Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th May 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with suraj making mohit sit with emily. Chotu comes in & asks abt his avatar today. Bhabhasa & suraj tells that he is good. Chotu notices bhabhasa’s chain missing. Chotu & suraj leave to find that chain. They come to the place where sandy is sleeping. Chotu notices the chain but drops down. Suraj pickks that & leaves. The water overflows.

Dhaisa & DIL with their baby come. Bhabho wishes the baby on her fair. Everyone admires the baby girl. Dhaisa asks meena to bring her child. Meena murmurs that thai is her child so that the baby girl is shining like moon.

Chaturi brings in the baby boy. Vikram comes in & pcks up baby girl & laads her. The baby picks money from his pocket. MEena gets shocked. Vik wonders dhaisa’s granddaughter

doing like meena. MEena is happy that the baby girl is like her Meena tells no prob it is all the matter of ffamily. Everyone shocked.

MEena asks vik to give money he murmurs to chavi whether she is alright as she is asking to spend that too for dhaisa. Dhaisa also gives money. But the boy doesn’t pick up. Meena asks him to pick up.
Dhaisa mocks meena & tells that she will give afterwards. MEena taunts the boy in her mind

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Here sandy is deep asleep. The function starts. Bhabho asks suraj. Suraj wonders.
Everyone give gifts to momily. Suraj asks whether everything is right & bhabho replies him that he shd ask his wife & wonders where is she?

Em’s father asks suraj abt sandy’s whereabouts. Suraj leaves to find her. Suraj goes upstairs. MEena adds fuel.Suraj comes down & informs bhabho that she is missing in the room. Everyone gets shocked. MEena tells she might have gone to beauty parlour. Everyone gets annoyed & bhabho shuts her up by telling that she is not likemeena. Suraj tells that he saw him last at his room. Chavi tells that she saw her near the tap. Everyone leaves to look.

Everyone search & find the water floating. Meena asks to close the tap Chavi goes on to close & finds sandy & calls her twice.

Meena adds fuel bbyt elling that is this the way to sleep when everyone is searching her. Bhabhsa says that she is looking tired. MEena tells why not? She has to study the whole night & win the challenge of examination.

Break: Bhabho sprinkle some water & sandy wakes up

Bhabho wakes her up. SAndy wakes up scared. Puts her veil over her head. Bhabho taunts her by telling what does she want to prove infront of guests. Adds that does she want to inform everyone that she makes her DIL to work like a horse. Bhabhasa tries to stop her but bhabho doesn’t. Bhabho adds that she wants to come first in exams & can’t tolerate failure. Sandy tries to say something. Bhabho stops her by telling what else she wants to say. She just want to study.& ask her to do that. Bhabho tells that she will take care of anything. Emily watches everyhting.

Break: Meena tellling ems that if anyone goes beyond bhabho this is the result. & tells she is also going to get all these

Bhabho tells something to sandy.(BG) Meena meanwhile adds fuel to emily. Tells that she must know all these & bhabho is lion. etc etc she adds that she will also get these laad pyaar. and ask her to concentrate on her wedding.

Sandy remembers bhabho’s words & is worried. Suraj comes in & wishes sandy abt her preparations. SAndy tells that she is not & she would be happy only when her parents (bhabho) wishes her. Adds that she is right & blames herself for her carelessness.
Suraj tells that bhabho also knows that she doesn’t had enough rest. Suraj encourages her & asks her to take rest. Sandy hugs him.

Epi ends.

Precap: MEena telling bhabho that she is remembered of the day when sandy was congratulated by everyone for her involvement in bomb blast. She also tells that sandy will succeed in all the challenges & this marriage will be the indication of her success.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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