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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat saying train details to Zakir, Sandhya and the police officers. He says Shantanu and Sagarika will be with Himanshu, and the police officers will be with them in civil dress, they all will be total 150 in number and asks them to tell their team. Sooraj is doing work. Bhabho says his Mama ji is unwell, she has to book, book my and Vikram’s bus ticket. Sooraj says we both will go by train, Vikram has work at his shop. She says fine, book tickets. Sooraj finds the tickets and gets tickets in same train as Sandhya.

He books his and Bhabho’s tickets. Bharat explains the train route and the timings at night, from where it passes. He says the tunnel crossing will take 28 secs time and we have to nab Himanshu. He says I will do this work and Zakir and Sandhya

have to decouple the coach from the train. He says they have to keep dummy bodies to make this accident look real. He says first stage will be done in 28 secs and now in second stage, the train will cross the tunnel and come on the bridge, and it enters second tunnel, all officers will book in river in 9 secs, the one who does not jump will not be saved, they will get safety jackets to swim.

He says then they will make the last three coaches blast and till then train will be gone away from it to keep it safe. He explains minute details. He says no one will die except Himanshu, and they will celebrate the success. He asks everyone to leave and asks Sandhya to stay back. He says she knows the mission and is she ready, she has to go far from the family and she has to live for the country. She has just one day today. She nods and says Jai hind. She goes.

Sooraj comes to his room at night and sees so many candles. He asks is there any special reason. She expresses her love to him and he asks is he forgetting anything, whats special today, is there our marriage anniversary today or birthday. She says its special by Lord and what we make, we will make this day special today. He asks how. She says I will just say and goes to get a gift for him. They sit and see the gift. He likes it. its photo album by name Diya aur baati him. Diya aur baati………..plays……… He asks whats this.

She smiles and shows him the old pics, marriage pics, and many moments captured in it. They cherish come old memories. He says wo aini Sandhya ji. She shows Ved and Vansh’s pics, their birthday pic. He says she made best pics. He asks why this blank pages here. He says it will have the moments of his special things. He says he will choose it and promises it will be lovely and happy moments of their life. She hugs him and cries, thinking she has to go, she can’t be with him, she can’t imagine life without him and Ved.

He says he forgot to say, Bhabho and I… that Kolkata Mama ji… Ved knocks the door and Sooraj stops saying. Ved comes to Sandhya, and Sooraj does not see him. Sandhya and Ved laugh. Its morning, Sooraj makes jalebis. Meenakshi says she is waiting. Sooraj asks her to wait, he is making it soon. Sandhya helps him and serves jalebis to everyone. They all like it and enjoy the jalebis.

Sandhya gets emotional. Meenakshi praises Sooraj’s handmade jalebis. Everyone smile. Sooraj makes Sandhya eat the jalebis by his hand. She says she can’t eat. Sooraj asks why. Bhabho asks did she keep the fast. Sandhya says yes. Meenakshi laughs and jokes on her. Babasa says the fast is kept by girls to get a good groom, you already have a good groom. Bhabho asks them not to force Sandhya. Sandhya thinks she is lucky to get Sooraj, but she kept this fast so that no one comes in between them, not even death. Emily welcomes everyone in the play and says its about Shiv, Sati and Parvati. Sooraj acts as Shiv, and Bhabho worries seeing Sandhya.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that he has filled sindoor in her maang in last 10 days, sorry this will break now, actually Bhabho and I are going to meet Mamaji. She asks which train and gets shocked knowing its same train.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really don’t understand one thing….. Why bharat planing to kill himansu …they can take him into custody and can try to know details abt the national threat…
    And I think it may be fake plan to the grap terrorist group…

    1. i think they will take him to custody…(himanshu)

      1. to trap him why should they go in train…they can trap him in that bengali home itself na??

      2. usko custody me leneke liye plan banaya …………..

      3. @La: they can trap him that Bengali house….but they can’t send the death msg of humansu….to the group…so train blast will reach them naa

      4. exactly …………..

      5. NS4 actually they want to arrest whole gang with prof. And that gangs master mind is himanshu. When they arrest himanshu than the new sperd that he die in blast.than one by one members come.than they arrest while gang.?????????????????✌?✌??

      6. So that’s why they want sperd that himanshu is die.?????????????????✌?✌✌

      7. I understand ns4

      8. Sorry spelling mistake .can u understand why they what himanshu.✌????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Actually where is varsha missing……………

    1. May be studying or sleeping or helping her mom or busy in other work….

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      2. I m busy in my study as well as help my I take same break so now I m cmts?✌???????????????????????????????????

    1. Nice????????????????????✌

    2. Very nice bhaboo

    1. Sandhya masti?✌????????????????

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    2. pics are awesome

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    3. Cameraman deepika Singh….?????????????

  3. achcha hai!!

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      1. Asia bolu

  4. great suaj and sandhya candle night show is awesome.

    ved is genious

    1. Look as sweet romantic scene. ??✌?✌?????????????????????????????????✌?✌??????????????????✌????????

  5. pics are awesome especially babho’s spects pic

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  6. 2 hours 20 min left to see today episode……………….

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  10. hey guys, today saturday. new episode will be updated so soon.

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  11. Nly Saturday…. All DABH viewer’s are so happy……Becoz Amena will update fast????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. 35 minutes left for today and this week last episode……

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