Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya looking for Manjari. She says where did she go, if he reaches Garjana, everything will be over, I did not know about Garjana’s plan, I have to give info to Bharat. She sees Garjana members there. She thinks Manjari has told her truth and gets tensed. They take her saying commander is calling her, and drag her to Shekhar and commander. She gets tensed seeing them looking angry and staring at her. The commander asks where is Manjari.

At Rathi home, the man asks Lalima why is she supporting a mad man, when Meenakshi has accepted this. Lalima defends Sooraj and asks them to tell if Sooraj has hurt anyone till now. She says Sooraj is not mad, he is in trauma to lose a loved one. She asks Meenakshi to say did Sooraj harm her or call the family members

by wrong name. The man says we will take Sooraj to doctor and do his test to get the truth out, if I m wrong, I will apologize, if I m right, we have to send Sooraj to mental hospital for society’s welfare. Meenakshi blames Lalima for taking Sooraj out.

Bhabho worries. The man says the truth is Sooraj is mad. Lalima says its lie, I know he is fine. They ask her to get test done. Meenakshi says Sooraj’s doctor went out of city. She tells Bhabho that Lalima trapped them, and now I have managed the situation Sooraj. The man says fine, we will wait for 3 days. They decide to wait and get test done, on same conditions. They all leave. Meenakshi scolds Lalima. She asks what will happen in 3 days, will you make Sooraj fine, do you have courage to make the tests right, can you stop Sooraj from going to mental hospital. Lalima says yes, I will save Sooraj and not let him go to mental hospital, I have 3 days, I will make him fine. Meenakshi says Lalima has gone mad, who will save Sooraj now. Bhabho looks on.

Shekhar asks where is Manjari. Sandhya says I don’t know. The commander gets his gun and asks her how did Manjari get away, when they both went together, no one can cheat Garjana, tell the truth, where did you leave Manjari. Sandhya sees the loot bag there and thinks Manjari has reached here, and Shekhar and commander know my truth, so they are angry. She recalls her oath for police duty, family, and Bharat’s words. He holds the gun hidden at her back and cries.

She stops seeing Narayani calling out Shekhar. Narayani says Manjari’s body got paralysis, as she fell from the cliff, her back is much hurt, she can’t speak now. Sandhya thinks Manjari reached here, and could not tell about me. She starts crying and shows her worry. She says Manjari Maa and asks Shekhar how did this happen. She says she has no one else than Manjari Maa, and asks them to save Manjari. Shekhar asks her to calm down, they all are worried too, Manjari has wounds, as if she fought with someone, maybe Garjana enemy. Sandhya says I will not leave that person. Shekhar says we will also not leave that person, so we called you to ask, Manjari was with you right.

Sandhya says yes, security guard was after me, I gave loot bag to her and Manjari left alone, I was shot but I got saved, I came here by difficulty. Shekhar says Manjari was trying to tell us something, its imp. She says make me meet Manjari, I don’t have anyone else, please. Shekhar asks the men to get Manjari. They bring Manjari lying on the bed. Sandhya looks on.

Bhabho pacifies Ved and says nothing will happen to Sooraj. Meenakshi asks why is she giving false hope to Ved, what miracle will happen now. Vikram says don’t cry Ved, I will not let anyone take Sooraj, how can they take Sooraj when his two brothers are here. Meenakshi scolds Lalima. Lokesh comes and asks Meenakshi to mind her tongue. He defends Meenakshi and she argues. She asks him to ask Lalima why did she take Sooraj out, she is reason for Bhabho, Babasa and Ved’s tears. Lokesh asks Lalima to come along, no need to be here with them as they can’t understand her goodness.

Sandhya cries seeing Manjari and asks who has done this, tell me the name I will not leave him. Manjari recalls fighting with Sandhya and gets angry. Manjari thinks she can’t let Sandhya succeed and bring her truth, but she has to get fine. Sandhya thinks I know Manjari wants to tell my truth. But Manjari’s dream won’t come true as she won’t be alive.

Sandhya tells Shekhar that she has devotion in Devi Maa and requests him to allow her to take Manjari to temple to do Mrityunjay jaap, she will try her best to get blessings and make Manjari fine. Shekhar says fine, you can take her to temple, but we can’t take any risk, so Garjana
‘s army will be around temple so that nothing wrong happens with Manjari. Sandhya thinks to kill manjari, but first she has to inform Bharat.

Bharat does the puja and asks mixes something in the water. Shekhar asks Sagarika to stop and asks pandit to drink the water. Bharat drinks the water. Sandhya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • B bin silent she also talk in mind that she definitely tell her truth to garjna sanghtna people…. Bt unfortunately this nt happened ha ha ha ha ha ha….?????????????

  1. Anu

    My dear ved dont cry u r pappa will fine… finally he will come out from the shock…as per today episode…?☺

  2. Richa

    @XXXXXXXX that coment was cobination of two hindi songs which meant “i hav a past relation with u” & that’s y “i like ur streets”


      Thankyou Richa .i’m trying to learn hindi from all of you. I also like ur
      imaginating stories very much. You have a good creative mind.god bless you.
      Keep writing in this page non stop. I also like Varshas comments. first I’ll read all
      your comments and after that only I’ll watch the episodes as many times as possible.

      • richa

        song title segment
        BHABHO- mera beta pagal nahi hai bhaiya uska dimaag khraab h ……….
        BABASA- i don’t know what to do????
        MOHIT-meenu 1 numri tohhh main 10 numbri…
        MEENU- jeeya jale jaan jale laghu tale dhooan chale ………..pennn sion b gayi aur 5 lakh b gaye hooooo jeeya jale……..
        LALIMA- dill ye ziddi h.
        SOORAJ- mujhe meri family se bachao…………..
        EMILY-kaisi paheli hai ye zindagaani….
        MANJIRI-khlass… heey heey sab ka paisa khlass…..
        chandu–aadmi musafirr h aata h jaata h aate jaate rasre m nuclear bomb chod jaata h
        CHANDU-SANDY MANJIRI- main chorr tu sipahi
        ZAKIR-idher chala m udhar chala
        VIKRAM- m joru ka gulaam ban k rhunga
        NARAYANI-toota toota 1…………..
        garjana commandoes……… jungle h aadhi raat h & jungl m mangal
        ALLL LEFT OVER CHARECTERS /MISSING ONES-chitthi na koi sandesh………….
        lol guysss dont mind my indii song titles..

    • Romi

      Hahaha????? nice titles song ! @ richa you r so talented! Hats off to you !! Any ways no song for ankur and that takloo commando
      And one more for that looted family by manjari vacuum cleaner! ?

  3. Jeyam

    Hi, Deepika! What a fake crying! What a sarcastic smile! How fantastic your performance! Superb Sandya! Who is that doctor who tries to give medicine to Manjari?

    • Actually that Dr is shekhar’s sister narayani devi… She is also garjna sanghtna people to help or treat those people who injured…. Hope now ur daut will clear…. ??????????

      • Jeyam

        Hi Varsha, There’s no way to escape from such a great fall. But how did Manjari come there paralized. Who brought her? Did the director bring her to further drag the story like a chewing gum?

  4. Richa

    Pls tu team corect d precap it’s bharat mix something in the water and asks sagarika to give it to manjiri.. Its mistakenly typed bharat asks something in water

  5. Anu

    Sooraj any way come out from the shock nd find the truth .sandhya is alive..plz find that truth…..nd handle baboo…….she is totally against abt sandhya…nd plz see that note nd recollect sandhya behavior in shiv drama…

    • Hope if suraj come frm that trauma then suraj give lesson to bhaboo whenever bhaboo do with Sandhya’s absence… Means bhaboo bleam sandhya without any reason…??????????

  6. Anu

    Suraj jab se mission mahabali start huva hai sandhya khe behavior ko pahachanoo…..nd wait for sandhya…..jab tak family responsibility kho handle karo….ved kho sambhalo

  7. Jeyam

    Performance of Sandya is simply superb. Her sham crying and sarcastic smile are unbelievable exercises which were simply par excellance. Who was the doctor?

  8. Anu

    Abt deepika performance excellent…. Super crying deepika…tomm episode bharath will involve….super…waiting for tomm episode….☺?

  9. Anu

    But i dont want to see lalima nd suraj close scenes plz stop this…….i am expect ing suraj will come out from the shock in few days……

  10. Anu

    I think chandu got doubt abt sagarika….wt will the next story very curious….. Upcoming episodes… Waitinggggggg

  11. Sandhya’s flashback scene was nice that flashback scene show sandhya’s training shapath… At least bcoz of that flashback scene we see zakir at least for few happy….??????

  12. Wtf why they show lalima scene… When that people blem suraj that I ime no one say any words to that people or also no one stand for suraj in that moment… So disgusting…????

    • Only lalima stand for suraj on that part….. Nice to see…. Bt hate all rathi family members…specially bhaboo always she say she can do anything for suraj bt on that part she can’t do anything bt she nt any single word to that people….. ???????

  13. Hate u bhaboo…. U only say big words bt in real u can’t do anything…. U only do one work that u only bleam for sandhya for whatever happened in rathi house….??????

    • if in ur hand then for this situation u can also bleam sandhya… That if sandhya nt die then suraj is nt in this situation…. Bhaboo’s only work is to bleam sandhya…..?????

  14. Now that people give three days to rathi house to prof that suraj is normal…. Minakshi drama was nice…. ???

    Thanks guys for ur support.. That u always like my as well as my all friends cmts…really thank you so much…for this love….???????????

  15. Now definitely lalima bring suraj frm that trauma in three days….. Now suraj will recover bcoz of lalima…. And bhaboo impress with lalima for this scene… That lalima bring suraj in normal state….?????????

    • And then bhaboo accept lalima… And do again some drama for suraj …. This part I dnt want bt sure they show like this with lalima and suraj…. ????????

    • Plz dnt show suraj in normal bcoz u want that when sandhya come in rathi house that time sandhya do this means sandhya bring out suraj frm this trauma… Really plz do this with sandhya nt lalima…. ?????????

    • Hope they show like this which I say… Plz sandhya u do this nt lalima….bcoz of lalima this behaviour bhaboo is think that lalima is real good for suraj…??????

      • Anu

        But @varsha nd all of my frnz suraj will come out that situation na coz akhir ooo serial kha hero jho hai……………uskho piche chod diya it is not fare na……..suraj khe character kho top me rakhna chahiye………..jab se e track start huva sab views babhoo aur sandhya khe bare me hi bath kare wt abt sooraj ………………..actually pura rathi family ka dreams kho ooo fulfill kiya….abhi jho hai suraj kho piche chod diya ……………itna din shock me rakh ne ka thought hi galath hai uske vasre lalima ka character ku laya gaya na……………jab sooraj inta din shock me nahi rahta lalima pida hi nahi hoti na…………….abhi sandhya ane me time hai tho jab thak suraj kho ayse hi bathaye ga kya………….no they should do some thing for suraj ……he want to handle all the situations…..he find out the truth….he will wait for sandhya……………abhi jho hai shock me rahkar bolra na sandhya is alive karkhe oooooopresent situations me ake bolna chahiye …………..khi sandhya mere pas zaroor ayigi………….jaisa sandhya bolti hai (suraj ji mai aap khe pas lout ke zaroor avungi)

        sandhya ane tak ayse hi shock hai tho uska pyaar, uska promise, uska heroism piche rahjayega………………suraj present situation me ake sandhya khe liye wait karna chahiye ….this is my opinion….abt suraj…………..u recall past episodes abt suraj…………..

        sandy kis bharoosa se ghar chod khe gayi only bcoz of suraj he will handle the all situations………..uska ayi bharoosa tha…..

        DABH team plz do some thing sandhya kho kaise highlight karkhe top position me rakha waise hi sooraj kho bhi lavo uskho bhi top position me laoooo………….

        sandhya jho hai desh wasiyo ke liye bani hai tho suraj family khe liye bana hai………….from the starting u r showing this concept only na both r having their resonsibiities …….sandhya and sooraj made for each other …………….

        and wt abt ved use tho maa kha pyaar nahi milra and wt abt pappa?????????????

        sorry guys if there is any mistake plz forgive me …sorry for language mistakes….

        mujhe mera feeling share karna tha only for this i am putting this comment…

    • Mind blowing… Hope u watch episode as soon as episode… So happy that u also see episode in TV …. Really wating for upcoming episodes… How they show sandhya meeting with bharat sir… Eagrly wating for that….???????

  16. Hope they show like this which I say… Plz sandhya u do this nt lalima….bcoz of lalima this behaviour bhaboo is think that lalima is real good for suraj…??????

  17. Anu

    These trp will false i think so….

    TRP of Top 10 shows of week 35 (2015):
    #1 Kumkum Bhagya 4.5
    #2 Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 3.8
    #3 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3.6
    #3 Sasural Simar Ka 3.6
    #3 Swaragini 3.6
    #4 Udaan 3.2
    #4 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3.2
    #5 Ye Hai Mohabbatein 3.1
    #6 Balika Vadhu 3.0
    #7 Diya Aur Baati Hum 2.9
    #8 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.7
    #9 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 2.6
    #10 Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2.2
    #10 Satrangi Sasural 2.2

  18. I like lalima character bt lalima is nt suit for suraj… I only see suraj with sandhya nt other girl…. That’s why I hate lalima… Usually I like lalima character.. Bt when they show lalima so close to suraj that time hate her…… plz dnt show them so colse…????????

    • Romi

      That’s why I want lalima’s charecter in negative ! So that I want lalima real moto should come soon ! I can’t bear this lalima suspense any more ?
      Does she want to held rathi house by doing this positive drama or what bcoz no person can b that 100%good in this times! It’s my personal opinion my friends have the right to contradict it?? DABH rokzzzzzzzzz???✨?

  19. Sandhya’s drama was superb when she get know that manjri get paralysis attack…that part was superb… Mind blowing acting by sandhya… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss..???????

    • When they bring manjari that time also sandhya drama was nice… Her words was superb that no one in her life without manjari maa…awesome that dialogue…??????

    • That dialogue was nice when sandhya say first she loss himanshu then she loss her father and now she nt loss manjari maa…. Superb, mind blowing, ek dam zakaassssssssss dialogue… ???????

  20. Now sandhya main mission is to inform bharat sir abt all manjari incident and then to kill manjari …???????
    Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what I say that they show tomorrow… Means Bharat sir new look…. So happy..???????
    Wating for tomorrow scene as well as bharat sir new get up…. Hope bharat sir drink other water may be ….???wating for tomorrow as well as upcoming episodes…???

    • Anu

      @dharani they r showing lalima is positive ….i cannt guess abt lalima whether she is positive or negative………..i am also confused abt lalima!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Team Dabh is sure that only Sandhya’s part is popular for the fans. But running a daily tele soap, they have to add someone other’s scenes also… so, we r helpless to watch Lalima palima… whatever…

  22. seema

    wowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! superbbbb acting sandhya ji……….like youuu……alaguuuu chellam… mom likes u a lot…..alaguuuuuuuuu chellammmmmmm……….

  23. seema

    i dnt understand hindi bt i can able to read littlebit….bcoz of this show i wanted to learn hindi …n my mom toooo… wish is deepika singh ji wud act in tamil filmssss opposite our thala ajith…hahaaaaaa…………………hope this wil happen…….hahaaaahaa

  24. Priti

    Don’t worry guys I think sandhya will help sooraj to get well. Means before 3 days ( in serial) mission mahabali will be over. And yes @ anu trp is false because this time trp should be high as both story and acting are superb. From where you got this trp list?

  25. xxxxxxxx

    In one of the interviews lalima shares with the media that she has three days time to cure suraj. She answers suraj ko sandhya milegi aur lalima wapaz chLegi. I don’t know the mraning. I will be happy if someone explains in English. Thank you.

  26. Richa

    @dharini i wil try to post that as soon as posible bt surely til sunday i hav a plot in mind…. And til den enjoy title segment
    /waiting to c takloo pandit look bharat
    /and bharat drama
    nd manjiri wil nt die so soon

  27. Anu

    Dear Frnz so many incomplete situations are there in mahabali……i think it will not complete early………nd that to sandhya find out that oct plan ……………she will break that plan so many incomplete works are there….wt do u say guys?????????????

  28. big fan

    They should show only mission everyday and boring rathi parivaar only sometimees or never lol and they make it soo slow and boring I stopped watching this coz of that n recently started coz of mission mahabali

  29. Richa

    @ romi 4ur wish
    LOOTED FAMILY:socha tha kya..chaalbaz film song specily that part aare gadbad ho gayi are siti baj gyi 😉
    ANKUR:apna kaam banta bhad m jaye rathi parivaar
    @TAKLOO COMMANDER: nt a film song bt a add song gange ki khopdi m navvrattan tail….:-D

  30. shaurya

    Lalima is old rival of Sandhya. She cleverly send Sooraj to the asylem without anyothers doubt.She makes again and again many situation to prove Sooraj ‘s mental disorderness. When Sandhya will back, Sooraj in asylam.

    • Deep

      I think you may wrong. Lalima is not rival of Sandhya. She takes revange with Rathi family , how they cheats with her. So she sends Sooraj to asylam.

  31. ANU

    Guys read this comment one of our DABH fan put comment like this ……………….see how all r irritating with lalima story…

    dear SSP, at frst congrats frm all fans of dabh fr 2.9 trp ths week…. thts true, only fr ur soul of d shw lalima it is nw top of d trp chart…. such a high trp na??? a biiiig CONGRATS once again.. really, it would b nt possible without lalima…… clap clap clap!!! DABH IS NOW TOP ON TRP CHART ONLY FOR LALIMA… WAAOOO!!

    • richa

      haha indirect tauntingg bcozzzzzz,…………. earlilier dabh trp was #1 almost 4 and now dropped to 2 hahaha 😛 actually itss baddddd

  32. Deep

    Today’s SBS, Sandhya’s identity revealed in front of Garjana finally. Sooraj know Sandhya truly alive but now in danger.

  33. richa

    ya anu mahabaliii hav many broken threads buttttsoon the directer will tiee a knot and makee us happpyyyyy………….. __– ~_~ hopee sooo……………. 😛 😛 😛 :O :O

  34. richa

    hmmmmmmm sandy rivallll rivalll lalimaaaaaa rathi’s hm,mmmmm.lalima negativ negativ lokesh ,.,……. ok doneeeeeeee

    ok @ DHARINI 4 U HOPE U LIKE IT………,…thoda bachkana aurr fairytail reason h sooo hope it goes well

    OK LETSS START m starting a little advans amm… no nt advanssss actually forward here m just ending mission mahabali and bringing sandyy bak to rathi house actually acc to trak the mission shud hav been going on butt m fiiiiiniiiishiiiingggg it and m not giving d lettr by sandy to sooraj here…….
    as we all know in the current track lalima promise that she will cure sooraj in 3days….. meanwhile while the time passes by(3 days) mission mahabali comes to an end and sandy is reporting in the headquarters….. **SOORAJ GETS A LITTLE BETTER BUTTTT is not fully alright** he still remembers sandy and think she is already alive he is likeee a brainwashed puppet in lathi’s hand (lalima+rathi i wrote lathi bcoz lathi mean stik{atually thick big stik} and there is a hindi idiom jiski lathi uski bhains mean the stick owner hav d buffalo sooo sooraj is a BW ppet sooo it goes well with it lol i know it hurt’s s fanss)………noww sooraj is taken for the tSsSsSStTTtTTTttt…………. :0 :O 😮

    • richa

      okk don’t mind me giving breaks in d storyy as u alsooo know itss irritating to read long essay story i do it and add try to add fun element sooooo u dont feel like u r wasting ur time and IMP u dont sleep while reading as NOTE: they not a bedtime stories ok not richa’s 10001 dabh bedtime stories ok lol
      were were we haan now s 4 test alll rahi’s are worried and ved is hugging emily and crying ….
      he ask her emily chachi papa ko kuch hoga toh nhi naa??? (aunt emily nothing will happen to father???) emily gives him a tight hug and console him byy saying that u r r brave kidddd and bravies don’t cry (brave kids)……… kuchh nii hogaa aapk papa ko kuchhh niiii hoga ( nothing will happen to ur fathr) ved say that uncle will come will come with all neighbourhood ppl nd …….
      useless mohit enter’s and behaves rudely with emily and emily(she) answers him back in the same rude tone and asks him to leave……
      ok chuttu si water breakk lol and 😡 😡 no1 answered my ques ystrday dat shud i bring chandu to positiv or not in my storis ””
      anywaysss…… lol

      • richa

        mohit is about to answer emily just then bhabho enter and stares at him… and he leaves bhabho cries and pats ved (actually runs her hand between ved’s hair ) and ask emily to take him….. bhabho leaves…..emily bends to ved and ask him to keep strong as he have been all the time till now……………………….. a voice is heard calling out ved!!!!! 😮

      • richa

        hmmm suspence……
        ok i br1 it itss not sandy but……..
        itss sooraj with lalima standing at the door of the doctor’s cabin….. ved cries and hugs him… (NOTE : all other rathi children are at home welll poori barat nahi aayi h just eldersnd ved)….
        sooraj asks him y is he crying ??? he wipes his tears and answers n n nnn nothing papa just nervous 4 u…… ssooooo raj says heyy my lovely brave & intellegent kidooo (son) itsss my test & u r woorried no need to worry ur dad is a super hero and an awsm dad i will gass test with flying colours ( there is a pun in it)… ved smiles and wishes sooraj luck….
        LOL *************TO B CONTINUED****************************

  35. ANU

    Hey good evening guys!!!!!!!!!! i watching deepika’s latest song she performed(parde me rahne do) how sweet performance she had given……………deepika ji u r awesome i love uuuuuuuuuuu

  36. richa


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