Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Shekhar about any play by Garjana. He says no, I m already worried, I don’t have courage to go to Garjana and ask them. She thinks to find by any way. He says he is troubled by dancer actor Chanchal. Sandhya gets thinking. Chanchal comes and says she won’t wear such bad clothes, she wants good clothes from city. He compliments her looks that people come to see her, clothes does not matter, she looks good always. She says she wants triple pay, as her demand is high. She says she wants triple pay and costly clothes. He says fine, but next time, do this play for us please. She agrees and says she has done favor on them.

He says we have to leave tomorrow, get ready. Sandhya says she has much attitude. He says yes, I got low BP. Sandhya thinks to

take Chanchal’s place, she is the only girl in the group, so that she can go with the play actors and know Garjana’s plans. Bhabho and Babasa talk about Sooraj’s new relation. Lokesh comes to meet them and says he wants to talk about Sooraj and Lalima’s engagement. Meenakshi thinks they were trying to keep it simple and he has come with this. Bhabhi says engagement? Lokesh says I wish it happens today. Meenakshi says it can’t happen.

Bhabho says she means both family had death of one member, so we want it to be simple. He says my dad says life and death are part of life, so Lalima and I did not mourn for his death, and this is about her marriage. He says its his dad’s birthday today and wants to get his dad’s blessings by keeping engagement, can he talk to Sooraj. Bhabho refuses and says we will keep engagement today, and requests to keep it simple. Lokesh thanks her and leaves.

Meenakshi asks Bhabho what did she do, how will they convince Sooraj, all secrets will be out. Sooraj comes there and they get stunned. Sooraj asks what were they discussing. Bhabho says nothing, we decided your engagement today. Sooraj asks what, it means I will make Sandhya wear the ring again. Bhabho says yes, go and get any good gift for her, don’t get ring, I already got it, take Vikram along. Sooraj and Vikram leave. Babasa looks at Bhabho and says you always said, lie’s life is not long, she has scolded Ankur when he lied about Sandhya’s education.

She says Ankur lied for his greed, I m not selfish, I m doing this for my son, I won’t do injustice with Lalima, I know Sooraj will be fine after Lalima comes, I will keep Lalima happy always. Sandhya is with Manjari and thinks to replace Chanchal. Manjari asks her to work fast and pick the sticks. Sandhya screams as she steps on the thorn and gets hurt. Manjari laughs as she has beaten her yesterday and insulted infront of everyone.

Sandhya imagines Sooraj removing the thorn. Diya aur baati……..plays…….. they have a romantic moment. Manjari asks her to come. Sandhya removes the thorn and says she will get wood from there, as its plentiful there. Manjari sends her. Sandhya sees Chanchal on the swing and thinks great Chote Raja, he has done his work, now I have to do my work.

Sandhya meets Chanchal and talks to her. Chanchal is troubled by bees. Sandhya asks her to wear her dupatta and sleep, she is around here, and puts her basket there, saying she will just come with the sticks. Sandhya gets some sticks and hides. She says just Manjari should come now. Manjari calls out Sagarika and comes there looking for her. She sees Chanchal sleeping and thinks its Sagarika, enjoying on swing and sleeping. She gets angry and goes to beat her.

Sandhya opens the rope of the swing. Chanchal falls when Manjari moves the ropes. Chanchal’s leg gets hurt and cries, saying Manjari has made her fall, how will she dance now. Manjari says I thought its Sagarika. Sandhya comes there and asks what happened, how did the swing fall. Chanchal says Manjari made me fall.

Manjari says you did not fall from much height, get up. Chanchal asks Sagarika to call Shekhar. Sandhya says fine, I will call him. She turns and thinks this work is over, she has to convince Shekhar so that she can take Chanchal’s place.

Lalima gets ready for the engagement and smiles seeing her and Sooraj’s pic. She says its our engagement today, our life will have a new start from today. Sooraj sees a necklace and asks for chains. Vikram gets a call and goes away.

Babasa says how will Bhabho make Sooraj get engaged, how will she ask him to make Lalima wear the ring. Even Meenakshi has same concerns.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. richa

    thanx for update amena …….nyc episode……………………..sandy rocked……….ok byy good nyt frnds…………see u in some days………….nd @ anu on yesterday’s page u asked my openion …..i cant say anything at present…………actually wat d dabh team have decided will happen………lol 😉 gn tc c u soon………dabh rockss….

    • richa

      and anu all we can doo is think positiv abt show as u said and sasurya can never b separated……………

      • anu

        actually i posted the link of sooraj and sandy pic but comment are edited i think sooo…actually mera doubt e tha khi maha episode is showing on 15 th aug that episode continued in the track or they are preparing separate story…..related to that pic link i posted but comment are edited/

  2. anu

    sandhya manjari conversation nice……….and sandy planning also excellent…..and between sandy sooraj scene also super……….. these scene’s are in my point of view ek dam zakasssssssssssssss………….

  3. AD

    Sandhya rocks….
    Sooraj-Sandhya scene superb.
    Superb episode.
    I think Sandhya finds Chandu is Shekhar @ the time he meets Krish.
    Sooraj recalls Sandhya & her death during muhurat.Marriage not happens.Lalima comes to know Sooraj’s state.She cures him.This is a guess.
    How Bhabho justifying her crime.She is another Brutus.She is irritating.
    When Sooraj Sandhya seperates after hijack drama,I take it just as a misunderstanding which can occur in any relation.Bt i can’t take this in that sense.Idiot Bhabho.
    So sad for Sooraj & Ved.Babasa is a shame to all Indian Husbands.

    • Romi

      Babasa like husbands are shame for whole world ‘s husband ? every nak chardi wife husband is darpoke ( coward) ?

  4. anu

    New Promo:

    (15th August – Maha episode of 1 hour)
    The Indian Flag waves in the sky.. People gathers to celebrate Independence Day.. Sandhya is also there..
    VO: Its 15th August.. Mission Mahabali has brought Sandhya to Jaipur..
    Sandhya is seeing the flag waving in the sky.. Chandu/Shekhar is standing behind Sandhya with his team of Garjana Sanghathan, bt he is some far from Sandhya and standing behind a tree. He sees everyone celebrating Independence Day.. He says he will do so much destruction that there would be no one behind to cry.. Sandhya has tears in her eyes and she feels proud.. She thinks that now her mission is to keep this flag up.. Suddenly, Sandhya hears the sound of crackers.. She turns and sees Sooraj standing with another girl with whom he is going to marry.. Bhabho is doing aarti of Sooraj and Lalima.. Bhabho says she prays to God that this marriage may complete without any obstacle.. Sandhya hears all this and is shocked..
    (Guys if anybody would get youtube link of the promo, then, pls post it so that I can post its video)

  5. anu

    babhoo ne kaha khi ankur ne apne sward ke liye jute bola …..yaha pe mare kuch sapna nahi hai but bhaboo jutha relation tho jodne jare na that was wrong naaa…..wt ever it may be jutha relation jada din thik ta nahi hai ………..i hate u bhaboo …u r doing wrong babu …..rathi family why u r supporting babooo……….. babasa aap hi tho ho kuch kar sakhte …..kuch karkhe e shaadi rokh dooooooooooo

  6. AD

    Bhabho is the only irritating element nowadays.
    If a real SOLDIER sacrifice his life for his Nation,Is that means he cheat his family?He don’t love his family?
    His family should be proud of his sacrifice.
    When this fool stupid bhabho understands Sandhya’s greatness?
    Sandhya character has all the qualities to be a role model.

  7. anu

    Actually these pic are off screen pics and on screen….they are putting more suspense………i am confused……….

  8. anu

    and on 15 th aug maha episode is showing that is continuing this tract are……they are preparing saparate………

    i think these pics are related to that maha episode……..

  9. Bharath

    How interestingly going! Sandhya finish the operation soon successfully. Why this serial not aired at 5.30 am. I am free to watch that time only .

  10. Bhabasa was right.and what I say in previous cmts that on (Surya marriage time ankur say lie that sandhya is uneducated BT when that revel then how much bhaboo angery on ankur and she also give punishment to sandhya after all in that Sandhya’s nt mistake. And today bhaboo do same mistake) today same words bhabasa taunt bhaboo.??✌

    • Well done bhabasa only u, all children and emli know that bhaboo is wrong and may be this people do something to stop second marriage.?✌?

  11. That manjri is so previous many days she called sandhya as manus and suddenly after that drunk act she now called sandhya as

  12. Bichari sandhya her foot is injured and that manjri laugh on that sandhya’s situation. Actually manjari want that sandhya hurt.when sandhya hurt that time manjari enjoy sandhya’s pain.???

  13. Nice scene when manjari thought that sandhya is sleeping and nt doing work and then she go and scold her BT unfortunately that was nt sandhya that was chanchal. ???

  14. Guys plz dnt upset suraj and lalima marriage nt happened. It is also suspense that how suraj and lalima marriage break. In few days they also reveal that. ???

    • So just chil guys. If may be after engagement lalima come to meet suraj or she or lokesh get daut on suraj that why suraj is nt coming out? Why suraj stay in house.???

      • What they say that in this week they show suraj marriage. Bt this new is fake ya true BT only lalima or bhaboo’s dream they show suraj and lalima dream.??

      • Why r u guys so happer. I also dnt want lalima and bhaboo scene BT in serial they give some spices so they add this suraj second marriage scene.??

  15. So its request guys for some days u plz bear this lalima and bhaboo scene. Just trust me. I think u dnt trust me. ??I also big fan of dabh.I also can’t see surya separation. Bt for few days I bear this sepertion track. Bcoz I trust that suraj second marriage definitely break.??

    • Bcoz in hijack track they also say that suraj give divorce to sandhya bcoz she don’t save bhaboo. Bt see in after hijack track they show suraj and sandhya separation BT in few day they show suraj and sandhya patch up.and they both stay happy on after hijack track. Means that divorce new was fake. So just like that this suraj second marriage new also fake.?
      Sorry for hurting u guys BT what can I do I also hurt when I see suraj second marriage cmts. ?Bcoz how many times I say that suraj second marriage nt happened.
      Whatever live it, I m mad that I discuss this matter.sorry for all that cmts I say that suraj second marriage break. Bt u guys dnt believe’s k.sorry if I hurt u guys.?????

      • anu

        No varsha not like that …i believe sooraj marriage not happened in the show …comments are coming like that just i am giving reply for that … I trust sooraj marriage will not happen….i trust our dabh team … Iam also a big fan of dabh ….i put a high expectations for sandy and sooraj character s…. Kuch jada emotion ho jathi hu….i dont want too see their separation… I cant bare it… Every thing will be fine… Always think positive…. ☺

    • Romi

      Yeah he’ll say that today is very important day and sandya ji should be on duty not in the mandip ???
      Duty is more important than wedding! Then I guess lalima will understand that suraj is marrying her just because he knows her as sandya and then she’ll fight with bhabo for this cheating ???

  16. LuvDABH

    Marriage won’t happen because chandu creates some destruction and Sooraj get afraid with that. Then lalima knows the truth. Just chill.

  17. Janvi

    I read some of your comments,,,,dnt understand,,your prob,,,you keep saying,,,sandhiya suraj,,vice versa…dnt you see the directors plan,,,,they want to show the beauty of this serial…throw S and S..both of them are good characters,,,any part of their life, its shown their love, sincerity, trust, honesty,humanity….etcetera…on one side, a criminal falling for sandhiya, with her inner beauty(more then out)after he will find out she is police officer,he will no regreat,,,,on the other hand,,a married, with and 8 years old son,,all so mentally disable,,,still, a single young girl, will fall for him,,,it has so meaning..for whom get it,,,cnt write all the story,,,but you will no what I mean..

    • LuvDABH

      @Janvi: Are you telling to me? But I never comment anything wrong about Sooraj Sandhya. I love SS. Moreover I did not understand your comment completely.

      • Janvi

        @luvdabh.. Sorry for the misunderstanding,,,didn’t mean for any1 specific …..I meant as a whole,,,

  18. Shaurya

    I don’t watch this Episode. Heavy rain & strom damage our localities Electric connection.
    Nice to see,after a long time,A maha episode will come,I will egarly waiting it.

  19. anu

    Gud morning guys!!!!!!! Have a nice Tuesday….. Waiting for 2dy episode…. Sooraj will purchase chain 4r sandy think soooo….but sandy kho pata laghega khi sooraj is going 2do 2nd marriage use kita pain hoga….. Both s and s are suffering..only the reason of babooo…

    Abhi tak baboo ke decision se sooraj kho dikhaya abhi sandy suffer hogi bt use tho pata bhi nahi chalega na marriage rukh gayye… Waiting for maha episode… ☺☺☺☺☺

  20. LuvDABH

    It’s very funny. If ankur lies for his dream that is selfish but if Baboo lies for his son that is not selfish. ?

    • ANU

      In my point of view both are selfish ……Ankur tell the lie bocoz of he want to go abroad…here babhoo is tell lie bcoz of angry on sandhya…… not for sooraj nd ved love……..babhoo se eee umid nahi thi………….. plz writer change the script of babhooo…. 🙂

  21. richa

    heyy bhabho my msg to u indepednce day is coming and gnndhi g did non co-operation movement and satyagraha to help us achieve this valuable independence…… now m on to satyagraha to get independence from ur stupid doings sooo i giv a flower to u on ur achievement…, ? ? ? ? ?
    anyways i hav a ques dont bhabho read newspaper …..she shud read it splyy terror news…. ? ? ? ?

  22. ANU

    Now e days i am enjoying with manjari character….how funny acting she is doing…..she is fulfilling meenakshi’s place……..In yesterday episode conversation between sandy and manjari really superb………..

  23. richa

    okk SBS (india tv) showed that sandy is with garjana in jaipur and they r staying in same dhramshala were rathi family is staying………….they hav a hit nd miss case……….sooraj gives the indian tricolour flag to a curly haired boy and he gives it to sandy…. (as co -incidence)…………lol 😉 tc good afternoon frnds……….

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