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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone having food in the flight, and asking for veg and non veg food. Shanky tries to flirt with Disha. Chaturi taunts him. The passengers have a talk. Gautam talks to the bank lady and asks her to have food, as she has acidity problem. She scolds him saying she knows whats imp for her. Sandhya cries. Prema just takes a water glass. The water falls on Verma, and Prema acts like saying see how he us sleeping, his head was aching, he is having deep sleep. The airhostess finds it weird. Prema fools her saying about her pregnancy. Prema thinks its good she did not doubt n me about this dead commando.

SP Sir says the negotiator is coming, he is on the way. Sandhya gets a call from home and thinks what to tell them, what if they ask about Bhabho and Sooraj. Vikram

asks Sandhya did Bhabho’s flight go outside India, as Babasa is worried. Babasa says yes, I want to know did she reach. Vikram says Sooraj will call you, first inform Babasa. Sandhya says she is on duty and can’t talk. She ends the call. Vikram says don’t know, she looked worried. Meenakshi says she is worried as Sooraj has gone to Dubai.

Sandhya thinks what to do, how will they react when they come to know this. Maya thinks 10mins have passed, why are they taking time. Sweety plays with her mum. Bhabho smiles and talks to her grandmum. The lady tells that she will stay with her daughter now. Bhabho asks don’t you have son. The lady says I have a son Monty. Bhabho says son is there, even then staying with mum. Disha thinks why is Maya taking time. Prema waits for the signal too. Sandhya says why did Mr Vadeja not come till now. Gautam orders a glass of lemon water.

He gets it and gives it to bank lady. He says he will give a medicine to give her relief from acidity. She says she does not need. He says you have meeting there, you have to be fine. Sooraj asks Gautam is he a doctor. Gautam says yes, general physician. Sooraj says I heard you talking, sorry, do you know each other. Gautam says yes, we were husband and wife one year before, then got divorced. Sooraj says sorry, I did not do.

Disha sees the time and thinks its time now. Shanky asks her to set Dubai time in it. She says no thanks. Disha looks at Prema. She tells Sooraj she is going to washroom. Shanky stops her aand she scolds him. Chaturi smiles. Sweety sees the gun in her clothes and tells her mum. Disha and Prema are shocked. Disha jokes and says your daughter is so cute. They smile. Sweety’s mum says she has boy toys. Bhabho tells about Kanha and stops. RK is shown taken away. Maya gets angry.

SP and Sandhya talk to Vadeja and tell about RK’s hanging in 20mins. He says they are thinking wrong, we won’t give up. Arjun Chowdhry, the negotiator comes there. Disha and Prema wait for Maya’s signal. Maya waits for the answer. RK is taken to the hanging spot. Vadeja and Arjun talk about their plan. Maya asks the pilots to contact ATC. Maya asks is RK’s hanging stopped, Arjun talks to Maya and says I will talk on behalf of Indian govt. She asks what did they decide. He asks with whom am I taking.

She says don’t waste our time, we are here to follow orders, not to make relations, tell me is RK hanging stopped. Arjun says yes, I came to take your orders and know the 15mins are imp. He says you want RK, and we want the passengers. Maya says we don’t have pity for anyone, come to the point. Arjun sahys fine, you said it right, lets come to point, we want all passengers safe, with staff crew. He says we have some demands. Maya says no question for question, you answer me, you are not in position to demand, is RK hanging stopped or not. He says trust me, we will stop his hanging, process is started. Maya says don’t act smart, I have the news that he is released, I will give 5 mins and then we will start killing passengers.

Maya calls Sooraj and Bhabho to say their names. Sandhya is shocked. Maya says I will count till three.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks Amena!
    You are very fast

  2. Itz looks like ‘Payanam’ tamil movie. .

  3. This hijacking is dragging on, typical nonsense expected from star plus, interesting story with awfully slow progress

  4. asif siddiqui

    It shows how the indian police and airport workers are stupids. IPS Sandhya can shoot eh Prema on legs to stop, IPS officers always have thier staff or persoanl security guard.
    India never change.

  5. Thanks asif sidhique for info. Correct. And this looks like payanam tamil movie, yes, madhumitha.

  6. Thanks Amena for these updates…yesterday our DTH Stopped working.. and after reading these update its seems we are watching episode..
    Thanks Again…
    Manoj Singla

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