Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Pari and Misri to meet her, as she is leaving. Emily signs Pari not to meet and Bhabhi scolds her saying its her right being their grandmum. They all leave. Emily works in parlor and thinks how to manage Pari. Mohit says he is going office. Emily asks him to take Pari along with him. He asks is she mad to take daughter to office. He leaves. Emily thinks Mohit took Pari and Pari goes somewhere alone.

Ankur’s driver come to take Bulbul and she takes Pari along. The driver asks Emily to tell Bulbul to leave the doll. Emily asks him to take along and they leave. Bulbul brings Pari home and Ankita takes her. She says I will call Emily. Bulbul says Emily told me take Pari. The driver says I also asked her and she said take along. The family is on the

way in car after the flight travel.

They reach the resort. Few boys ask Sooraj to help and call him uncle. Babasa and Sandhya laugh and ask Sooraj to help. Sooraj asks the boys to call him Bhaiya and they call him so. Sooraj helps them. They say thankyou uncle and Sandhya laughs. Sooraj says lets go aunty ji. Sooraj asks for room bookings. The lady gives two room keys. Sooraj says just two, it were three rooms booking, check it. The lady says sorry, its just 2 rooms. Sooraj tells Babasa that they booked 3 rooms. Babasa says Ankur’s office did the booking. The lady says the hotel is full.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Sandhya says ladies and gents are adjust in two rooms, what can we do. The lady gets a call and says one room booking for cancelled, I can give you that room. Sandhya worries and stops Sooraj as the room is far. Sooraj takes the third room and asks Sandhya to come. She gets tensed. Meenakshi comes home and sees the food Emily made for Mohit. Her mouth water and she asks Emily whats special. Emily says Mohit took Pari to office to help me, so I made his fav food for dinner. Meenakshi thinks to do something.

Emily goes to her room and Meenakshi goes to get some food. She gets lemons and Emily asks how did she like it. They taunt each other. Mohit comes home and Emily asks about Pari. He asks the same. She says you took her to office, where is she. He says he did not take Pari. They are shocked.

Sooraj and Sandhya have some romantic moments in the room. He holds her and she moves away. He holds her hand and asks what is she thinking. He says we got a chance to be together after a long time, should we revive our marriage memories. She avoids him and he hugs her asking what is the matter. She smiles and calls him uncle. He gives her a rose and she gets tensed seeing him getting more closer. He says till where will you run, you can’t be saved from me tonight.

Sooraj wakes up and sees Sandhya taking medicines. He comes to her and hugs her saying happy valentines day. Her purse falls and he picks it up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sandy sooraj se kyu door bhag rahi hai

  2. Happy teddy day ……♡♡♡

  3. Wait 4 @least nxt 3 mnts,kidney secret ‘ll come out then.

    1. How many 3 minutes you have to wait? Such a great secret that was so skilfully hidden by Sandya will not be leaked out so cheaply in the bedroom. But in the midst of high pitched running emotions among the family members during the course of a quarrel, the secret will be brought out by the director to crown her glory of donating the kidney to Babhu’. The director is waiting for such scene to be enacted later than sooner.

      1. It’s not 3 minutes,it’s 3 months

  4. Oh!!! God tomorrow valentines day………

  5. Draging…………….towards………………..month ending and ………………. 1000th episode
    as a suprise

    1. But unlimited twist sometimes make boaring a show.

  6. Stupid Director…….. when Sooraj and Sandhya are healthy No romantic nights. Now Sandhya is patient—He making romantic nights
    How fool you areeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Sandhya hides her physical situation to sooraj.So she suffers all this problam.

  7. Ankur knew what Sandhya did. So, he paid the money for the resort. So that, sandhya can not hide the sacrifice that was done for Bhaboo.

  8. Pari is so cute.
    Emily such a foolish.Her daughter is a child no doll. Bulbul ‘s mind is filled with foolish sense like as her aunt (sandhya).

  9. pari bulbul so cute. nice episode. bulbul is kind and love to all like her aunt sandhya.

  10. Very lovable episode……Thank God……

  11. NICE Episode…Sooraj is so romantic because they are united now after a long break…after sooraj gone to the plane which was hijacked………………………

  12. Not 3 minutes.It’s 3 months.

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