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The Episode starts with Meenakshi upset thinking about Vikram’s words. He looks for something and she says she will bring it. He says no need and is annoyed with her. Sooraj and Sandhya come home. Thye are very tensed thinking how to break the news about Mohit to them. Babasa asks Sooraj where did he go. Sooraj and Sandhya look at each other. Bhabho asks them what happened. Everyone get tensed seeing them quiet. She asks is there anything to worry.Sooraj says yes. Bhabho asks what happened. She asks what is the problem, tell me, don’t stand like this quiet. She says my heart is sinking, tell me. Sooraj says police has caught our Mohit, with the stolen bike. He says with Vikram’s friend’s bike. Mohit was driving it and police caught him. Everyone is shocked.

Bhabho says no, this

can’t happen. Vikram says so he is doing this, stealing bikes. He says I will beat him. Sooraj stops Vikram and says Mohit is not at Vineet’s house, he is in lockup. Everyone is shocked. Emily starts crying. Sooraj says Vineet did not come to free him, he is a bike thief. He says Mohit was driving stolen bikes which Vineet gave him, Vineet is missing and every proof points to Mohit now, so police thinks our Mohit is criminal. He says Sandhya tried hard but even bail can’t happen, as court is closed for weekends.

Everyone look at Emily as she drops the plate being shocked. Bhabho asks her to have patience. Babasa says yes. Bhabho holds her and Emily moves her hand away. She says I always had patience, you told me the same when you kicked Mohit out of home, he will do some job and become responsible. She says I will feel proud of Mohit when he gets job, but what happened, he is locked in jail being called a thief. Sandhya says I understand your pain Emily, but we have to be patient. Emily says I m human, not a stone, what did Bhabho get by kicking out Mohit.

He was alone without money, job, family, he was helpless so he did this, he became a thief, police won’t understand this, I m sorry but I m saying you all that you all are responsible for Mohit’s state. She says you all did not support him in bad times, and kicked him put as garbage, it would have been good if he stayed here. I would have earned and managed, he would have not been in jail today. She points her finger to Bhabho and says you are responsible for this, not Mohit. She runs outside to meet Mohit in jail.

Emily meets Mohit and cries. She says she will free him. He says if I don’t prove myself innocent, I will be here forever then my future will be ruined. Emily goes to meet Zakir. Bhabho clarifies to Babasa that she wanted to make Mohit responsible, she did not want this. She cries and asks am I wrong to scold him on his mistake. Babasa says no. Sandhya says Bhabho, don’t worry, Emily said this as she was worried. She says Sooraj told me to call Mohit home, but I did not hear him, this is my mistake. Sooraj tells Bhabho that she did not do wrong, you did what a mum would have done, we all were you in that decision, so don’t blame yourself. Bhabho asks Sandhya to answer her as a police officer.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to say did Mohit really stole the bike. Sandhya says no, I don’t think so, he has not stolen that bike. He called Vineet asking him to bring the papers. Zakir sees Emily and talks to someone saying I want all reports of bike stealing. Sandhya says Mohit will be proved innocent. Sooraj says yes, they will find the true culprit Vineet and then our Mohit will be back home. Sandhya asks them to trust law as a criminal makes mistakes. Babasa asks Sandhya to find out Vineet, do anything. Bhabho says yes, save my Mohit. Sandhya says don’t worry, Vineet will be behind bars soon. Sandhya gets Zakir’s call. He asks her to come to police station soon as there is some problem.

Sandhya and Zakir see something in the well ad goes to see. She says we should see in this well once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. emily dont blame bhabho mohit is not trustworthy. he always put the blame on other for his deeds. You supported mohit as he is u r husband. but supporting anyone wrong does not make it a right. A wrong deed is a wrong deed. It is the first time Bhabho took action against Mohit, till now whatever he did Bhabho had forgiven him but now he is a very irresponsible person

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