Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th July 2013 Written Update

Emily asks sandy about the programme. Sandy asks her to join too. Emily nods happily. The power goes off at the same time. Emily panics saying how to watch now. Bhabo looks at that. Suraj goes to call electrician. Emily prays for power. sandy ensures that power will come. Suraj comes with an electrician. Bhabo sitting on the front step of the RM taunts the electrician for not changing the cable. The electrician replies that it will take some 2-3 hrs. Emily gets worried. Babasa comes & tells he is ready.. SaRun leave somewhere. Suraj tells that he will make some arrangement. Bhabo taunts him saying that e must close down his shop & leave all his job for serving his wife. Sandy tells that there is no need & asks him not to worry. Bhabo shouts saying tha she creates the

p[roblem. Shouts at babasa to leave & also at suraj to leave to the shop & makes him wear slippers & drag him with her. Emily thinks that she must win the competition at any cost.
The electrician does some work. Emily asks chaturi to help him. Emily looks at the keys of Dhaisa’s house & thinks that she can watch the programme at dhaisa’s place. Sandy stops her saying that she can join her with studies… Emily quickly hides the keys & also tells lie that she has work with tailor. SAndy asks whether she is alright. Emily tells thatshe is ok. Sandy leaves. Emily tell s self that she feels sorry for lying again but she can’t help as she has to win this at any cost. If she tells she will not allow her & she will also never come.

Sudha & meena return .. sudha tells that Dhaisa’s GD is like meena so that the competition holder willnever find out. Meena tells that she has also given the phone no of her mother & no one will find. She also says if RP members ask abt the win she would lie abt kanha… She tells that she will return back the frock too Sudha praises her wit. … or else she will buy something for kanha. Dhaisa comes in & asks her what is she doing in the market.Dhaisa asks abt the frock too. Meena lies that she bought it for her. Sudha mocks her. Meena tells that it is ok as she is her daughter. Sudha is confused. Meena manages by saying that she is like her daughter & that too a small baby.

Babasa returns back & asks bhabo what was she intending to say while telling that all the three DILs are equal. Babasa tells that she did for encouraging emily. Bhabo tells that ems is not intelligent like sandy & meena always pricks her comparing with sandy. She fears that emily might not face sandy in the thought that she brought her to RM… Bhabo buys some utensil for dhaisa & asks babasa to get the keys of her house.

Dhaisa ‘s house.
Emily is taking notes in dhaisa’s house

Bhabo bargains . Babasa tells that there is no key. Bhabo thinks that dhaisa must have taken back. Bhabo leaves. Babasa takes some paan

Dhaisa also comes in. Bhabo worries how is this possible. Dhaisa opens with the duplicate key. Bhabo takes care of the baby girl mean while hears some noise & finds emily taking notes looking at the tv. Emily gets shocked seeing bhabo. Bhabo stares at her.

Bhabo stares at her & then the keys. Emily stands up. Dhaisa comes in wondering when emily came. Emily look down. Bhabo tells that she sent emily to open the door so that she can bring the utensil. Dhaisa asks her to eat badam to maintain the memory power. Bhabo calls emily. Both leave. Bhabo walks fast & emily runs behind her apologising. She tells that it is important to watch that programme to win that & she will not leave any stone unturned for this competition. Bhabo asks her why didn’t she take sandy with her as she is also paticipating. Ems tells that sandy wiill never agree to this & is very imp to her. Bhabo asks her whether he can leave sandy behind for this competition. Ems tells tat she can do anything for this. adds that she want the wina t any cost. Bhaboa asks her whether this competition is bigger than relationship. Ems tells that it is imp for her. Adds that if sandy fails in this only her dreams get shattered & suraj is there to support her & if she fails she will loose everything. Bhabo stares at her. Ems tells that she has to win only win. She leaves saying this. Bhabo gives a confident look.

Precap: Babasa tells sandy & emily that they need to do something tough & adds that why not they start it from now. He tells that he has a challenge for both. Bhabo is shocked, surprised & everyone as well.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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