Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj looking at the shop from the window. He steps ahead and stops as his heart cries for Sandhya. He goes to his room. Sandhya recalls Sooraj and their moments. She cries. Sooraj switches off her phone. He recalls her and cries. He hears sound from wireless and shuts it. He sees the album and recalls Sandhya’s wish to keep their lovely moments stored in it. He promised her that he will choose the special beautiful moments of their lives.

Sandhya looks around the shop and recalls their sweet moments post marriage. Sooraj cries and takes the sindoor. The sindoor falls. He recalls filling her maang. Sandhya’s sindoor flows by her sweat. Sooraj hits the mirror in anger and cries. He lies to sleep and misses her. He sits on the floor and weeps. They both feel

the shattering moment.

Its morning, Babasa tells Bhabho that you have all the household management in your hand, but after you go, everyone will do their heart, but don’t worry, I will see them, your family need you a lot, you are the soul of this house. She asks you think what I did for the family was right? Sooraj says taxi has come. Bhabho asks Sooraj why is his eyes so red, did he not sleep at night. Meenakshi says taxi driver came early, I will not give money. The driver says Sooraj called me early. Meenakshi asks Sooraj why is he in hurry. Sooraj says traffic is less in morning, I spoke to doctor. Bhabho says I m going Jaipur, not away. She asks Meenakshi to remove the hair rollers. Meenakshi says I should also look heroine. Emily comes and talks to Bhabho. She says she made tea.

Sandhya cries. Sooraj waits for Bhabho to leave. Emily gives tea to everyone. She says I will give tea to Sandhya in her room. Sooraj says I will give. Emily says I will make fresh tea for Sandhya. Lokesh comes and Bhabho asks about Lalima. Lokesh says Lalima went to aunt, call came at night, aunty is ill, so I have sent her to village, she said she will call Bhabho. Meenakshi says Lalima is hiding many things these days. Bhabho says stop it. Bhabho gives a protection thread to Lokesh. He says I m going college and goes.

Sooraj throws the tea and water, and thinks Sandhya is hungry, I can’t have anything, once Bhabho goes, I will free Sandhya. Sandhya thinks she has to leave anyhow, else Mohit’s murder case will go to CBI. She moves her chair and tries reaching the phone. Sooraj looks at the shop. Bhabho prays. She tells Lord that she is going for operation to Jaipur and tied protective thread to everyone, protect my family.

She asks Sooraj to forward his hand. She ties the thread to his hand. Sooraj says come, its getting late. She asks where is Sandhya. She calls out Sandhya. Sooraj worries and stops her. He says Sandhya has gone to police station, Satyadev called her for imp work, come now. Bhabho says I had to tie protective thread to Sandhya, fine, I will keep it in temple, tie it to her. Meenakshi says she went today also, what a job, that Satya is so strict.

Satya calls Sandhya and says whats this, I m fed up of Sandhya’s ghar ghar ka khel, she has switched off phone. The constable says her wireless is also switched off. Satya says great, the case will go to CBI, long earned respect will go today.

Sandhya tries to call. Satya calls on the landline. Bhabho says it will be Sandhya’s call and picks. Sooraj takes the receiver and says it will be from hospital, and talks to Satya. Satya says I want to talk to Sandhya, her mobile and wireless are switched off. Sooraj says its wrong number. Satya says it was right number, it was Sooraj’s voice, why did he tell so. Bhabho is leaving. Sooraj removes the landline cable.

Satya says lets go there and see. He opens the shop, and everyone(Satya, Babasa, Emily) get shocked seeing ….. Sooraj stands away and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Jeyam

    The character of Suraj is something sparkling orderly stainless and flawless. He could not even accept the kidney from an unwilling woman for his mother. More over he has tied his wife Sandya which is simply irritating and has marred his character to the criticism of his originality. It’s not his fault. It’s the episode director who should be ousted for having delineated Suraj in this uncompromising situation.

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  2. Yes, I agree with Jeyam that he has destroyed the character of Sooraj whom lots of young men were admiring. Anyway if the producers want the story to stick to the title “Dya aur Baati Hum”, Sandhya should find the real killer and protect Sooraj and the prestige of the Rathi family as she has always been doing.
    I am sure the killer is outside the Rathi family.
    What is Lalima hiding?
    I hope the rape angle is false

  3. Richa

    i also feel today’s episode was a total draggggggg………. that are streaching the rubber hard and forgetting that a streached rubber when released orbreaks hurts thehost ,,,,….. 😛

    • This is far better than South Indian serials. In one of the serial to reach court one episode, to get down from auto in court premises one episode, to enter inside court one more episode, to stand in the bone one more episode… ?

    • richa

      OMG! How much dragging there @lov dabh but north indian serials are non less sm r ok nd if u watch Mam (mere angane me) itz also same draging one they took ht 45 epi for marig dramd though it air for 1 hr 😛

  4. Romi

    Suraj is also a human and every human is imperfect ?
    What a family meenakshi ji ! Your bro in law died recently and his case is pending in the police station and you are using rollers in your hair ?
    And mishri’s cousin sister is in shock due to her dad’s death and she is participating in the dance competition ! Wow great??
    Where is the sympathy meenakshi 1and meenakshi 2? This is the limit of selfishness ?

  5. Richa i agree with u….
    Kuch to gadbad h daya………
    Sndy your acting was amazing supab i love u guys……………………….best of luck

  6. richa

    @romi dayal ordaya iz charactr frm sony shw Cid which has been airing since i dnt knw hw many yearz but sure 20 yr tk toh ho hi gya hoga 😛 aur sare din sirf yahi ata rehta h no othr shw repeat 😛 nywaz satya nature iz more like Dr salunke or fredrik who alwayz nt seriouz nly sm tym

    i think dat they saw sandy hurt or falln or theek thak khadi hui?

  7. richa

    Gm jeyam sir ghar ghar ka khel mean houses play here they mean childs play itz usualy a game played by kids where they inact the charectrz in a house like letz say 1 child acts muma othr father/papa while othrz othr family membrz and play the game nd usually use kitchen set etc fr d purpus
    hope i xplaind well sir 🙂

  8. Richa

    justtt loolima d killr 😛
    nyways i think they didnt edit the mohit moving on streacher scene may b they shwwww him aliv orrrr mayyy b sandyyy save sooraj byyy bringing a newwww aspect of the storyyyyyyyyyy
    but i want loolima d killer 😛 justtttt want her out bczzz shezzz d 1 dragging the trak…..
    i want chotu vansh etc bakkk but nooo use bczzz hoga wahi jo team chahegiii dunnno y they bring useless twists track bhut acchi stryline k saath b many yearrrrzzz chal sakta h 😡

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