hum

  2. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    i was crying through out the episode . did not know how to control my tears seeing sandhya and sooraj die . very emotional episode

  3. Dabh fan

    I can’t believe. How can our favourite jodi die like this end? Really fans won’t excuse the makers for this reason..

    I feel to cry…. This is the last episode.. Thanks Amena for updates till now.. I miss all the friendz here.. Till now I didn’t watch a wonderfull serial like this.. Now I became true fan of deepika singh.. And ofcourse can’t forget Anas..

  4. priya

    Ia m Sri Lankan. Miss dabh. Hats of dabh. Also sandaya sis superb. We misss DABH. Please come back as dabh season 2. As soon as posible



    |Registered Member

    Last episode made me cry 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 even after reading 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Good bye DABH… it was good show…..

  6. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    if they show deepika singh as kanak it would be wonderful to watch season 2 . i think many shows have done this , why cant dabh . it would be nice to watch sandhya in kanak . but i dont think cvs will do so

  7. sudha

    my feeling is very very sad to see today episode falls down tears and sooraj and sandhya in one part of my life iam see serial in 5years how to complete 5years i dont no but iam 20 years this 20 years in 5years is so happy days in my life but sooraj and sandhya missed to a lot love u so so so much to both of them dabh is a best serial in my life see iam very lukky to see dabh and thank you so so muchto sooraj(anas),sandhya (deepika)and dabh team.

  8. baazigar

    acche serial ko khatam karke backwaz serial chalu rakhtehe ye lok….. dabh was the best serial… it shows the best husband wife relationship…. every husband should be as like as suraj….

  9. Achu amal

    A truly inspirational serial… Really love it.. Am going to miss a lot.. They should have provided a happy ending atleast.. All the best wishes for dabh team

  10. Priya

    It’s like a man who support his patriotic wife should sacrifice his life. Is this the message of this serial? They fulfilled their marriage vows. What about their children? Poor Vansh didn’t get his real parents’ affection. They didn’t fulfill the duty of a parent.😟. Sandhya Sooraj succeeded as a good citizen , good couple, good son,daughter, brother etc….but failed to be good parents.

  11. Shrijita sengupta

    Star plus you did really bad by ending this show feeling v.v.sad and heart full of sorrow such a inspirational show and sad ending ……………………………

  12. pinky

    Very bad why ???they ended soon such a nice story starplus ediots ….the last dialouge was awsome “sandya aur suraj ki milan ho rahi hain “omg god very emotional …..


    Sooraj Sandhya an inspiration to the loving couple, though they have sacrified their life for people of Pushkar, their fans will never forget their style of acting in the whole episodes of 5 years. But very sad end.

  14. Zara

    Such a heart wrenching episode. scene in which all police officers n commissioner salute suraj and sandhya leveaing was best. sunset shows as the symbol of uniting suraj and sandhya’s love was the best personification.
    will missing u, DABH.

  15. pari miss

    i will miss this show a lot, i have never been tearful watching the last episde of any show. DABH i’m gonna miss u sooo much. cvs plz if u r gonna start season 2, then make kanak like sandhya n dont make her a spoiled brat. dont make bhabho n d entire parivaar hate kanak plz. make kanak a responsible girl. dont make her a ips instead make her a doctor or pilot but not police!:)

    plz its a humble request from a fan of DABH!!!!!!!::::::::::::::::::::::)))))))))))))))))))))

  16. Sandhya Kiran

    All regular DABH viewers will miss this show a lot. This show was different. No second wife or mistress. No hatred or jealousi because of that. Many learning points for today’s generation. Family values and integrity. How to live together in one home inspite of there being Meenakshisundaram in the house.
    I hope we see S-S again in DABH 2. I don’t think DABH will be interesting without S-S.

  17. Soniya

    The ending shown is very sad and bad. They showed indirectly acchhai par buraai ki Jeet…..which was very bad.
    Anyhow show was going to end they would have shown happy ending.
    But they played with the viewers emotions.

  18. AD

    Yesterday’s & today’s episodes are heart breaking.I couldn’t stop tears throughout the entire episode.
    But this gives a great message of true PATRIOTISM.
    This is a message to every citizen that we should not get afraid to sacrifice even our life for our NATION.
    But I 100% sure no other shows can replace DABH.
    In this moment,I salute all the MARTYRS those who sacrificed their life for their NATION from the bottom of my heart.
    I SALUTE THE TRUE PATRIOTIC BRAVE ARMYMEN,POLICEMEN,NAVYMEN,AIRMEN & all those lived,those who sacrificed their life & those who are living for our NATION without any fear for the security of our NATION.I SALUTE THEIR FAMILIES TOO.

    • AD


      • AJ

        You are behaving like this show is like your life blood and cant live without it.

        Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh dont like each other at all they are having arguments every day on scene.

        They are acting in the show but intruth they never liked each other in real life thats why it contributed to being closed.

  19. Ashu

    I Will miss dabh Alot. i cried when i saw suraj sandhya dying.Strarplus is going to see a huge drop in trp after end of dabh and skr for shure.

    • AJ

      The show rating WORLDWIDE and even in INDIA were dropping. A few hundred thousand watching the show is not enough.

      • Varshini


        |Registered Member

        ya but trp matters only for the channel , not us . we want the show because it gave us a wonderful message moreover anas and deepika were good onscreen that is all it matters for the viewers

  20. sudha

    dabh1 connot beat in any no.of seasons of dabh and in any serial in starplus dabh is a everest and high mountain in the world and i dont no how to express my feeling is so pain to my heart and i have one dream to my heart that is sooraj (anas)to meet directly and talk about but this dream firstly iam express this comment but luckkyly anas read this comment iam very very happy&diehard fan of anas and iam from andhrapradesh,kadapa

  21. shivani

    Why dey don’t show vansh in last time when sandhya sooraj seeing everyone .,..all were present ved kanak BT nt vansh😴😴😴

  22. Usha

    Really a superb serial of Star Plus history, but very emotional end
    We gone miss u Sooraj and Sandhead miss u sooooo much

  23. Samsri

    Very bad end… How bhabho and babasa take care of those make sandya and soorajs character proud,the director ended like this.and never thinks about other characters… Especially the kids.. So sad ..very very bad end..

  24. Ishita

    Oh nooo……it ended… crying…… is really great series to experience the duties of a police nd their sacrifices…….

    I missd it…….

  25. Susmitha

    It shouldn’t have ended like this . We all love both characters . They shouldn’t have died like this .. They could’ve made it in a more pleasant way even if they end the show .. Not satisfied .. Those two characters shouldn’t have ended like this ..

  26. Murugan

    Very very bad end. Sorraj and Sandhya were inspirational couple. Didn’t like the end they should have had a happy end.she’s a bold IPS officer how will she sacrifice her life that easily. The small boys are terrorists and how the whole army and police can’t manage them. Director didn’t know how to take the serial after this. Really disappointing. The serial was good even 1 yr before anyway goodbye to Sooraj and Sandhya

  27. Tanveer Fatima Sayyed

    We are not happy with this end .., i just hated the new series of one can take place of Diya aur Baati hum. Director lived tears in audience eyes ,this End is very sad ..!

  28. vaishnavi

    So sad ending…i cried a lot…miss u dabh…suraj and sandhya is a great example for every couple…dabh always rocks….no ever show cnt replace our dabh…miss u sandy(deepika)…

  29. swasthi

    such an emotional episode.
    Now people watching this serial will never ever aim to become an IPS officer because of this inappropriate end.but such a good serial it was,miss it soo much.

  30. Priyanka

    Omg how can they end their life very emotional episodes can’t able to control tears hatsoff suraj and Sandy miss u. They succeed in all role and failed as a parents only tat part is disappointing any ways hatsoff to Diya team

  31. Anisha

    seriously I feel really bad for dabh.we want dabh season 2 with same cast. today’s episode was really emotional I was crying for suraj sandheya 😭

  32. shiksha

    Really it’s a wonderful story. The story of a girl who desired to become a IPS Officer and her husband,though a common man supported his wife in every thick n thin of life,to accomplish n fullfill her duty towards everyone. This show has shown the essence of the relations,vows and their immortal will .
    It was a wonderful show.

  33. Sarayumane


    |Registered Member

    thankyou whole cast and crew of whole diya aur bati serial for giving us such a beautiful serial, inspirations, comedy, tragedy and everything, we salute you. Bye to this site, take care guys

  34. Swara

    Couldn’t stop my self today from commenting not once have I ever written a comment on this page always been a silent reader but never have I missed an episode in this five years can’t believe dabh is finished am gonna really missed the show it was a good five years hope they come back with season two with thesame lead I just hope the new show holds up to what dabh has done this five years of our lives gonna miss all dabh fans we made a nice family and looking forward to see us all during season two love you guys a lot it was a nice run and wishing the very best to the cast of our favorite show

  35. Swara

    Cried my eyes out through out the entire episode I can’t believe it’s the last episode loved them to the core 😍💕❤️❤️😩😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😔😔😭😭😭😭

  36. asma

    This is the first time I am commenting on telly updates Really I am very inspired by sandhya’s character.The scene between Sooraj and Sandhya brought tears to my eyes Miss this series Love you Diya aur Baati.A proud Good Bye to all the members of this series .

  37. Shweta

    Arre why did they not use any transport for goin towards sea? 😄 They had only 20 mins left na so they could hv used their scooter… 😄 Jus a thought….

  38. Shweta

    Arre but y dint they use a transport to go towards sea. They had 20 mins left only so they could hv used their scooter na? 😄 Jus a thought…

  39. Archana

    Miss this show a lot, watching since 5years.. waiting for season 2..not happy with climax though it was perfect. All the actors were excellent. Miss u diya aur baathi(Sooraj and Sandhya).

  40. Shivu

    This is the best series ever aired on star plus. Good serials should come to an end. Only then their value will remain. Dabh will stay in our hearts.. We will not forget it soon. And salute to the makers n director who showed us wonderful tracks alternating between family and police story. The best part is Sandhya and sooraj. They were true to each other.

  41. Johnny

    Finally today our one of most valuable show comes to an end. But friends don’t worry, our DABH serial will be written in history page with shine and proudly.. No other serial can’t ever take #DABH’s place never ever. It was a unique 1piece serial.. Surya rocks… S-S forever!!!
    I am from Bangladesh. ✌👌👍😍💐😎😱😭😢

  42. Johnny

    From now onwards I am really going to miss 9:30PM serial slot. No namkaran/baalkaran can’t take #DABH’s golden place… Feel like crying….

  43. Rehendhi

    Dabh gave us a lot of lessons of life. It was a really inspiring serial. I’m really sad about the ending. Though I’m from a different country I really appreciate this inspiring work. Loved suraj and sandhiya. Hope to see them in Dabh 2.

  44. Kk

    As i see the indian regisor dont know make series they ever kill the lead roles first in balika vadhu now in diya aur baati stupidity sadist regidor just to make people cry

  45. NUPUR

    Don’t know what to say….I just feel like my heart is broken..don’t know feel apna koi dur cala gaia ho…agar dabh without sandhya sooraj ke hua toh sahedh koi pasandh nehi karega..its my opinion…sorry agar koi agree na hua ur bura laga toh..I miss it very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much…Never ever es series ko vula nehi pauggi ur nahi shikhi hui bathe..I miss it deadly…love and wishes for everyone in their futures…

    • Varshini


      |Registered Member

      ya nobody could have played the roles of sooraj and sandhya better than deepika and anas . u r right it feels koi apna dur chala gaya ho . i will really miss the show very much

  46. Ajay

    Such an end shows victory of terrorists. Totally nacceptable. And in this show anything can happen. Remember Sandhya went with a nuclear weapon in a plane, the weapon blasted but she returned in another plane.bsome similar bullshit will now follow!

  47. soumitra majumder

    Realy i also unhappy for end the serial and i only watch dabh in hotstar bcoz i did not get time when i get time i watch the serial but now i am habitual i dnt know after dabh what i should do?i miss my suraj sandhaya realy they r fantastic jodi in our world no one ant take their place they r assum so my request plz back our fev jodi in season 2they without not dabh they r our inspresion i l lv u soo much and dnt end their character

  48. Joyce

    Wow heart rending I’m so sad my heart is bleeding for suraj and sandhya. What a sad end. I will always remember you beautiful couple. ADIOU DABH

  49. MegalaSrinivas

    Definitely I am gonna miss Diya Air Baati Humvsuch a wonderful serial….not only serial like a member of our family……really miss u all A special Salute for the entire Crew…now I continue to watch in Tamil star Vijay channel by 2 at least to recollect entire team remembrances…… Bye Sooraj n Sandhya n their family…..director is superb

  50. Sheila

    Cried like a baby such a sad ending…watched it from the begining, went to see the cast of Star Plus Stars when they came to the glad i seen Suraj and Sadhiya in real life….

  51. Vidya BHOGAL

    I am absolutely saddened and upset and shocked as the ending was powerful but no closure everything is up in the air, I was defiantly sure it couldn’t end like this but, it has am sure a better ending could have been written, sandhya and sooraj what can I say brilliant couple we should all learn from them , they will be missed always

  52. amirul

    such an emotional episode, miss you surya, miss you dabh you will be in my heart always, hats off to all dabh team.

  53. Chirag P

    Thanks for the great show and special thanks to Amena for providing prompt updates after each show. Truly appreciate all your efforts

  54. anushka

    i really miss suraj and was a sad ending. But i am really proud of them because they sacrifice their lives to protect their country and people.i have laearnt so much from this serial. Such as bravery of a policewoman,capabilities of a woman,work for a straight determination , without being a police or army officer ordinary people also can do anything to protect their country and how become an ideal husband and wife by helping each other in their difficult situations.and also looking forward for a 2nd season of dabh serial about sandhya and suraj’s second life or about their childrens’ service towards the country.i am begging for a season 2 like naagin season 2.i also wish all the stars in the dabh serial spacially for suraj and sandhya for a bright and successful future.same to the crew members including directors.thanks we will meet again from a season 2 of dabh serial in above years 2017 or 2018 or 2019.

  55. Ann

    Surya die. I’m crying…..Now i just wish deepika ans anas would play the main role of ss2..
    Agree with u anushka. We r all crying now but i want us to smile when ss2 starts excactly like we expect. LOVE ASNAS DEEPIKA, MISS SURYA AND EXPECT DABH SS2 TO COME SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. chaya

    i can never forget u sooraj sandhya….the lovliest couple in the world .will miss u soooooo much….waiting for season two.thanks to the whole team for giving us such wonderful time in the last 5 years..

  57. Keerthika

    Very sad ending…….
    I almost cried seeing Surya running through the streets towards the sea front……
    I hope there is a season 2 of Dabh.
    It might show the story of the kids….

  58. dia

    I just love this serial…….and i m contended by this ending…..such an emotional epi…..just can’t express my feelings

  59. Manisha

    Y they had to swallow the bomb pill.. Where did sandhyas brain go? They cud have just acted as if they had swallowed….

    Even after swallowing, the bomb pill could be removed by giving stomach wash or operating.. The activated pill could be thrown later..

  60. garima

    this serial has become a part of my life.. ending is soo sad.. i wsh if evrythng went good.. evryone wud be happy.. dying to see the next season.. salute to the patriotism..

  61. Aranya

    I will miss this show forever. The sweet memories can’t be forgotten. Love for both of them and the entire team.

  62. Sravanthi

    Hats off to the team of DABH for making this show such a grand success..I hope they can end it up in a better way..but I m eagerly waiting for the season2..really miss u sooraj&sandhya..come back soon

  63. arun

    this is very sad end of serial, i never watch serials but when i saw diya aur baati liked it.
    the bad ending done by Director only due any reason its totally clear it may better ending for that.

  64. Pratiksha Sinha

    I ll miss the show… U ll be missed sandhya nd suraj 😞the best couple as well as best human beings 😭

  65. Anamika

    Nice show. End was also good. Appreciation for the entire team, Specially for sandya and sooraj. The speciality of the show is it is a new conceopt. And the execution was also good especially the star cast. Anyway all the best

  66. annu deepu

    speechless.. restless,void.. One word for them WO I NI SURYA, ANIKA… thankyou telly updates,thankyou amena for every day updates.. i miss u my friends.. AD,richa,romi,anu,ann,varsha ns4,Jayem sir and everybody…


    • faria

      ur thought is very plz first research on islam then say that no riligion teach to kill people i think in ur country people thought like that but in our country we all religious people live like family if not country at least in our society




    • Romi

      I hate u @ kaustav!! How can u blame Islam for all this !! Your thinking is so low and I’m sure you’ll b the same ! I pity you!! Islam is the greatest than you!!!

    • Romi

      And as if you are the pious person on this universe 🙀 See your own image , if you have the courage!! You the most criminal person, you don’t have the right to hurt someone’s emotions!!!!!

  67. sara

    I am so sad for the ending episode. It should had happy ending. Poor vans can’t even enjoy the love of the real parents. Miss u diya aur baati.

  68. Shree

    I will miss the show. I feel that there could be a better end of this story. Like true soldiers of our Bharat mata must not be die due to some cheep terrorists. Sorry.. I don’t like last episode and the ending of story

  69. punam godara

    I like the serial so much..nd missing all family members of this i m not satisfied by its can somethig different and better..i think happy ending is more inspiring rather than sad. Sandeep Punam Berwal…

  70. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys I am first time commenting on DABH TU page ….. I loved this serial before starting but after the first leap i.e after ved n vansh birth I started hating DABH …. I really loved all the charcters but after the leap I prayed that it should end …. and when I got the news that DABH is ending and new show NAMKARAN is starting in place of that I was really very happy that finally DABH is going to end . My mumma likes DABH so she was watching the last episode …. and I also saw it …. the last episode was toooooooo goooooood it made me cry …. love u all DABH cast … hope u all return with a new serial … all the best for future …..

  71. Romi

    If I’m not wrong than it’s the first Hindi tv show which Has a tragic ending with the death of main lead ! I’ll really miss this show , nobody can replace Suraj and Sandya’s magic!! I wish Anas and Deepika are both part of the new season of Dabh! I wish 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  72. safu

    not a good end i miss sandhya and sooraj i watch every episod i really miss diya baati i think endind is so bad

  73. Paras

    It wasn’t sea.
    And how could it be sunset by then?
    The rescue Mission started by 2am.
    And when they were running, Newspaper boy was selling newspapers.
    After 15 minutes, It was sunset???

  74. Prasanna kotnana

    I love this serial , nd I can never forget the team of diya air baati hum. Sandhya ji and suraj ji was loviest couple in the world director sir showed us the true love and responisibilities of police officer. No more words to express the feeling about the serial. Love u all . JAI HINDH

  75. AJ

    Only the people who visit tellyupdates were a fan of dabh. Rest of normal public were not. The makers of the show were receiving bad comments and also there was alot of arguments behind the scenes with the cast. They just act normal in interviews and the show.

    The show for first 3 years was good but for the past 1 and a half it has gone downhill thats why it ended.

  76. Rajini

    I would say an stupid end where a powerful police and military looks helpless and let them run away from the crowd. In the last episode one said it will have a damage for 10km but everyone is watching. It gives a win to the terrorists.

  77. Pratiksha Sinha

    I can’t forget sandhya nd suraj nd the serial.. It’s like a habit for me to watch the serial at 9 PM. I ll die. Really. Diya aur baati hum part 2 mein police wala role kaun karega?? Sandhya is best for the role. Aur uss role k Bina toh serial kuch bhi ni lagega. Hell yaar 😭

  78. Deepthi

    Ending is not good u not only killed sandhya and suraj u killed our happiness diya aur bhatti hum its not a serial it is our part of our life and diya air bhatti hum number 1 serial sandhya and surah I love u,& I miss u

  79. unknown

    Best show in the universe
    no one can taje the place of dabh last episode was too emotional and really very very heart touching i wish this week dabh will again break all trp records and off air at no.1 position shaan se aaye the shaan se gaye like legends
    it’s a legendary show

    super hit show love u always

    and remain in my heart forever

  80. Vishakha

    Please take good actors in Diya aur Bati hum 2 coz we can’t forget sandhya and suraj.why the ending of these characters.pls don’t do this.

  81. Nithu

    I just can’t tolerate this ending…. suraj and sandhya is soul of this show dabh… Both are one my favorite onscreen couple…

  82. Nikika

    Beautiful serial that showed if love is true it makes its own way out…… and no one can sepereate the two loves even death can’t
    Really an inspiring msg with serial as every citizen of country should be like sandhya and suraj …..proud to be an indian
    And a gr8 sacrificer….


    DABH is the unique serial.that’s y we all became fans .Suraj and sandhya will be inspirstional to all married couple.And sandhya u r the best and whole team was superb.Please come back with season 2 .and we want deepika ji and anas ji to be part od season 2.

    • Colin

      u r right dear. Although i heard i the news that Neethi Taylor and Avinesh will be the lead role in ss2 but i think it’s just a rumour because there’s nothing proving that it’s the truth.

  84. NUPUR

    guys kya har Sunday dabh series dekhaege toh sab dekhegge na…kya asa nehi ho sakta ki pehle se dekhai..I love to see..

  85. Neha

    The ending could have been modified.The more better end could have been shown.It could be the happy ending.I really hate starplus for making this serial end.Ab ache serial ki jagah bakwaas serial aa raha hein.Dnt know how aspiring IPS Officers and people who are preparing for IPS would react.This was not at all good message to them.A very demotivating ending..

  86. Romi

    I just hope dabh’s season 2 bring back all my dearest friends to its platform especially richa, anu deepu, varsha, ns4 , hema,Anu and of course Jayam sir !!! I really miss all of you my loveliest friends just like I’m missing suraj sandya 😪

  87. Piku

    after reading this episode i m feeling like my heart has come out of my body.I dont have words to say anything. Just to say goodbye to my ideal couples. Love u so much.

  88. Priyanka

    No we can’t bare this plz start the serial soon with the same cast plz for all the audience😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞miss u sandhya and sooraj hi

  89. Rekha Jain

    Unexpectedly I had seen the last episode…. Just shocked n sad too… everyday waiting for 9pm….. Today at 9pm.felt we have lost something valuable….

  90. Sid

    This could happen only India. 30 minutes is enough for a surgery to remove the so called device. But anyway this is to fool uneducated people.

  91. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    yesterday night i switched on the tv forgetting that there will be no dabh and i felt very sad . missing the show very much . it was a wonderful show .

  92. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    each track of the show gave us some valuable lesson . actually this show was unique from other shows . it did not have much of saas-bahu dramas like other shows .

  93. Cynthia

    Divya aur Bati ended abruptly, atleast there Shd have been an episode which honored Sandhya and punishment to the lone surviving terrorist.
    This would have rounded up the serial and an inspiration to aspiring young officers

  94. Shreya

    After the last episode, you should have taken one episode to let the key actors share their experiences and how they felt all these years of acting and staying together. Instead of such stupid and annoying serials like Anokhi and Anika…..the two irritating and horrible looking girls and their oversmartness ….we always prefer someone like Sandhya Rathi who has a purpose and aim in life and a patriotic heart…..Only she could not say no to her annoying and overdominating bhabho who interfered in her career and caused so many troubles. I hate Ishqbaaz… and anika is the worst actor …..ugly annoying and god knows why she is always at Oberoi s masion and entering each and every room with no permission and not giving any private space……..End that and continue DABH


    Proud to be an indian indians are not tell story its truth we do any for humanity save nature for green future

  96. navaneetha

    really heart touching end…i dont have any words to express my feelings about suraj and sandya sacrifice..when will start season 2?

  97. indira chatterjee

    It’s amar prem between sandhya and sooraj, but sandhya always obey the rules as an ips officer, superb, unique. a big salute for sandhya and sooraj. Pl stop, we can’t except the season 2.

  98. Priti Joshi

    Ending was bad. S-S ate the bombpill to save Kanak. If Kanak had not been in the shop, the lone terrorist would have been caught by the army. How do you say S-S died saving the country. The producers have given an ending that is not fitting the image of the brave Sandhya Rathi.
    Why s-S cannot be in DABH 2. DABH 1 was a hit because of them.please bring them back

  99. SSJ

    Unfortunately it is very sad to see the serial getting ended up. This is the only one serial which has covered all the crime happening around us and Sandhya facing them very intellectually. However I am very surprised to learn that the ratings for this episode are down hence they are letting the serial to end up. How come the other serials like Sathiya and Yeh rishta kya are running from ages without any story in it???!!?? Surprising …!!

  100. Ajay kumar

    What can i do in evenning 9 clock with out watchingggg diya aur bhathi hum hooo god sad feeing hats off to the writer and de epika for her best support

  101. Jackie

    Anyone know any website to download diya air baati hum in HD?pls answer me I want to download some episodes…pls reply me

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.