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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya calling Sooraj. She says I made Arzoo sit in the train, train is leaving now. Arzoo looks at her. Sandhya waves bye and Arzoo turns her face away. A man tells Gul that the plan flopped because of Sandhya, she is very clever. Gul says its fun to have sharp enemy, I believe my soldier, don’t worry, we will win. Arzoo sees Sandhya gone and takes her bags to leave. The train leaves. Arzoo sees some army men and avoids them. She opens the train door and gets to some other train. She thinks she won’t go back to Pakistan easily, and will do the work for which she came here. She gets down on the platform and leaves.

Gul gets the news and says our soldier is close to destination and Sandhya is unaware, she can’t stop this now. Arzoo hides her face and takes

taxi for Pushkar. Sandhya tells the police officers about Gul, and asks them to check places well, if they doubt on any man, then follow him, we have to check all routes to Pushkar, be alert, this is challenge for us and we have to win.

Piya and Poonam are in market and talk about Chotu getting money today, as Arzoo’s money got in his accounts. Meenakshi sees Poonam and thinks she came to meet Babasa. She shows Vikram and he stops her from saying anything to Bhabho. Meenakshi makes Bhabho meet Poonam and makes them collide. She thinks lets see whom Babasa favors. Babasa asks Bhabho is she fine, and calls Poonam as bahen ji.. Meenakshi gets shocked. Poonam thinks its good. Vikram says Babasa took Bhabho’s side. Meenakshi says he has to be with Bhabho at home, I will follow Poonam and see.

Poonam and Piya meet Chotu. Poonam asks Chotu about money. Meenakshi looks for Poonam. Chotu thinks its savings by Resham for Arzoo, how can I be so selfish. Piya says its not wrong to use money for your love, I m proud of you, we have no other way now, I don’t want this money if you are feeling bad, we will get separated. Chotu holds her hand and says I will bear this. He gives 5 lakhs to Poonam. Meenakshi sees Chotu with them. Poonam sees Meenakshi staring and starts acting. She takes Piya and leaves. Meenakshi asks Chotu how does he know them. Chotu lies to her.

Sandhya sees Gul’s pic and says what is his planning… who is with him in his plan. Arzoo reaches Pushkar. Kids talk that they found Chulbul and will get him before Arzoo comes back. They see this dog did not eat anything. Sandhya and Sooraj look on. Sooraj asks what happened to Chulbul. Pari says he is not eating anything. Sooraj says I think he is missing Arzoo. Sandhya asks Pari to get Arzoo’s dupatta from her room. She tells Sooraj that dogs feel anything related to owner, he will relax after smelling Arzoo’s dupatta and maybe he will eat food. Sooraj likes the idea. Pari gets the dupatta. Sandhya tries to make Chulbul eat food and dog does not. The kids make excuse and leave. Sooraj says strange kids, don’t know whats going on. he goes to see Chulbul. Sandhya gets SP Sir’s call. SP tells her that 20 police officers are getting promotion on holi, you are one of them, there is function organized, I want you to check security. She says thanks, I will go there in morning.

Arzoo goes to some old house and unlocks the door. She gets inside the house and shuts the door. She looks around and gets a call. She says I have reached right place according to my plan, none has seen me. She smiles.

Sandhya reaches that same place and turns to see. Arzoo sees Sandhya and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope arzoo’s truth is soon revealed….waiting for holi drama

  2. The Samjhauta Express runs between Delhi and Attari and it’s called Delhi Attari express.

  3. End this track sooooooon………
    Only SOORAJ-SANDHYA parts are good.


  5. So mustandi has shown her true face !! That’s why my mum always says don’t believe innocent looking people or faces ; they are totally apposite from inside! Come on sandya keep on focussing on your sixth sense! Get that arzoo…

  6. I think arzoo character is positive. She may try to stop GUL’s plan. I don’t think she will b shown negative becoz of law n order problems.

  7. I think arzoo is Pakistan police officer came as an undercover agent .. Gul plan may be by using Chulbul that’s why they changed the dog

  8. I think Gul solider is Chulbul

  9. But how arzoo tricked all the 12 cctv cameras on the plate form! Sandya should investigate the matter as who is helping her ? Who’s duty was there in the controller room who put the camera off simply not to capture arzoo’s entry!! There might be someone from the plate form who did the fan mishap so that sandya suraj did not meet arzoo’s family there! Some thing is fishy!!?
    Resham from the very beginning looking suspicious when bhabo asked her about her glass bangles; at that time she looked puzzled ?
    I hope this track comes soon to its end !! Whether arzoo is _ve or+ve !! It doesn’t matter to me ! She is not a perfect match for chuto and also for rathi family !! I don’t like her as bahu rather she looks like a man !
    Sorry if I hurt someone!
    In real Prachi Tehlan ( arzoo) is a charming lady but her charecter as arzoo is no acceptable to me !!!

  10. I hope sandhya sees her n ask wat she up to n stop her

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