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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj worrying seeing the drugs. The police come there. Prem says Sooraj has said police and it really came. The police talks to Aditi and Mahendra. Babban says why do they look worried. Prem says the matter is something else, we did not do anything wrong. Sooraj sends Lakhan and Aditi brings the police. Lakhan locks the door. Prem asks why did he lock the door, what wrong we did. Sooraj says wrong is being done with us, the man who came here was not thief, he has come to keep this drugs. Prem says its ban, we can be caught and career will be ruined, its not ours, someone kept here, we will tell police. Babban says how will we proof. Sooraj says our enemy has done this, to make us disqualify from the tournament. They all think what to do. Sooraj says we have to destroy

it. Watan says what will I tell in my village. Prem says he will lose Aditi Madam, she will not shake hands with criminals. The police knocks the door and say they have to search the room, as they came to know they sell and take drugs.

The inspector asks them not to talk to coach till they do the search. They don’t get the drugs and go to check in bathroom. They still does not get the drugs and Mahendra thinks where is it. Prem thinks Sooraj took drugs to bathroom, where did it go. The police apologizes as its part of their duty, maybe someone gave them wrong info. They leave. Aditi asks them to sleep.

Babban says its great, how did Sooraj hide the tablets. Sooraj says I have flushed all the drugs tablets in the commode. Babban, Prem, Zatan and Lakhan thank Sooraj. Avinash looks on. Sandhya asks Chavi what she wants to buy. Chavi says she will do shopping for her, and adorn her. Mohit keeps an eye on Emily and a friend comes to him. Chavi gets Zakir’s name written on her hand, and thinks of Zakir. Chavi says what did I do, I made Zakir’s tattoo done on my hand, if Sandhya sees it then. Chavi leaves her bag there and sends Emily to take the bag. Chavi thinks to hide the name by the ring. Emily takes the bag and Mohit says what was Emily doing with tattoo making woman. He asks her about the woman who came to make tattoo.

The woman says she got her lover’s name written. He is shocked. Sandhya asks Chavi why is she wearing big ring. Chavi says she liked it. Sandhya says fine, you can wear anything, we will go home now. Mahendra and Aditi talk to the players. Aditi says Abhay has kept the medicines in their room. She says she has found out that Abhay informed the police. They say will we be careful of him or play game. Babban says we will break his hands and legs. Aditi stops them and says don’t react to this. Sooraj says he has seen the shadow, it can’t be Abhay, as that man was different.

Mahendra gets tensed. Aditi says she will assure them that nothing will happen to them, they can focus on kabaddi, they will find everything. Zakir teases Chavi and Sandhya asks him not to pull her leg. Zakir says I feel there is some hidden secret in it. Sandhya says its just a ring. Mohit asks Emily to serve dal and Bhabho asks Zakir to have dish, Emily made it. Mohit makes dal fall on Emily and says sorry, I will change this bandage. He removes it and check her tattoo and think he will bring her and Zakir’s affair out.

He shows Emily’s wound and is shocked as its real wound and no tattoo. Chavi comes to her room and removes the ring. She sees Zakir’s name tattoo and Sandhya comes to her. Chavi hides the name. Sandhya says her Jaipur Madam liked the dresses and asks her to send the dresses to her. She sees the tattoo on her hand and asks does she love Zakir. She smiles and asks her to say it. Chavi says yes, I m in love with Zakir. Bhabho hears this and is shocked.

Bhabho comes to Chavi and Sandhya. Chavi gets tensed seeing Bhabho.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Interesting episode.dabh is getting to the track

  2. Nice episode. ..
    But pls kill this mohit character…he is waste fellow
    And reveal the truth about coach Mahendra

  3. Lovely episode. Mohit’s character is interesting as there are many men like this and if they are watching this show it should bring a change in them. Mohit is doing nothing for a living and does not even speak or treat his wife with respect and wants to expose her for doing nothing wrong.

  4. The use of Steroids or performance enhancing drugs is banned in many countries but they are still produced and supplied illegally. Regular use of such drugs ‘ll damage human s*xual system.

  5. Mohit’s character was crap from the beginning.

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